Are We Over?

I'm Kennedy Angle Rite. I'm 19 years old and me and Niall are in love with each other. We've been dating for three years. But it's been becoming depressing, cause I'm always alone. And he's always out either with the boys a friend or tour. What should I do?


5. I Need Your Help

Niall's POV.....

When she touched my shoulder and left. I started sobbing in my hands. I then walk upstairs with my blurry vision cause of my crying and go back to my room. Then I turned around and saw my girlfriend Rebecca.


And she hugs me saying.

"I missed you so much. I tried calling your phone but you didn't pick up. And who's Kennedy, but besides that I'm so happy your alive!"

And she kisses me and I don't kiss back of how sloppy it was.

"Niall what's wrong."

She says with her arms around my neck.

"......Becca I think... We should break up."

I say pulling her off of me.

"Excuse me?!? I'm Rebecca Carson to correct you! Boyfriends don't break up with me!"

"Well I get did. I'm in love with Kennedy Rite! Only her!"

And I leave catching up with the boys and Perrie. And the only way I could get to her was Perrie and Tori.

So I tap Perrie on the shoulder and ask her,

"Perrie. I need your help."

"Yes Niall?"

"I'll pay you fifty dollars if you bring Kennedy to the bridge tomorrow night at 8:00 pm."

"Niall... If you want her back then you ask her out. And that would be mean. Fifty dollars."

"Please I'm begging you. I really want her back just please help me please. I'm a wreck just please help me."

I say getting on my knees.


I gave her the money and said,

"Just keep it."

"But Niall I don't want your money!"

"Keep it Perrie. Buy another pet. Hell you have like five of them."

And she playfully pushed me.

"Don't make fun of my pets."

The Zayn said,

"Pez, Niall lets go."

And we caught up to them and walked home. And I'm praying that this will work.

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