What, me?!

Here, a girl, who is obsessed with the X-Factor becomes obsessed with a new singing group made by Simon Cowell. They visit her hometown which is really Harry's (her favorite member) home town too. She of course, goes to try to stalk them but ends up actually getting Harry to fall in love with her!


11. It's all good!

*A month later*

Harry's POV

After us boys got back from our short tour we were surprised by the girls. They took us out to six flags for fright fest which was so fun! But I did now notice that Taylor was not their that day. Nothing much happened after that. Klarity told me what happened to Taylor that one girls night. Niall and Taylor ARE dating each other right now but for the rest of us it is a little awkward because Niall was a total prick which I do not get why Taylor took him back but, whatever. "Honey, are you okay?" Klarity asks me. "You looked like you were thinking about something." She adds. "Oh, no I am okay I am just thinking about what had happened this past couple of months." I say. "Oh cool, well I am hungry lets go get the guys and go somewhere!" She says. "Okay babe, let me call them." I answer and then she runs out of the room excitedly. I love her. I then walk outside my flat and call the boys. "Hi guys, me and Klarity are going to go eat somewhere wanna join?" I ask them. "Yeah mate, meet you there in a couple." Liam answers.  "Is Nando's okay?" Niall says. Classic Niall. "Sure lets see if that is okay with everyone else first though. I say and end the call. I walk back into the flat and see Klarity in the kitchen making a couple drinks. "Babe, we are about to go eat what are you doing?" I ask curiously. "Haha, I found this recipe for this awesome tasting passion tea and it has to sit in and be in the fridge for a couple of house for the mix to have flavor." Klarity says. "That is some weird tea." I say under my breath and walk to the ringing door to open it. "Hey!" Liam says as I hug him. "Hey Liam! Come in!" I say leading him into the living room. "So how is it going?" I ask since we have not seen each other for a couple weeks.  "Fine! Actually Erin is coming in a few minutes because she just finished work but everything has been good." Liam says. "Cool!" Klarity says walking over to sit on the couch with Liam. I get a text that says walk outside the door and so I did but of course I looked out the window first in case someone is trying to kill me. All I see is Taylor and Niall though. I walk outside and greet them with hugs.  "Hey there Niall and hello Taylor! Nice to see you guys." I say. "Hey, bro!" Niall says as I walk them into the house to the same spot where Klarity and Liam are. "Taylor!" Klarity yells running up and pouncing on her almost making them fall. "Uh, hey to you too Klarity!" Taylor says trying not to fall. "It has been a long tome my friend!" Taylor says laughing. "I agree we should hang with the girls more often." Klarity says. Then all of a sudden Louis and Eleanour  run in screaming like crazy maniacs! "Grawlllllll!" Louis yells jumping on me. "What the fuck Louis!" I say trying not to laugh too hard. "He is a tiger." Eleanour explains. Then Zayn and Perrie walk in calmly unlike Louis. "So where are we headed?" Zayn asks. "Nando's! Niall yells from across the room which makes everyone laugh. "I guess Nando's." Perrie says sarcastically. We all get into two cars. Me, Klarity, Liam in one car and Louis, Eleanour, Zayn, Perrie, Niall, and Taylor in the big van. I am sure they were squished. As we got to Nando's we walk in and about a thousand screaming girls came up to us. 

*An hour later*

Erin's POV

I arrive at the Nando's Liam told me to come to and all I see is about 800 girls standing outside screaming. I try to sneak my why through but when people realized I was Liam's girlfriend the started to attack me. I texted Liam immedeatly


'Hey Leeeeyuuum I am sorta being attacked by some of your directioners out here...HELP!' I sent and he quickly replies. 'On my way' And then all of a sudden I feel warm strong arms carry me bridal style into the restraint and then I am seated in front of Klarity. "Well, then.." I say a little overwhelmed. "Are you okay!?" Liam says kneeling down next to me. He looked really worried. "Haha, of course! They were just trying to take stuff from me but some of them have nails so it kinda hurt." I say Liam looked relieved. He sat in his seat and we ordered.

After we had lunch we paid and then us girls went shopping while the boys went to the studio for some odd reason. "Look at this dress Erin!" Taylor said.  "It looks lovely and it looks like it would fit you Erin!" Perrie adds. I walk over and found the most perfect dress for me. It was

B E A U T I F U L.  (Dress)

(I know the picture is blurry but it is sparkly and it looks pretty :p)

"I love this dress!" I say in shock of how beautiful this gorgeous dress is. "Try it on Erin!" Taylor says. I grab the dress and walk over to the dressing room. Once I got off all my clothes I easily slip on the dress and admire how I looked in it. I honestly looked amazing! It fit perfectly an my hair looks awesome with the color and my eyes, my blue eyes looked awesome. I think I finally can look at myself and say 'I love my body'! I am totally buying this dress. I walked out of the room and everybody's mouths just dropped. I started to blush. "That looks Beautifuly HOT!" Eleanour said. I smiled and hugged her tight.

After we bought a couple things Harry texted Klarity for us to meet the boys at the studio, and when we got there.........


Hiya! Okay so I know I was going to make 2 chapters this weekend and I totally lied to you and I am so so so so so so so very sorry! These past two months have been busy with school and I could never find the time because I had a lot of home work this weekend and I know I promised so I will make it up to you guys... I will make short chapter BUT I will update more often!! yay a solution!! So what do you think id=s going to happen next? And please leave your thoughts in the comments..... BYYEEEEEEEESSHHHH! ~~Dakota

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