What, me?!

Here, a girl, who is obsessed with the X-Factor becomes obsessed with a new singing group made by Simon Cowell. They visit her hometown which is really Harry's (her favorite member) home town too. She of course, goes to try to stalk them but ends up actually getting Harry to fall in love with her!


18. Nice ring!

Liam's POV

Today is the big day! All of us and my family and Erin's family are going to the beach. The reason our familys are going is because I have a really good surprise for her and it would be really special if both of our familys were there so I invited them to go to the beach with us. "You almost ready?" Erin asks me pulling me away from my thoughts. "yeah babe hang on." I say. "I am going to go and head out to the car." She says. "Okay I will be there in a second!" I call out after her. A few moments later I hear the front door shut. I stand up and grab the box and head out to the car with her. I get in the car and drive off towards the beach. She has no idea that our familys are going to be there. She thinks it will be a normal day but no.

Once we arrive there, we park in a private parking space and meet up with everyone else. "Lets go swim" Erin says running towards the water. We all run after her. I step in the water nd suddenly feel like I am going to freeze to death. "God that is cold!" Louis shouts. I nod and quickly jump in and move around to get warm. I find my way by Erin and lift her up. "Oh, Liam put me down or I will slap you!" she screams. She starts hitting and screaming intill I drop her in the cold waiter. "That.Was.Freezing!" She says splashing me. Next thing I know, we are all in a water fight with teams. Girls vs Boys.

Eleanour's POV

We have had a water fight for a hour now and nobody won so we just all gave up. "Let's walk on the beach." Liam suggests. We all follow Liam and walk along the sandy path. We reach this gazebo type thing were there is a big group of people chatting along. I can see that one of them is Liam's family and I am guessing that the other family is Erin's? "Mom, Dad? What are you doing here?" I hear Erin ask. Oh god. "Because of this." Liam says.

Erin's POV

I am so confused intill Liam gets on one knee. OH MY GOD. Is this really happening? "Erin, you are the love of my life. There is nothing I can do without you. You always make me happy when something is wrong or I am stressed out, so, will you marry me?" He asks looking deep in my eyes. "Yes, Yes, oh y god Yes!" I say and jump in his arms. He spins me around as I here cheering from everybody. Liam sets me down and puts the ring on me. It is a beautiful ring with diamonds and a gold outline. It is beautiful. I sit on the sand in awe with everyone around me. The boys are congratulating Liam and the girls are admiring my ring. Today is a happy day.

Klarity's POV

I look at Erin's ring congratulating her when all of a sudden I feel a sharp pain. Uh Oh. I look down and see a wet spot in the sand yet all of the sand around it is dry. I fall to the ground screaming in pain. "What's wrong babe?" Harry says very worried. "H-Hospital n-n-ow!!" I yell. I start being lifted from the ground and on my way to the car. Harry puts me in the back seat with Perrie next to me and Niall next to him in the front. Zayn is in the back with Louis and Eleanour.

It feels like forever intill we make it to the hospital. By now I am in tears from how bad the pain is. I am rushed into a room and the doctors get to work ASAP!

I have been screaming in pain for about an hour now and finally the nurse tells me something I have been dreading and waiting for. "Okay it is time to push." She says. I gulp and next thing I know I am waking up lightheaded with only the moonlight for light. "You okay?" El says. "Yeah, uh where am I?" I ask. "What? Uhm you are at the hospital." She says a bit confused. "Wait, what for?" I start to get the same look as her. "Because you had a baby about three hours ago." She says. "Oh okay. Wait WHAT!? Where is it and what is it?" I say, memory coming back to me. "Hang on let me go get them." She says and leaves. Who is she talking about? I know she is talking about the baby but, who else? I am taken away from my thoughts when El, Harry, and Liam walk in the room with  a little baby in a pink blanket. "Hey babe, how are you doing?" Harry says. "I am fine but, what happened?" I say reaching for the baby in Liam's arms. He politely hands the baby to me and I give the baby kisses and I hug her tightly but not too tight. "You passed out from the pain. And by the way the baby is a girl." Liam says. I nod and look at the baby girl in my arms. She has sparkling green eyes like her daddy, she has thin pink lips like mine too. She is beautiful. I look up to see Harry looking at the baby in front of me. "I love her." He says looking at me his face barley visible from the lighting. "I love her too. I also love you." I say giving him a quick peck on the lips. "Get a room people." Liam says eyeing us. "What time is it and where is everyone else?" I ask. "Erin, Perrie, and Zayn went back to Zayn's house for the night, and Louis went to get food in the cafeteria and it is also about 5:40. El says. "Okay." I nod and kiss the baby again.


Arghh! Sorry for the bad ending but I did not really know how to end it and I was tired so sorry! But I don't know if I have asked this but has anybody read the FanFic Poison? Haha sorry if I have already mentioned it but, it is just so good! yeah, so byeee! -Dakota


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