Jacobs sister

Read about Jacob blacks little sister and how she ends up winning over jasper cullens heart.


10. Imprint

Carlisle had just finished wrapping me up "ill be back in a minute" he said I nodded not being able to move because of my rib and my leg he walked out and returned with Edward and Esme.Edward came running at me and gave me a hug " are you alright please tell me you are" I nodded "yeah I'm alright" he sighed in relief "can I ask you something" he asked when Esme and Carlisle left the room I nodded" when Bella called you a mutt I saw what you where thinking" I froze in shock " and you want to know what happened" I finished his sentence off he nodded " if you don't mind " I shook my head. "No I need to tell someone" I said " well as a kid I didn't know that werewolf 's and vampires walked upon us but as soon as I was 9 dad told me about them he told me that I would turn into one sometime after 12 so I waited as soon as I hit 12 I was put into the pack and looked after but when I turned 14 Sam wanted me to fight him but I couldn't so he attacked me but then I got angry and changed and from there I was know as the greatest warrior in our pack but as I turned 16 I fell in love with a boy called George" I stopped there putting my hand to my chest with tears streaming down my face Edward finally understood and gasped " you imprinted on him" I nodded and took a deep breath " we did everything together he made me complete but then one day I was out and when I came home I found a wolf savaging George to death so I attacked the wolf and didn't stop and I attacked it till he stopped breathing when I stopped people who I knew that were wolfs walked in and saw George and the wolf they started blaming me for it and saying the most horrid things to me so I stopped going to that school and changed to forks high " I said wiping the tears off my face " and can I tell you something else that you can't tell anyone not even the bitch who is your wife" he nodded " I imprinted on jasper " he looked at me happy" what's wrong with that" he asked " I can't go through that again if he dies I can't go through the pain in my chest that I get from thinking about him from feeling empty. Also because I feel like I'm betraying George because I promised I would never love someone else " I replied he sighed " your not betraying him because you can't help who you imprint on its just the way your wolf genes work and you won't have to worry about losing jasper because he would put up one heck of a fight because he fights for what he loves and I can tell you right now that he loves you" I looked at him shocked " how do " he finished of my sentence" I know" I nodded " cause first off I can read minds and second Bella said don't worry about her but he put up a fight for you and as soon as he heard your screams he broke down crying so trust me he loves you" I smiled up at him before pulling into a hug shocking him but he hugged back "thank you" I said "I'd do anything for family" I smiled up at him " your my second father " he nodded "and your my second daughter" I smiled wider "can you get" he finished my sentence off again "jasper. Sure I can" I shooed him out and seconds later jasper walked through the door and came running over to me " are you alright " I nodded " thank you" he mumbled I looked up at him o see him only centermeters in front of my lips "what for" I whispered back drawing in a sharp breath from the space " for helping me with Edward" he replied moving closer" your welcome" he nodded slightly "can I try something" he asked I nodded" just don't move" he said I nodded again he moved closer and touched his lips against mine but not enough for my liking my wolf was taking over I smashed my lips against his shocking him a bit but he didn't hesitate to kiss back he laid me back down on the bed and hovered above me he pulled his lips back and I had to control my wolf from pouncing onto his and kissing him he stared into my eyes I copied his actions "be mine I don't care if we barley know each other there's just something that's pulling me to you" I nodded really happy " you know how you attacked Edward" he asked I nodded still loving the feeling of him being on top of me " why did you attack him" he questioned I sighed "because I imprinted " I mumbled quietly " what was that" he asked I sighed again "I imprinted on you" I said he smirked " I heard you the first time I just love hearing you say it " he said looking excited " aww does it turn you on" I said jokingly "actually it does" he replied serious I giggled " I imprinted on you" I said he slightly groaned "please don't " he begged I giggled again but nodded. I never thought this would happen but I'm happy it did.


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