Nothing Last Forever

It was the summer of 09 when I met Ryan , he had the prettiest big brown eyes he was tall and chocolate with a nice Body I thought I found the man of my Dreams until..........


2. ๐Ÿ™ˆ๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’š

Ryan and April have been going out for a couple of months and he finally got April to go on the date ... The day of the date

April-mya can I borrow your tight red dress ?

Mya-where you going sexy ?

April-on a Date

Mya-with who Ryan

April-yea duh

Mya- be careful sis I don't want you to get hurt ..

April-okay okay I know.. But Ryan is different

Mya-okay sis

After they little talk April got on the red dress and put on her makeup , and did her hair really cute . She called Ryan and he came to pick her up looking sexy as always ,

April-hey babe

Reaching over and kissing Ryan

Ryan- hey babe .. You look hella bomb

April-thanks I'm doing it for my baby !

Reaching over and kissing him again , tonight was the night that April was going to give Ryan her virginity , after being with him for 7 months !!

April-babe where are you talking me ?

Ryan-it's a secret ,

Ryan knew April loved for him to surprise her so , after a few minutes they pulled up to this nice five star hotel , .. Walking up to the room they both already knew what was bout to go down but April didn't picture her first time being like this but she didn't say anything ! Ryan opened the door and let April go inside first . The room was set up nice with red rose peddles and candles , and slow jam songs

April-aww babe this is so nice

Ryan-you really like it


April set on one side of the bed and Ryan set on the other , April moved over close to Ryan and they stared kissing , April got on top of Ryan and stared to take her cloths off , striping down to her bra and panties , Ryan stopped and looked at her with his big brown eyes ..

Ryan- you ready for this babe

April- yes baby I'm ready for it

Ryan- are you sure ?

April-yes Ryan now come on..

Ryan was thinking he was really starting to feel her he didn't want to rush anything and mess it up but he just keep going knowing that he might leave her after . They started to have sex, April was screaming to the top of her lungs . Omg baby don't stop , Ryan's body was oiled down and his muscles was against her skin April felt so in love .. After the nice hot sex they had , Ryan rolled over , and they both just layed there Ryan didn't look at the sex special he looked at it if he just was doing it to any old girl , he didn't feel the same after they had sex.. But he thought maybe in the morning he wouldn't feel this way , so they both just went to sleep .

The next morning , Ryan and April got up .

April-good morning babe

Ryan-good morning

Ryan said it in a irked voice ,

Ryan-I'm bout to take you home cause I have to open the store today

April-okay , I have to get dressed for work to I can't go in like this

Ryan-no don't come in today just stay home imma give you the day off ,

April didn't think nothing of it so she was okay with taking the day off , Ryan dropped April off . April reached over to give Ryan a kiss and a huge ...

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