Are We Over?

I'm Kennedy Angle Rite. I'm 19 years old and me and Niall are in love with each other. We've been dating for three years. But it's been becoming depressing, cause I'm always alone. And he's always out either with the boys a friend or tour. What should I do?


14. Welcome To The Jungle

Kennedy's POV......

I wake up still in Niall's arms I smile and I look at him and I see tears.

"...Kennedy p-please d-on't l-eave pl-please Kennedy ple-"

"Niall, Niall wake up."

He does and I say.

"I promise I won't leave you I won't"

And he hugs me tightly kissing my nose.

"I hope I get to keep you forever."

"You will only if you don't mess up."

And I tap his nose and go to the bathroom brushing teeth washing my face then I remembered that today is when I meet people in the studio for something. After I get finished with my daily routine Niall does his and I pick out a outfit.

"Niall you ready to go?"

"Yeah here I come princess."

I love it when he calls me that. He runs to me and then we leave out the hotel heading to the studio and paparazzi following us it wasn't a lot but still always wanting to know but I could see why there doing this cause me and Niall got back together so Niall says.

"Yes me and Kennedy are back together now can we please walk to the studio like normal people for once."

And they start to write down in there note pad then Niall starts to get angry cause we are almost there and they've followed us all the way and fans are starting to come. Asking us to sign things I don't mind it but we really had to go. I feel Niall squeeze my hand tighter so I wrap my arm around his waist and lay my head on his shoulder whispering to his ear.

"Babe calm down its gonna be okay I'm fine."

Then he kisses my forehead and whisper backs while relaxing a bit.

"As long as your okay I'll be okay princess."

And I smile and blush. Then I see a girl in a wheel chair trying to get my attention be behind the paparazzi and the few fans about 10 fans. So I give Niall my purse and I push threw the crowd and bend down to her and she is crying, she has gold blond hair and looks like she's the age of 16 years young so I ask.

"Hi, I'm Kennedy how are you love?"

"I-I'm f-fine t-thank y-you s-so m-uch."

"For what love?"

"F-for t-teaching m-me h-how to love m-myself."

And when she said that it touched my heart so I said.

"Aw love your so welcome all I want to do is make my fans happy that's all I try to do. May I ask what happened to you legs love and your name."

She wipes her tears and says.

"I'm Vikky , I-I'm 15 years old, and this happened when I went to try to get you and Niall's attention but my car crashed into a truck and flipped 12 times and my Chevy fell into the woods and my legs couldn't move anymore and my dad died in it when is as driving."

She brought me into tears. I wipe them off and say.

"Just for you I'm gonna do whatever it takes to keep you moving."

"Thanks to you I am moving."

"Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry for your dad if I could I would switch my life just for him to come back and just for a miracle to happened were you could walk again I promise you, that you won't be angry. And promise me that no matter what you'll always have a strong heart even if your going threw hell can you promise me that."

And she started to cry again so I bend down wipe her tears and she says.

"I promise."

And then we take pictures I sign her card so does Niall and he gives her a great bigs hug and we leave. I can't believe what I do changes lives forever.

We arrive at the studio and I see Heather and three other beautiful girls and Harry, Louis, Zayn, and Liam smiling widely so I say.

"What's going on?"

And Heather says.

"Well we are gonna change your career your still gonna be singing but you'll be in a girl group! and ill be all your mangers!!"


"You are gonna be in a girl group now. And now you guys have to get ready for your album."

"I'm actually happy cause I've always wanted to be in a girl group. When do I start!"

I say excitedly.

"Just sign these papers that your officially part of a girl group and not a solo singer any more."

I did quickly and I start to introduce myself to the lovely girls.

"Hi I'm Kennedy Ashly Oliver-Rite, I'm 19 years old 20 in two days I'm 5ft8. My favorite color is neon pink and neon green an I'm full Irish born in Ireland raised in London, England but I still have a Irish accent. My mom is full Irish, my dad is full English and he's a Jamaican English. Also I love bows suspenders and my nickname you could call me is Ken doll, Ken, Kandy, Ashly, or any of your names you could call me. I'm

Nice, kind, a little shy but when you get to know me ill never shut up, I'm clumsy, and silly also love to laugh. And my natural hair color is dirty blond. But that's all about me.. also I'm dating Niall."

Then a girl with dark brown hair and these lovely brown eyes and she looks like an Asian that was wearing.


"Okay I'm Asami Nora-Lee. I'm 20 I just turned 20 three weeks ago on may 28th. Im 5ft6 Yes I'm half Japanese half English. My dad is English my mum is Japanese. My favorite color is the same as your Kennedy Neon Green. I have tattoos. I don't have any siblings and I'm a funny, silly, loud, out going person. My nickname is Asmacutie or anything else and my natural hair color is jet black. Also I'm a single pringle and I'm not scared to burp or fart in front of people but I don't really fart all the time. So yeah and it's nice to meet you Kennedy I love all your songs."


