What, me?!

Here, a girl, who is obsessed with the X-Factor becomes obsessed with a new singing group made by Simon Cowell. They visit her hometown which is really Harry's (her favorite member) home town too. She of course, goes to try to stalk them but ends up actually getting Harry to fall in love with her!


16. Why?

Niall's POV

I woke up to nobody next to me in bed. I wonder where Taylor went. My phone is suddenly having like a panic attack because o all the notifacations I am getting. I quickly check my phone and something catches my eye. A text that says 'I'm with the girls in the kitchen.-Tay'. I get up to take a quick shower and get dressed to go downstairs. Right before I jump in he shower my phone goes off again. 'Come to the kitchen at 10:30, we have news for all the boys. -Tay'. It reads I message her back quickly and hope into the shower. The warm water warms my skin as I wash my hair. I finish and get changed and start to walk downstairs. Soon I enter the kitchen with all the boys and girls sitting around Harry and Klarity. I find a seat next to Taylor and listen in on what is happening. "Okay so the girls already know but, I am pregnant!" Klarity says. Next thing, all I see is us boys congratulating Harry and the girls are giggling about names and clothes and girly stuff. "Wow Harry congrats, mate!" I say cheerfully. "Thanks. I am excited for this baby." He says while walking over to Klarity. "Are you gonna see what sex the baby is when its ready or when you go into labor?" Perrie asks. "Hmmm. I don't know what do you think Harry?" Klarity asks. "Can we wait. So it can be a surprise?" Harry looks down on Klarity. She nods and all the girls giggle. "Yay, this will be so much fun!" I hear El squeal. "I'm starving!" I say. "Well let's order." taylor says guiding me to the table we were sitting at. Once everyone is seated a lady comes to take our order. Afterwords, she quickly walks away and we start chatting about names for the baby. "If it is a boy, you could name it... Adam?" Zayn asks. Harry thinks for a moment and then shakes his head. "Well if it is a girl, the name will be Darcy or Sydney and Klar will choose the middle name." Harry says and Klarity nods. Once our food gets to our table we all eat and make plans for the day. "Okay lets get ready, then pack up, and then hang out downtown and then we will leave to go to the airport." Taylor says. We all nod and go our separate ways. Me and Taylor reach our room and we walk in. She dresses in a proper but comfy outfit with a baggy tank top with leggings and slip-ons. I dressed in a casual polo and khaki pants with sneakers. I grab my suitcase and put away my toothbrush and hairbrush after we were finished with our hair. I packed all of my clothes lying around and Taylor did the same. We texted everybody once we were finished and walked down to the Lobby to wait on everyone else. "I wonder what we are going to do today." Taylor asks to herself. I was about to answer her when everyone walks down and we head out. "So what are we going to do?" Harry asks. "Want to go to a Disney dance party in Downtown Disney? It is free to get in down there but it seemed like fun." Louis says. We all agree and head over there. We make it to Downtown Disney and find the party. I hear songs blasting and people everywhere dancing around. There were no kinds here since there was alcohol. "Let's dance!" Taylor says while grabbing my arms and walking towards the dance floor. We all started dancing intill it was time to go.

Liam's POV

I was dancing with Erin, Niall, and Taylor when Zayn says that we have to go. 'That went by fast." El says walking with Louis. "Well time flies when you are having fun." Erin says. I nod and walk into the van once we find it. We had already packed our suitcases in the back so now we are heading straight towards the airport. It takes about 30 minutes but we arrive at the airport. We had  to get in a secret way because we did not want to get mobbed. We give the lady our tickets and hop on the plane. I sit next to Taylor and Harry and Klarity sit beside us. The whole plane ride we have small talk but mostly sit quiet and watch movies. We arrive back home and we quickly get out to find our large van and we get in. We all talk about our favorite parts of this trip as we ride home. The driver stops at each house. We say goodbye as our house comes into view and me and Taylor get out of the car hand in hand. "This was a fun weekend." Taylor says. "Yeah, I wish we could do this every week." I say and Taylor giggles. I smile at her as I open the door and walk inside the house. "Home sweet home!" I say and jump onto the couch. Taylor turns up some music and walks into the kitchen. "What are you making?" I ask. "I am craving a smoothie, do you want one?" She asks me. I nod and stand up. I walk into the kitchen and wrap my arms around Taylor's waist. "You are the best." I say in between kisses. "Why thank you sir Nialler." She says and gives me a peck on the nose. I smile and walk to the cabinet. I grab some chips and pour some into  bowl. "I want one." Taylor says while grabbing a couple and stuffing them into her mouth. "That was not one." I say smirking at her. "Whatever." She says. I sneak up behind her and tickle her. "Stop Niall!" She squeals. I start laughing and stop tickling her. "Fine, I will let you finish making us smoothies." I say and walk out of the kitchen. A couple minutes later Taylor walks into the living room with two glasses filled with a thick blue drink. "Here ya go." She says handing me my smoothie. I nod and take a sip. "The best in the world you win a award!" I say. She laughs and then gets a devilish smirk on her face. "What award do I get?" She asks. "This award." I say and give her a kiss. She smiles and hugs me. "I love you, Niall." She says. "I love you way more." I say kissing her fore head. "Doubt it." She says and starts running outside. I walk outside after here but she is nowhere to be seen. Then suddenly I am into the ice cold pool water. "Oh crap!" I say. Then I hear laughing. Taylor's laughing. "There will be pay back miss!" I say and chase her around my large backyard. I fall to the ground laughing and she comes to my side laughing with me. She sticks her hand out to help me up but I push her into the water and run into the house quickly. "Nooo!" She screams as I run away. I run upstairs into our bedroom and hide in the closet. It is dark but I can see through a peek hole. I start hearing footsteps and notice water dripping and getting closer to me. I peek through the hole ad see an eye on the other side. I quickly step back and lean against the wall behind some hanging clothes. "I just saw you Niall, so com out babe." She says giggling. I chuckle and walk out. " Now I need a shower." She says. I smirk. "Want me to come with you?" I ask. She think for a moment. "Sure." she says and closes the bathroom door. I turn on the water and take off my clothes. She does the same. We both hop into the shower. I put shampoo in my hand and tell her to turn around. She does and I start washing her hair. When I am done she goes under the water and washes it out. She does the same to me and we do each other's conditioner and wash it out and get out of the shower. We both dry off and get pajamas on and get in bed. "Goodnight." I say and we both fall asleep.

