What, me?!

Here, a girl, who is obsessed with the X-Factor becomes obsessed with a new singing group made by Simon Cowell. They visit her hometown which is really Harry's (her favorite member) home town too. She of course, goes to try to stalk them but ends up actually getting Harry to fall in love with her!


7. I'm sorry.. I love you

      As they were doing their sound check for the fans, you and Taylor sing along to the songs since you still were  Directioners. They started singing moments and you just fell in love with harry all over again. You suddenly got a call. "Hello?" You asked. "hello darling it is your mum! I am outside the building!" She said. "Oh! Okay I am coming out right now!" You said and ended the call. You walked outside and found her siting on a bench. "Hey mum!" You said excited. "Hello!" She said happily. "Let me guide you to were me and Taylor are sitting." You say and you two walk in the arena and walk towards the backstage area. You show the bodyguard your card so you can get in. He politely lets you in and you walk her to a table. "Hey second mother!" Taylor said. Your mum started laughing. "Hello darling!" She says. "They are doing sound check right now, mum. There are fans there because they just had a meet and greet!" You said informing her because she looked confused. She understood and started watching them on the t.v. screen. You go on twitter from you phone and read a lot of hate messages like 'OMG, I am way better for Harry! She is just plain ugly!' You just ignored them and tweeted. 'Our boys are on stage doing sound check! @_TaylorTay(<~~~~ made that up) And you tagged all the boys. You played a game on your phone and soon enough Hary comes running to you picking you up and spinning you around. "Harry what are you doing!?" You and him start laughing. He puts you down and pecks your lips and smiles. You smile back. "Harry my mum is here." You say informing him. "Hello again Miss.Hades (<~~~ Fake last name :p)" Harry says politely. They end up having a deep conversation which made you happy that they got along so well. "Klarity, are you hungry babe?" Harry asks. You nod and he hands out a  hand and you take it. He helps you up and all of you go and eat at McDonalds. "You guys were good in sound check!" Your mum says. "Thank you, Miss.Hades!" Liam says. "Oh, please, all of you call me Melanie." Your mom says. "Hang on, I will be right back, my mum is calling." Taylor says and walks out of the room.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Taylor's Pov~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I tell everybody that I have to take a call and I walk out of the restraunt. "Hey mum!" I say cheerfully. "Hey baby, I am in traffic so I am probably going to make it at around 4:30-ish." Your mom says. You check the time and it is 3:47. "Okay mum!" You answer. "Alright, I love you honey! Tell Niall I say I am excited to see him again!" "Okay, mum I love you too. I will tell Niall!" And you hang up. I walk in McDonalds and hear two teenage girls say "Omg, that is Niall"s ugly girlfriend. I look at them and give them a wink. They just look away in embarresment. When I walk towards Niall, he gives me a smile and  pecks me on the lips. "What did your mum say?" Niall asks me. "She is in traffic so she will be here at 4:30 and  she said to tell you she is excited to see you again Niall. He blushes and I giggle. We walk towards the venue after the shop and we see a cute store. "Aww Niall, look at this!" I said. I pointed towards a little cat with fake plastic whiskers. It was cute. I ended up buying it because it was too cute to leave it their! We entered the venue and just kind of relaxed there the suddenly I got a call from my mum. "Hey baby! I am outside of the venue!" She said with excitement in her voice. "Okay mum I will be there in a second!" I ended the call and grabbed Niall's hand and ran towards the entrance and walked outside with him. We found my mom and she gave us both big hugs. "I am so glad you can watch them with us!" I said. "Oh darling, I am too!" She answered to me. I loved how good Niall and my mom were getting along. By now we were saying our goodbyes to the boys as they ran onstage. We all hurried to our seats and then the lights went out and all of us in the crowd screamed. And I mean ALL of us in the crowed. People were crying, screaming laughing, sitting, standing, and almost anything! The boys started playing moments. Me and Klarity sang along and almost started crying.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Skipping to after the show (P.s Taylors Pov)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

We all said goodye to my and Klarity's mum and went out clubbing for a celebration. Zayn and Liam got out of the limo first Then Louis. I was nervous getting out. "Babe, don't be afraid. Keep your head down and do not listen to the paps." Niall whispered in my ear. The paps were yelling things like "How is your love life?" and "Niall, do you truly love her?" That one made me sad. I looked at Niall and he winked at me. I think he was trying to tell me it was okay. We entered the loud club and found a table to sit at. "I am going to get us some drinks!" Zayn shouted over the music. He came bag with about 20 shots and a big glass of beer for Niall. It got me a little concerned but I did not worry too much. (After a while of joking and laughing later..) "I am going to the bathroom real quick!" Niall shouted. You nodded and he disappeared. "Want to dance with me, Tayor?" Klarity asked me. "Ah Yeah! Let's do this Klarity!" I answered and she led us to the dance floor. We started dancing to all of these different song and acting like wiled animals. "I love this song!" Klarity said to me as Satisfaction by the Rolling Stones came on. She was dancing her butt off when I noticed Niall still wasn't back at the table and it's been at least twenty minutes. I looked at Klarity worried and she told me "Go look for him." and so I did. I walked in the hallway of where the bathrooms were and-

I was in shock. I could not believe it!


A/N)  Wey-Hey! Hiiiiii! :} Okay so sorry for leaving you here with a surprise and you might not like what happens but I kinda have writers block right now! :( I hope you enjoyed this chapter I think I should be able to post the 8th chapter by tomorrow night! ;) If you have any questions message me! I am making a new instagram page for this movella for if you guys want to follow  and ask me` stuff but, it is your choice! No forcing! :) Bye! Xx.



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