I say smiling with full teeth and dimples.

Niall's POV....

That Asami girl is pretty and she's just like me but I'm a eater she probably doesn't like ea-

Whoa! Niall calm down! Your with Kennedy don't mess it up a sixth time.

Kennedy's POV....

Then a girl with light brown hair and green eyes wearing


"Well I'm very excited for this but I'm Alexandra Rose Natasha Hunter I'm 22 years old I'm a full American with a German to the side of my mom and Australian to the side of my dad but I was born and raised in Ann, Arbor Michigan. My favorite color is neon orange and neon pink. I also have a few tattoos. I'm single, and I'm a very silly, out going, loud, and funny person also I go by Alexis or Ally or Lexis or Lexi or Lex or Lee or Al or anything you girls make up also I'm 5ft9 also I have snake bites."

I look at Louis and see him smiling at her, oh gosh.

But lastly was a girl with pitch black long beautiful hair tied up in a pony tail with one green eye one blue eye.

And she says.

"Well I'm Isabella Elouise Badwill. I'm 21 birthday is on April 2. I was born in Australia raised in California I'm part French cause you can hear it in my voice. My mum is Australian and so is my dad and he's part French. My favorite color is all neon colors and the colors of the sunset I would call my personality a bit shy, laughable, and lovable. I'm 5ft9 and I also have some tattoos and I'm taken by Luke Brooks."

After we got finished learning more about each other we became best friends already and we already started writing a single and some songs for our album.

Asami's POV.....

I like all the girls there so cool and just to pare up with one of the most famous popular singers is amazing also getting to see one direction is amazing too. And that Niall Horan guy is pretty cute but the bad part is that he's already taken and it would be wrong if I did that to mess up what Kennedy and Niall have.

3 hours fly by and we already have all the song for our album ready and some left overs.

Before we went inside Alexis said.

"Wait but how can we sing when we don't even have a harmony started."

Then I say.

"She's right guys."

And Kennedy says.

"Okay ill play each note of the piano you Alexis you sing La as each note I go up then Asami and Isabelle. And as we see who has the lower or higher pitch we'll have our harmony."

I started at a regular note on the piano and Alexis sings after it.

(Her voice sounds like Nikki Williams)

Then she gets finished and I sing.

(Her voice sounds like Ariana Grande's)

then Isabella.

(Her voice sounds like Ella Eyre)

Then Kennedy.

(Her voice sounds like Perries and Tori Kelly's together)

And then we found our harmony.

It was me for the highest pitch then Kennedy's and Alexis, and lastly Isabella So we all did it all together and we sounded perfect!

We went inside of the booth and we all got a copy of our song we where gonna sing and our lines we where gonna sing.

(1) Vacation (By: G.R.L)

(2) Show Me What You Got (By: G.R.L)

(3) Trouble (By: NJ)

(4) Don'tWanna Dance Alone (by: 5h)

(5) BraveHeart (By: NJ)

(6) Me & My Girls (By: 5h)

(7) About That Boy (By:LM)

(8) Salute (by:LM)

(9) Welcome To The Jungle (by: NJ)

(10) Move (by: LM)

(11) These Four Walls (by: LM)

(12) Towers (By: LM)

(13) How Ya Doin' (By: LM Feat Missy Elliot)

(14) Red Planet (by: LM feat T-Boz)

(15) Mad House (by: LM)

(16) Change Your Life (by: LM)

(17) They Just Don't Know You (By: LM)

(18) Nothing Feels Like You (by:LM)

(19) Compeition

Then we finished everyone clapped and Izzy said.

"We haven't even picked the album name or our band name."

It was quite for a second and then Kennedy said.

"So we all said we like neon colors and one of our songs is called Welcome To The Jungle. So what about-"

And Lexi cuts her off saying.


And we laughed and Izzy said.

"That's actually a good idea just switch it around."

And Kennedy says.

"Noen Elgnuj?"

I laugh and said.

"No silly Neon Jungle and I actually know the reason why Asami your second last name has a N in it Nora. Izzy your middle name had a E in it for Elouise. Kennedy your second middle name has a O in it for Oliver. And my second middle name has a N in it for Natasha. And all of that is spelled Neon all of the color we like is neon and jungle cause... I don't know why but is sound right and plus we have a song called Welcome To The Jungle like Ken said."

Then Niall said.

"I think that's a cool name. But what about your album."

Then Kennedy says.

"Welcome To The Jungle."

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