Jacobs sister

Read about Jacob blacks little sister and how she ends up winning over jasper cullens heart.


2. Flashback


" SKYLER GET YOUR LAZY ASS UP SO WE CAN SEE THE PACK BEFORE YOU LEAVE" Jacob  yelled down the hallway I jolted out of bed and ran to my bathroom had a shower did all the things you normally do I walked out of the bathroom with just a towel wrapped around me I dropped my towel as soon as I was in my closet I put on a bra and underwear and walk out with my clothes in my right hand and my left hand with my towel in it drying my hair " ahh. Skyler put some clothes on" Jacob said putting his head into my pillows " your such a baby you have seen me like this heaps of times" I said putting on my black skinny jeans and my white tank top and my leather jacket with studs on the shoulders " are you changed" jake asked with his head still in my pillows " yes I'm changed you pussy" I said while walking out the door and towards the kitchen with Jacob running after me he threw me over his shoulder when I got into the kitchen " AHH JACOB PUT ME DOWN NOW" " never" he said taking me into the lounge " JACOB BLACK PUT ME DOWN THIS INSTANT OR I WILL " " will what eh little sis " Jacob cut me off " I flipped off his shoulder and brought him down with me and sat on his back pulling his arm behind him" owwwww" jake whined in pain " now that's what I'll do never underestimate me brother" I said while getting of and turned around to walk back into the kitchen when in the doorway was billy my father with his wheelchair taking up the door space " morning dad" I said while bending down and giving him a hug and a kiss on the cheek which he returned " morning skyler" dad replied " let me guess by the way Jacobs massaging his shoulder you must of beat him again" dad said looking at me " of course I did dad" dad smiled proudly at me " I'll never get used to that knowing my daughter is the best warrior in our tribe and that my daughter can beat her older brother  and pack in a fight" dad smiled again yep I'm the best warrior and hunter I still remember that day like it was yesterday.


" okay I'm going to fight every single one of you " Sam said " you will have to try your hardest other wise you will end up with a lot of bruises and cuts okay sky your up first" wait what I don't want to go up first I have only been in this pack for a year and I just turned fourteen two days ago and I don't have as much experience and I haven't even shifted yet  so I'm going to end up losing or dead " no you can't make her fight you she's to young you'll kill her " Jake said coming towards me but getting held back by Paul and embry  " she can and she will fight" Sam said leading me out side near the forest " ready set go" Sam came flying at me and tackled me to the ground "owww" I whined in pain he pulled me up and went back to his position " come on skyler" Jacob shouted " sky when I jump at you I will shift and attack you okay ready set go" Sam came flying at me and shifted mid air and came flying down on me I screamed in pain he picked me up with his teeth and threw me at a tree I smashed into it and screamed even louder then I ever thought " let me go" I heard Jacob shout in the background obviously trying to get out of Paul's and embrys grip Sam slowly walked towards me and I finally got to have a look at him his fur was pitch black and dark brown eyes he snarled at me showing his teeth he started to get closer to me and I started to get angry 'yes get angry dont worry just let it free' I said to myself I closed my eyes and focused thump thump thump I heard my Heart beat I start to open my eyes and stood up pushing the pain away Sam was a good 12 meters away the rest of the pack looked at me watching in shock and wonder on what I was going to do next I started to orun at Sam  he started running at me and as soon as he was about three meters in front of me I leaped   in the air and when I landed I felt this power going through me I felt stronger faster and my senses doubled ten times it felt amazing all the boys looked at me in shock and amazement I understood the shock but the amazement was new intill I found out why they looked at me like that because I was at lest 5 cm's taller than the alpha him self I felt something take over me and I turned towards Sam growling and snarling at him bending in a position I would be in if I was hunting prey he got in the same position and we ended up circling each other until Sam pounced at me I quickly moved out of the way and watched him go into a tree I heard him yelp in pain and ran at him from behind him and scratched his sides intill he was laying on the ground and I positioned my mouth around his neck and just stayed in that position intill the boys ran over and try's to piss me off him but I just growl at them " sky calm down push the anger away don't let it control you" jake said I slowly started to back off and layed down on the ground and lpwhimperd in pain the boys heard my cries and came running over to me jake bent down to oeyelevel "okay  this bit hurts the most but i need you to try and shift back" jake said i started to push the pain awayand shifted back  and sam pulled some clothes out from behind him and gave them to me i slowly put them on and  stood up sam came over to me and said " i would like to show you our greatess warrior and strongest wolf in our pack skyler rose black" all the boys started

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