Are We Over?

I'm Kennedy Angle Rite. I'm 19 years old and me and Niall are in love with each other. We've been dating for three years. But it's been becoming depressing, cause I'm always alone. And he's always out either with the boys a friend or tour. What should I do?


3. Carnival

Liam's POV....

I really like Kennedy and I just thought maybe she would like to join us lads to the Carnival. I called her felling very nervous and my palms getting sweaty and I was shaking and sweat was forming on my head.

Whas I this nervous to ask her out?


"K-Kennedy? It's L-Liam."

"Oh hey Liam what's up buddy."

"I wanted to uh, know if uh, y-you w-wanted t-to."

"To what? Liam I won't bite. Just tell me."

Then Louis came in. And took the phone.

"Hello love? It's Louis...Liam wanted to know if you wanted to go to the carnival with us...uh huh.... Yup....okay we'll pick you up at 3:30....okay see you later too...bye."

He hung up and said,

"Oh for fuck sakes Liam was that hard?"

"Whatever. Louis."

And I playfully hit his arm and he says while leaving,

"Don't be mad cause I know how to talk to a girl."

I playfully rolled my eyes and went to Niall's room and he was looking outside.

"Niall? You okay?"

"Huh? Yeah. Just thinking."

"Well we are going to the carnival at 3:30. Ya know if you wanna go you can. And get your mind off of things."

He nodded his head and I left. I hope nothing bad will happen. Hopefully.

Kennedy's POV.....

I hung up my phone and ran upstairs and found some nice clothes and put this on.

I put it on wrapping my hair into a high pony tail then I do my makeup and hear the door being knocked on I put my piercings in and grab my shoes and my phone and open the door being hugged by Harry.

"Harry lets go. Don't worry I'll hug you later."

And I smile. I get into the van and sit next to.... Niall. Louis is driving Liam is in the passenger seat Paul is siting in the window seat on the left and Zayn is in the middle of Harry and Paul and way in the back is me and Niall of course. We finally arrive and I'm the first one out and I breath happy that I'm out of that seat and we get in line and Paul pays for us and he hug him like little five year olds and we get our wrist bands and I grab Liam's hand and we Rome around we rode four rides then we go to the games.

"You sure you can get this Liam?"

"Yeah just give me time."

He throws the ball and misses then I say,

"Liam you've waisted money let me try."

He gave me a ball and I just threw it and got them all down and he was shocked and I said,

"Beginners luck."

Then we get the stuffed animal. Then we go to a shooting game and me and Liam go against each other and I said,

"Your going to Payne."

"Uh excuse me but the Payne Train Payne knows how it's done."

"Okay sass mater number two."

And we laugh. Liam gets all of his down on the first try and I'm still struggling. Then he comes over and wraps his arms around me showing me how it's done and he looks at me and I get lost in his eyes then he almost kiss when I shoot it and made it. I jump up and down in excitement and we win the adorable polar bear with a bow on top of its head.

"Thank you Liam. For the bear. It's SO adorable."

"You wanna go in the photo booth?"


We run inside laughing and he pays and we first do smiles then funny faces then he kisses my cheek and then we kiss each other. I let go of his cheek and smile then I saw some lip stick on him and started to giggle.


"There's my lipstick on your lips."

"Mind kissing it off."

"Haha! No! Silly."

We get out and see the pictures and they are divided into two so we both take one then Louis yells.

"Hey guys! Let's go on the Farsi Wheel!"

Liam grabs my hand and we run to them and Niall is watching us and he looks so skinny, and pale, and mess- stop Kennedy you said you where gonna move on. I ignore him and we are all paired up in two.

Harry and Louis

Me and Liam

Niall and Zayn.

We all get into our carts and Niall and Zayn are the first ones in then Liam and I and Harry and Louis. We all get buckled up and it starts and I'm wrapped around Liam's arms feeling warm I lay my head to his chest and he says.

"So that kiss... Does that mean that it's official?"

"Have you asked me?"

"Oh...right. Kennedy Rite. Would you like to be my girlfriend?"

"Of course."

Then we kiss again and I feel eyes staring at me. Niall.

Niall's POV.....

I guess we are over. For good. They came back down and got out holding hands then they went to a fortune teller. I walked over there also and Liam saw me and said,

"Niall! Why won't you do it also." and the lady took her arm and started to read it.

"OoO I see a child and a blonde a cute blonde who sings. And.... Love and... Hate.... Did you break up with anyone lately?"

Then she pulled her arm back and said,

"I think we're done here."

She left with Liam and I gave her my arm.

"I see Marriage, and a child, and you with a singer with green eyes... And sh-"

"Niall! Let's go!"

I turned my head and saw Louis waving to come on then I turn it back and the fortune teller is gone. I needed her to finish.

I run back with the boys and hop in the car and I'm next to Kennedy and Liam. Oh great.

Kennedy's POV.....

What did she mean? A blonde why blonde. I hope it isn't Niall. And a child?!? I thought that would happen but it was to late.

I was cuddling with Liam when my phone rang.

"Hello? Tori?"

"Hey Ken!"

"What's Up?"

"Um I moved your stuff to my house is that okay?"

"It's GREAT! But pick me up from the house."



I put it on speaker and Zayn said,


"Thanks Zayn!"

She says. I say one..two...three and we all sing and I sing in my singer voice. while the other boys are shouting.


"Awe! Thanks guys."

I clicked off of speaker and she said,

"So I'm throwing my party at a club. You wanna come?"

"Of course. And happy 17th birthday girly!"

"Thanks Kenny. Love you and I'll be over at 8:30."

"M'k and love you too!"

And I hung up and we arrived. I kissed Liam goodbye and said bye to the boys and waited for Tori when she finally came .

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