What, me?!

Here, a girl, who is obsessed with the X-Factor becomes obsessed with a new singing group made by Simon Cowell. They visit her hometown which is really Harry's (her favorite member) home town too. She of course, goes to try to stalk them but ends up actually getting Harry to fall in love with her!


21. Didn't expect that! PT 1

*A Month later*

Niall's POV

I have not heard anything from Taylor, except that she is taken, in two months. I miss her but I have to get over her. What she did was wrong. Right? Yeah it was really wrong. "Niall get ready, we are leaving in an hour." I hear Liam call out. I stand up and go to the bathroom to see if I look okay. Once I am satisfied I grab my suitcase and walk towards the front of Harry and Klar's house. "Hey there!" El says to me as I walk to the kitchen. "Good morning." I say back. "Want to watch a movie?" Harry suggests. "Sure." Everyone says in sync. We all laugh and find a seat on the couch. "What seems good?" Zayn asks. "Uhm how about Night Before Christmas?" I add. Everyone nods their head. Zayn presses play once we find the movie and we relax and start watching it.

About half way into the movie we get a phone call. "I will get it. Perrie says standing up and walking to the phone. "Hello?" She says

Perrie's POV

*Phone conversation* (P=Perrie M=Management)

Hello? p

Hi this is Management. M

I am sorry but what are you calling for? P

There uh is a change in plans with the One Direction boys' tour. M

And what is that? P

Well, we decided that the boys should have an extra month of shows. M

Okay well let me tell them real quick. O

I put my hand over the speaker on the phone ad look at  the boys. "Guys, they are adding an extra month to your tour." I say. "Oh." Is all Louis says and looks at El. "Well at least it is not longer." Liam says wrapping his arm around Erin. "I wonder why they called the day of though." Zayn thinks. "I don't know but I think It is time to go." Niall says looking at the clock Everyone looks to where Niall is looking and stands up. "Let me go get Darcy." Klar fast walking towards Darcy's room. She disappears and comes back out with a cute baby in her hands. "I will go grab the bag and seat." Harry says grabbing the baby stuff from the corner. We all walk out of the house and Harry locks it. We get into a dark black van and drive off. Darcy is sitting between Harry and Klar (Btw she is 2 months so it is possible lol but in a car seat of course) Liam is driving and Erin is in the passenger seat and me, Zayn, Louis, and El are in the back. Niall is also next to Harry.

We get to the airport and as soon as we do, I can tell all of us will regret it. Klar and Niall get out first and then Harry takes the baby and then soon enough we all get out. "Now where do we go?" Zayn says confused. I laugh and walk over to him. "Don't worry I'm sure liam knows what to do." I say and give him  a quick kiss and Liam gives me a 'meenie' look and I grin at him. "Actually, I DO, know what to do. Management texted me a few minutes ago and said to wait here is we came early. That's why I drove to this spot." He says

. "See Perrie was right!" Niall says to Zayn. All if us laugh and then Klar, El, Erin, and I play with Darcy for a while intill she starts to fall asleep."Aww someone is tired!" Erin says looking at Darcy in awe. Niall walks over and squats down next to us. "D is going to love me the most, well second, because you know.. Harry." He says with pride. We all laugh at his awkward sentence and then we see another black van pull up. "Must be them." Louis says and we all stand up and fix ourselves before greeting ourselves. Klar picks up Darcy and walks over to Harry. I grab Zayn's arm and we head over to the new van and wait for somebody to come out. Soon enough, we see Simon and his assistant come out of the doors and walk up to us. "Hey guys!" The assistant said. Her voice sounds.. familiar. Did he get a new one?

Harry's POV

That voice! Like what the hell?! I know it from somewhere! God, oh well ill figure it out later. But did Simon get a new assistant? Well I guess. The boys keep looking at me weird. Especially Niall. It's like he is trying to tell me something with his eyes. That's when I figured it out. I quickly spin my head back to look at Simon's 'assistant' . Oh god. "Uh, hey Taylor." El says. I look at her and she gives me a 'help me' look. "Yeah, uhm, hey there Taylor! How is it going?" I say trying to put so happiness in my voice. I look at Niall and he looks like he is about to cry. "Boys! I see you have met me assistant! Her name is Taylor. Isn't she one of your friends? I met her at Klarity's party." He said. He obviously was never told about Niall and her dating. "Uh, yeah sure, a friend." Liam says and walk towards Niall. "We are going to be right back uncle Si." Niall says walking with Liam inside. I look at Klarity and she looks at me worried. She knows something. but what? "What's wrong?" I mouth to Klar. "I need to talk to her." She mouths back and hands me Darcy. I cradle her in my arms and everyone else surrounds me trying to get out of their awkward conversation. They take turns passing Darcy around intill Liam and Niall come back out. "Baby passing time!" Niall give a girlish squeal. "We all laugh and hand him Darcy. "What is wrong with Klarity?" Erin asks me noticing she had looked worried too. "I don't know, she wont tell me." Niall eyes me and looks almost, sad or bad? Im not sure. "I know." He says and hands me back Darcy. "The reason me and Taylor broke up is because she was pregnant. But not with my baby. We never tried. But we have not talked ever since. And Klarity always knew." He said. I nodded and looked back at him. "I'm sorry, mate." I say. He just nods giving me a tiny smile and gives his attention back to the baby. Simon walks over to us and the girls walk inside. (besides Klarity of course haha) "Hey boys, who is this?" Simon says looking at Darcy. "Uncle Si, this is mine and Klarity's baby, Darcy. We had her about two months ago." I say and hand her to him. For some reason, I kinda don't trust him... weird. "She is so cute!" He says. He sorta looks in shock. "I also heard someone has also proposed too!" He adds looking at Liam. He starts getting all smiley and I laugh. "Well anyways. We have added a extra month because there was complaints from fans about not getting any shows in their state so we fixed it!" Simon said. "Awesome! I'm so glad they are happy now." Zayn says and smiled at him. "When are we leaving?" I ask. "In about 2 hours. So you have time to have lunch and hang out and then we have to leave." Simon says and hands me back Darcy. He walks away and then we see Klar walking back towards us. "I have to tell everyone something. When are you boys leaving?" Klarity asks us. "In 2 hours. Go get the girls and tell us during lunch." Liam says and she walks away into the building go  fetch everyone else.

Klarity walks out laughing with the girls and I  see Taylor's smile face when she sees. I smirk and walk towards Klarity. She grabs Darcy and we all pack into the car again. "What were you guys talking about?" Niall asks. "El told us a funny joke." Erin said and they all go into fits of laugher again. I roll my eyes and look out the window. "Hey, where are we going Liam?" I ask. "Uhm, this place called, El Chico's." he says and turns to a left. We park and all of us get out. We all walk inside and we wait a couple minutes intill the people guide us to a table in the back. It is super quiet as we all get into our seats. After we all get comfortable, we all stare at Klarity, waiting for her to tell her story........

                                      TO BE CONTINUED.......



Heyyyy guys! It's been a while hasn't it? Well anyways.. I finally got a new phone so I DID make an instagram if anyone wants to follow it. lol it is called WHATMEMOVELLA. There is not much to it yet but im getting there. I am ALSO making a new movella soon so be on the llok out for that! BYYEEEEEE -Dakota

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