What, me?!

Here, a girl, who is obsessed with the X-Factor becomes obsessed with a new singing group made by Simon Cowell. They visit her hometown which is really Harry's (her favorite member) home town too. She of course, goes to try to stalk them but ends up actually getting Harry to fall in love with her!


13. Get Away...

Harry's POV

"Hey babe what's wrong!?" I asked concerned. "H-He k-kissed me." She said. I felt anger boil inside of me. "Who!?" I asked sternly. "Harry, it's okay, don't do anything stupid, I just need to get it out of my system." She said solemnly. "NO, WHO THE FUCK DID THIS!?" I yelled. "M-my ex, I do not know why he is here." She said nervously. I started to feel ashamed. Us boys invited all of her contacts. "Hey, babe i'm sorry it was my fault. I invited all of your contacts. I did not know he was an ex." I said very upset with myself. "Harold, it is okay! It is not your fault." She said with  little chuckle. I was confused by her sudden change of mood. "I will be right back." I said as I left leaving her and hearing her sigh. "Excuse me," I asked a tall and buff man. "Thanks for inviting me bro!" He said sticking out his hand. I then punched him and he fell to the ground. 'Shit Harry!" I heard Klarity say. "I told you not to do anything stupid!" She added pushing me away from that dick. "He deserved it." I said walking to the men's toilet. I looked at myself through the mirror.' I am surprised that did not make a huge seen' I thought to myself. I washed my face and walked back to the party to get something to drink.

Klarity's POV

He grabbed me and kissed me! Out of fucking nowhere! I started to cry and ran to the balcony after Harry and the boys got off stage. I was there for a while intill I heard the door slide open. "Hey babe what's wrong?" He said to me. I told him that Jake, my ex, kissed me and he walked back to the party and I followed him. The next thing I know I see Jake on the ground and a angry Harry with his fists clinched. 'I never thought this would happen if I told him!' I thought to myself as I pushed Harry away from Jake. Harry then walked to the bathroom and within minutes he was back at the punch bowl making himself a drink. It was so weird how fast Harry could cool off. "Harry are you okay?" I asked him. "Yeah, babe I am fine." He said giving me a smile and leaning down to kiss my cheek. "I do not believe you!" I said while throwing my arms over his neck. He smirks and leans down to kiss me. Our lips touched and after a while harry licked my bottom lip asking for enterance. I slightly open my mouth letting our tongues explore each other's mouths. After a while we broke apart leaning our heads against each other's. "I love you." I said to him looking in his emerald eyes. "I love you more!" He said making me giggle. "Oh boy, I doubt that." I say pecking is lips. I let go of him and walk towards the dance floor. I start dancing with Perrie and Taylor to my favorite song, Bring Me To Life, by Evenescence. After a while I got hungry. I went over to the food/drink table and saw that jerk again. "Hey, babe." He said. I did not look at him but I could tell he was smirking. I turned around and saw Zayn in the corner talking to Liam. I quickly walk over to them. "Hey guys I need your help." They look at me weird after I said that and then let me continue. "Do you know why Niall is over on the bench? He looks upset." I say. "I was talking to him and he just walked over to that area looking sad. I have no idea why he is that way though." Liam says. I walk over to Niall in an effort to comfort him. "Niall?" I say over the music. "Get away from me!" He hissed. Why is he acting this way? I thought. "Niall what the-!" "I said get the fuck away from me!" Niall interrupts me looking straight into my eyes. Anger and sadness runs though my body as I run out of the door.

Niall's POV

I was talking to Liam when I noticed Klartiy kissing someone. It was not Harry. Hate towards her runs through my body. I excuse myself from our conversation and I went to sit on a chair in a quiet section of the room to think. Does Harry know?! Did she try to stop him!? I was in deep thought when Klarity came over to me. I was not in the mood to talk to her. "Niall?" She says. "Get away from me." I say as politely as I could but she was getting on me nerves. "Niall what the-!" She tried to say something but I did not give her a chance. "I said get the fuck away from me!" I say. Anger pouring out of me. I instantly felt guilty when she started to run out of the room. I tried catching up to her but she disappeared. I felt horrible. I did not even let her explain! I am not sure if I should talk to Harry but my feet have a mind of it's on and walks over to his way instantly. I feel unsure as I reach him. "Uh harry could I talk to you?" I ask nervously. "Yeah, sure mate!" He says and walks towards the balcony. I stand a little ways away from him as I speak to him. "Uh, I uhm, I say Klarity kiss another man..." I say and he started to chuckle. "I know, she told me what happened. It is okay, he kissed her and he is her ex that I accidently invited." harry explained to me. "Oh, I feel so bad now!" I accidently said out loud. Crap! I thought. 'Hmm?" Harry asks concerned moving closer to me. " When I saw them kissing, I left to go sit in a quiet area to think about what to do. And, uhm, she walked over to me and I said to get away from me but very, uh, harshly." His eyes widen at me and he runs out of the room. I feel so bad!

Harry's Pov

I ran out of the room to find Klarity after Niall explained to me what he did. I know he didn't mean to. He just gets very upset when he feels like he caint do anything. I understand but I need to find Klarity and explain to her. I find Klarity sitting at a table in the lobby. I rush over to sit by her. "Klarity?" I ask nervously. She looks at me with sad eyes. "What did I do, Harry?" She asks. "Niall saw your ex kiss you and when he sees stuff that should not happen he gets stressed and upset and worried. He feels helpless....." I explain about Niall to her and she understands. "I ruined this didn't I?" She askes at me with a slight smile. I chuckle at her thought. "No, babe, it was all a mistake. but it is good now. Niall will apologize and everything will be okay." I say comforting her. "But Niall should not apologize, it was also my fault for approaching him at the wrong time. I feel sorry for him that I worried him. I need o give him a hug." She says yawning. " Are you tired?" I ask smirking at her. "She nods and I stand up holding my hand out for her. She takes it and we head to the car. Once we get into he cold car I turn on the engine and put the heater all the way up. I grab my phone from my pocket and text everyone of the boys telling them that we left and we would see them soon. I start driving to my house and listen to the radio with Klarity. Once we get to my house I wake Klarity up and carry her into our bed. "Goodnight babe." I say and kiss her forehead. She grumbles and smiles. I chuckle and crawl in with her and fall asleep.



Ughhhh! I am back. I know I was gone for like 6,853599568,5487995678754 days! I really suck at this haha :p But anyways! How was Christmas and what was the best thing you got!? I GOT 1D WWA TOUR TICKETS!!! I literally cried. But I am back and I have had a lot of time to think about my Fan-Fic while I was gone so it will be easier to write them! YAYYYEEEE -Dakota<3

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