Are We Over?

I'm Kennedy Angle Rite. I'm 19 years old and me and Niall are in love with each other. We've been dating for three years. But it's been becoming depressing, cause I'm always alone. And he's always out either with the boys a friend or tour. What should I do?


6. Another Try....

Kennedy's POV.....

I woke up with the sun shingling brightly and then I go to the bathroom and see tear stains... Then I remembered I cried myself to sleep thinking about Niall saying those words. Was he lying to hurt me again? Or was he telling the truth?

I then get a text from Perrie.

From Pezze:

Let's have some girl time today @ 8 I'll pick u up from Ur apartment. Biiiii!!!!! LuvYah!!! Xx<3

Okay I guess I do have plans today, well tonight. I brush my teeth and wash my face and hair dying it more sliver grey letting it grow out. Then I go pick out some clothes.

Something casual wouldn't hurt for tonight. I mean it's only Perrie how bad could it be?

Niall's POV....

From Pezze:

She's gonna come!!! And this better work Niall.

Or she'll think I was trying to get her to break up with Liam for money! And I'll kill u if she thinks that.

From Niall😁:

Thx u soooo much Perrie. And it will work. I hope... U_U

After I click my phone off I say grabbing my coat.

"Boys I'm gonna go out."

"K Bye Niall!!!"

Louis yells. And I leave the flat remembering what flowers, and chocolate Kennedy loves and I start the head to the best flower store in town.

I go inside and go to the front desk person and ask.

"Hi can I have five Tiger Lily's, Five Lily's, Three Roses, and two white roses. If you have those."

"S-Sure. Could I have your autograph? Please?"

"Sure Love."

And as she got my flowers, well Kennedy's flowers I signed her paper. And she handed me Kennedy's flowers and I handed the signed paper of my name and she said,

"T-the cost is 20.99 . I hope you get Kennedy back before her tour."

"How do you know I'm trying to get Kennedy back?"

"Your phone case of her."

I looked at the back of my phone and said,

"Oh. Well thanks."

After i payed the price and left I headed straight to cafe with best chocolate and then Memory's came back of me and Kennedy when we would always go here and try different chocolates. I wanted to cry but I couldn't. Nothing came out when I cried.

When I got inline I asked for 18 heart shape chocolates in a heart shaped box. And then I payed for it and left. Next was going to a card store. I bought a card saying, 'I Love You To The Moon And Back' in the front and then I signed it and signed some other words say how sorry I am and how much I miss her.

I then go to the place where me and Perrie and her are gonna meet up on the bridge then I was gonna take her to the grass and eat dinner there then fireworks are gonna come up and the lights will lead the way.

I really want her back. I really, really do.

Kennedy's POV.....

I wake up to my phone buzzing. It's Perrie.

From Pezze:

I'm coming 2 get u now. B ready.

:) xxxx LuvYah bae!!

From KennDoll:

M'k I'll b ready ILY2 :D xX

I shut my phone off and look at the time and it's 7:30 pm. I better check myself once more.

So I check my makeup and my clothes and hair and I put my hair in a pony tail curling the ends and my front door knocks.

I go put my shoes on and go outside seeing Perrie and she says,

"You ready to go?"


We get in the car and she drives off. She turns the music off and it's Kiss You by One Direction, so I change it right at Niall's part now it's Perrie's CD of Take Me Home and it's playing Over Again so I change it to regular radio and it goes to One Thing by One Direction on Niall's part AGAIN! So I just turn off the radio and say,

"Does everything have to be with Niall!"

I yell. Getting angry,

"You miss him don't you."

Perrie says,

"No Perrie I don't or I would be crying saying I miss him. Perrie just think of Zayn doing it to you."

"Well if he did it yes I would be angry and upset. But if he's gone threw hell trying to get me back then I of course I would forgive him. And that is what Niall is going threw just to get you back. Be honest has a guy ever done that to you? No. But if a guy did that for me I would feel special. Like I'm his girl not one of his girls."

And Perrie was right. She was right about missing him. I actually do. I wish I didn't but I miss his smile and his laugh and his Irish voice and his hair and his morning voice and him saying I love you for no reason and his kisses. I then started to cry.

"You okay love?"

Perrie says stopping the car. I wipe my tears and say,

"Yeah just memories. Perrie your right. But I'm with Liam. It would be like cheating if I just ran into Niall's arms and said I loved him. But I don't. I just miss him. And I need to get over it sooner or later cause if I meet up with him again I might cry. And cause I'm with Liam I want to start fresh."

We got out the car and Perrie said,

"You might hate me but I just wanted to help."

"Help wh-"

Then I saw a small bridge with Niall standing on it and lights trailing to him and he had flowers in his hands.

"Um I really don't want to be here."

And I turned around and Niall caught my arm and pulled me back.

"Wait. Don't leave."

"I don't want to be part if this. And Perrie what does move on mean to you?"

"Don't get mad at her. I payed her to help me."

"So I'm worth money to you Perrie? And like I said I'm with Liam! What kind of friend are you?!?"

"I'm a friend who's trying to get her boyfriend to her."

"Boyfriend?!? Since when did I say I wanted to get back with Niall?!? I said I'm with Liam and it wouldn't be right if I just cheated on Liam?!? Now I know what your trying to do your trying to make my life even worst, your trying to make me and Liam break up!"

I say with tears in my eyes.


"Shut up Niall! Is it true Perrie!"

And she was crying while saying,

"I just wanted to help..."

"Well thanks now I know what kind of friend you are. I can't believe you Perrie! I would NEVER do that to you and Zayn! Ever! Cause I'm not that kind of friend! Never talk to me again. Both of you."

And I leave walking back to Tori's apartment.

Perrie's POV.....

"Thanks Niall. For everything. I tried to help you but your not worth nothing! Not even her! I could see why she hates you."

I say while crying. I walk back to my car. And cry home.

I can't believe me and Kennedy's friendship is over...

Niall's POV....

After I packed up everything I threw it in the water and punched I wall then kicked the flowers yelling,


And I walked home to my house that Kennedy left me alone in. Yeah that one, and when I got home I saw Liam sitting on the stairs waiting.

"What do you want!"

I say glaring at him.

"Lad. I just wanted to say. I know you want Kennedy back so I'll talk to her tomorrow."

"While your at it give her this and tell her I'm sorry."

"Okay Niall goodnight."

"Yeah yeah, goodnight."

And I shut the door walking upstairs sleeping in my empty bed crying myself to sleep. Oh Kennedy what have I've done.

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