Are We Over?

I'm Kennedy Angle Rite. I'm 19 years old and me and Niall are in love with each other. We've been dating for three years. But it's been becoming depressing, cause I'm always alone. And he's always out either with the boys a friend or tour. What should I do?


13. I Want You Back

Kennedy's POV....

I frown not being able to see Niall then Harry asks.

"What's wrong?"


"You miss him don't you?"

"...Yes I do... I miss him so much. Have you seen him??"

"He told me an the boys and Perrie to not follow him and he left. He looked a reck."

And I broke inside what have I done.

"What direction did he head to?"

"Our hotel."

I hug Harry and say.

"Thank you so much. Now I have to go take over my backstage meet and greet tell them that Niall went to get food and I went to... I went actually just say that I'm trying to get my boyfriend back."

He nodded and I ran out of the building heading to the hotel. Then my feet start to hurt running in heels so I throw them off leaving them and I run full speed cause I think he's gonna kill himself if I don't get there faster.

Niall's POV....

I couldn't take this anymore so I left and now this is my time to go. I go to my hotel room and I go to my bathroom then I break the mirror with my fist and start to cut myself then I break all the glass and threw everything getting so angry at myself for hurting a wonderful woman like Kennedy. Then I saw the window and stepped out so close to jumping.

Kennedy's POV......

When I got to his room I bust the door open and saw him looking down at the window.


And I run and hug him from behind squeezing my eyes tight. Then I open them and say.

"What the hell is wrong with you your gonna get yourself killed!"

"It's better than suffering... Why did you even save me."

I paused then said.

"Cause I love you and without I don't know what I would do. I was just so angry when you hurt me I didn't know that it was killing you. I'm so sorry Niall please don't kill yourself I love you so much please take me-"

And he kissed me. And when he did all the good memories came flooding back into my head making me smile threw it then we break apart and he says.

"I love you to."

And I hug him tightly never wanting to let him go. And tears fell from my blue eyes.

"Niall please eat. Please. Never stop eating my gosh your so skinny."

"I promise I won't stop eating. It's just without I'm weak."

I've never had a guy love me as much as he does and hearing him say that made me feel like the most important woman in his life.

Then we hear clapping and I blush and Perrie is crying or joy and Louis says.

"Ugh boring so are you guys back together or not?"

I look up at Niall and smile and he smiles and I say.

"Yes we are and I've never been happier."

"I'm so happy for you guys."

Perrie says hugging me and Niall then Louis says.

"So can I go to bed?"

"Yes Louie."

"Yes! Goodnight lovebirds!"

And he leaves then I say yawning.

"Shall we head to bed Ni?"

"Sure princess."

"Yeah not here cause I kinda broke the door down."

And he laughs.

"Okay princess."

And Niall brings all his bags and everything into my hotel room and I change into some of his sweats and a tank top and he takes off his shirt and leaves on a basketball shorts and we both sleep in the same bed together like last time and I lay on his chest hearing his soft heart beat again hoping it would never stop and he holds me tightly and I fall into a deep sleep feeling warm and happy again.

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