Nobody Wins


1. Prologue

Hi. My name is Elizabeth Carent. I'm 17 and I live with my dad and 2 brothers, Keathen who is 19 and Lander who is 15. They are the most annoying things in the world. I usually get spoiled a lot, being the only girl in the house. My dad thinks I'm a sweet little girl, but if you were a person around our town or at my school, you would say different.

See, I'm the kind of girl that doesn't put up with bullshit and isn't afraid of getting her hands dirty. Unlike most people, I enjoy the dark and what lays beneath it. Now, before you go on and say that I'm all goth and emo, because I'm not, listen to my story of how I became this way.

I was in grade 3 and asked my teacher if I could go to the bathroom. As I made my way over, I noticed a boy sitting by himself with his head in his hands and crying. Being the curious 9 year old I was, I went over to him and tapped his shoulder.

"Hey, you alright there?" I asked as he looked up at me. He had short sandy blonde hair and his eyes were a combination of green and hazel.

"Yeah, it's just, nothing. Thanks for asking." He said quickly and tried to walk away but I grabbed his arm.

"Dude, are you sure? Don't take this the wrong way, but I don't normally see guys cry and when they do, it's usually something serious. Please, tell me. I won't tell anyone." I asked letting go of his arm.

"I can't. If I do, he'll be after you too." And with that he ran down the corridor and into the boys bathroom.

I managed to get through another 5 years of "normal" school. But when I got into grade 9, that all turned around.

You remember that kid I bumped into earlier, well he was kind of important. It turned out he was being forced to do some things his dad told him to do. He said that if he didn't then he wouldn't ever see his mom again. His dad wanted him to get as many of his friends that he can to agree to hide stolen drugs in their rooms so that Collins, the kids dad, wouldn't go to jail when the police come to investigate his house. But when Joey, Collins son, refused to do what he was told, his dad took out a gun and shot his mom right in front of him. He was then forced to go to school and not tell anyone about what Collins had done and intended on doing or he would end up just like his mom.

I found all this out when I bumped into Joey on the first day of grade 9. We instantly became friends and told each other everything. I told him about a plan me and a few friends had thought of. It involved stealing and running from cops and bad guys. Joey was a little uneasy about it but when I told him it would help him get away from his dad, he agreed.

So now here we are; me, Joey, Rebecca, Itsel, and Domenik; in a gang called 'Bloods Defeat'. We don't like attracting much attention, but when someone finds out something they're not suppose to about us, we do what's needed to be done. Kill them.

It's not always easy though. Sometimes it ends up being someone you loved, or a person you never even met. There were times when I broke down because of killing someone as harmless as a little girl. I quickly regained my confidence and walked away when the job was done. The whole group did this, not just me.

Now on to the towns opinion of me. In school I get straight A's in all my work, but I'm normally in detention or skipping class with the gang. Towns people see me as a disgrace to my family, but don't dare tell my dad because if word got out to the mayor about his only daughter being involved with drugs, murder, gangs, and violence; we would all suffer. The only person in my family that knows about the things I do is my brother Keathen. He knows because he is in the group too. We share leadership since we are the only ones that can get away with things without a big punishment.

Other than the problems we deal with at work, we all get along like one big happy family.

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