Nothing Last Forever

It was the summer of 09 when I met Ryan , he had the prettiest big brown eyes he was tall and chocolate with a nice Body I thought I found the man of my Dreams until..........


3. the end

A couple weeks went by , April stared seeing a change in Ryan , she stopped working at footlocker . Cause she was bout to start college . April got up for school , and she started throwing up she didn't think nothing of it she thought she was coming down with something ,

Mya-eww is that throw up ?


Mya-you need to go to the doctors I'll go with you get dressed !!

After April got dressed they got on the trolley to down town . And went to the doctors after filling out papers they called April in the back , the doctor made April pee in the cup and he checked her . Taking a while to come back I'm the room . He finally came in , ms. Apirl your pregnant , April mouth dropped I'm what ? Your pregnant... April stared crying and she ran out to the waiting room where her sister was

April-mya imm

April couldn't get the rest out

Mya-your what ?

April-I'm pregnant

Mya-omg your lieing

April-I'm not man

Mya-call Ryan ...

April called Ryan his phone just rang and rang . So she texted him ,

( hey Ryan I just came back from the hospital and I'm pregnant) .......

Ryan did not answer her text or return her call . But he told Aprils friend Bri to tell her to stop calling and texting him he's not trying to be a baby's father ,

April-how can he do this to me Bri I gave him all of me and more I have him my virginity . And he fucked me over I should have listened to you how could I be so stupid ,!!!!

Bri- it's going to be okay you have me April

April-it's not going to be okay I got played I believed him ....

Bri hugged April tight and said it's going to be okay ,

April didn't want to aboard the baby so she kept it 9 months went by and she didn't hear from Ryan or see him , she raised her son by herself ,with the help Bri April never trusted another boy and she was happy single raising her son ..

The end !!!!!

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