Taylor's POV

I woke up at 3 am throwing up. it was horrible. I think  am sick. I walk into the bathroom and open the box. I use the restroom and see what it says. Oh god. I am pregnant. How am I going to tell Niall! I think. Oh god no. I quickly hide the pregnancy test and walk out of the bathroom. It is 4 am now so I decide to just sleep and tell him in the morning.

I woke up to the smell of bacon and toast. Yum. I remember what happened last night and I start getting nervous. "Good morning Niall!" I say as cheerfully as I can. "Good morning babe." He says back. I sit at the table and wait for the food to be cooked. I will tell him after breakfast. I think to myself. I got interrupted from my thoughts and a plate full of food is in front of me. I start eating the eggs and take a sip of water. I am too nervous to eat. "I am not that hungry. I will save it for later." I say and give Niall a small smile. he looks at me weirdly. I think he knows that something is wrong. "Are you okay?" He asks. "Uhm, yeah." I answer. "No you are not, tell me what is wrong." Dammit! he knows me too well. "Uh, I uh, This morning, at 3 am, I started puking and so I went to a 24 hour store and bought a pregnancy test and used it and it said that I was um, pregnant." I say. "What how?" He asks calmly. That is weird. "When you cheated on me, I got really upset so I uh, I met this person at a bar and we kinda, uhm yeah." I say nervously. I can see the anger flow inside him. His eyes are wide and his face is turning red. "Really? I never did that! I id not go that far!"  He says to me. "I know but we were not dating at the time!" I say. "Well, why didn't you tell me sooner!" He starts to yell. "Because I was scared!" I yell back. "We are through." He says and leaves the house. I fall to my knees and start crying hysterically. I don't want us to be over. It was a one time thing!

*A week later*

Zayn's POV

This has been a weird week. Niall and Taylor broke up but they wont tell us why. Taylor has been dating this weird boy that she says is her ex which he looks like a drunk so I do not know why she is dating him. She should know better. I proposed to Perrie and our tour is about to start soon. Little Mix's tour will start soon after. There is at one point of the tour were Little Mix is going to the same place at he same time so Perrie is going to bring the rest of the girls to that show so we can all hang out before we leave for the rest of the tour. Klarity is starting to get bigger and everyone is excited for her.  "Zayn what are you and the boys going to do today?" Perrie asks me. "I think we are going to watch a football game and then just hang out." I say. "Me, Klar, El, and Erin are going to the mall to shop for baby stuff. So if you need me call me." She says and walks out the door. I clean the house a little bit and soon the doorbell rings. I answer the door and all the boys are standing there. "Hey boys!" I say and let them in. "Hey there Zaynie!" Harry says. II just laugh at him and close the door. "The game starts in about 5 minutes. Want to order pizza?" I ask. They all nod and I head over to grab my phone. I dial the number and order a couple of pizza's. I end the call and head back to the living room. We watch the football match intill there is a knock at the door. I open it and pay the delivery man. "Thank you." I say and close the door after he nods. I set the food on the table and pause the game. All the boys grab a plate full and we finish the game

Klarity's POV

"Ooh look at this. It is so cute!" Erin says. I look over her way and see a cute little pair of overalls. "Oh my goodness yes!" I say and stuff it into our kart. "Can we grab some lunch?" El says. "Sure." We all walk over to the food court and grab a table. A waitress comes over to take our order. We tell her what we want and I get a text. "Can we talk?-Tay" it says. "I am busy right now but at 4 do you wanna meet at the park by my house and talk there?" I send. "Yeh sure." She says and I put away my phone.



What do you think she wants to talk about? -Dakota


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