Jacobs sister

Read about Jacob blacks little sister and how she ends up winning over jasper cullens heart.


6. Cullens


" learn to control that that" Bella said " mutt" she spat with hatred I started to get angry as soon as she said that nobody says anything like that to my sister sky stood out of her position and ran towards the woods with tears streaming down her face and I knew exactly what she was thinking of I started to shake with anger " JESUS CHRIST BELLA WHY DID YOU YELL AT HER " I yelled at Bella " WE'LL SHE DESERVED IT SHE GROWLED AT MY DAUGHTER" she shouted back " NO SHE DIDN'T SHE WAS JUST PROTECTING ME AND HOW DARE YOU CALL HER A MUTT " I yelled right in her face" sorry" she whispered " NO YOU KNOW WHAT I FUCKING HATE YOU SO MUCH RIGHT NOW THAT I WANT TO RIP YOUR HEAD OFF AND BURN YOU !!! YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT SHE'S BEEN THROUGH AND NOW BECAUSE OF YOU I HAVE TO FIND HER" as soon as I said that it started pour down with rain now I'm even more worried about sky I need to find her I was about to make my way towards the woods when Edward stopped me " let me and the boys find her it will be quicker that way" I nodded and Edward, emmet, jasper and  Carlisle all went vampire speed towards the woods oh how I hope sky's okay.


I was still huddled up in my ball with tears going down my face in the pouring rain " skyler where are you " I heard a manly voice I sniffed which they heard I heard four pairs of feet running my way I sense someone sitting right next to me I lift my head and look to my right to see the man  who protected the girl when I growled at her I turn my head towards the front to see three more people crouching infront of me obviously some of the cullens by their smell " sky are you alright " a man sitting infront of me said he had blondish hair and golden eyes " yeah I-I'm f-fine" I croaked out " lets get you up my names Carlisle this is Edward " he said pointing to the man that was sitting next to me when we were on the ground " emmet" Carlisle said pointing to a man with brownish hair and golden eyes" and jasper" he pointed at a boy with blonde curlyish hair and golden eyes as soon as I looked at him my whole world span around it was like it was just us two no one else I haven't felt this way since George and I know that's not a good thing because it means I have imprinted on jasper no I can't of it can't be true if I imprint on him he will probably will leave me or my up dead because of me and I can't go through that pain again just waking up and feeling like your  whole heart is missing you feel empty , dead I can't even explain it without getting a pain in my chest why dose it have to be jasper I don't know if ill make it this time " sky you alright" I heard Edward say shaking me out of my trance " yep completely fine nothing to worry about" I replied quickly we start to walk our way back and before you know it were back at the front door of the cullens house we make our way Inside and everybody's up on their feet and coming towards us I feel my self being brought into a bone crushing hug" thank lord your okay" Jacob said squeezing me even tighter afraid that if he let go one little bit ill fade away into thin air " yes I'm okay so can you please let me go I need to breath" I said short on breath " oh sorry" jake said pulling away " SKYLER" I hear five people shout before I'm brought into another hug " hey guys" I said as they pull away the cullens come towards me Carlisle speaks first " skyler I would like to introduce you to the girls In the family this is esme my wife "he Said introducing the beautiful lady wrapped in his arms " Rosalie " he said pointing to a girl in emmets arms " Bella" he said pointing to the lady in Edwards arms ah so the bitch has a name " renesmee Edwards and bellas daughter" he said pointing to the girl I growled at that was in bellas and Edwards arms I smelt vampire coming from the child" that's not possible " I said " yes it is Bella had her when she was human so she's a half vampire half human" Edward said " so a half blood " " yes a half blood" he said" and lastly the newest member to our family violet" a girl came out from behind Carlisle and esme  she had long blonde hair and golden eyes with a little bit of red in them she came towards me to shake my hand as soon as my skin got in contact with hers I felt her power I saw her past future yes I have the power to read people's life I can do anything I want with them I can create their dreams look through their eyes  and all that stuff I also have a few other powers I control the four elements and I can see the future and if I think about a power I can do it it's pretty cool except the volturi want me on their team I smiled at her when I pulled my hand away I saw that we were going to be the bestest of friends but I also saw her past it was quiet sad renesmee came towards me and put her had on my cheek I saw her past and she told me a bit about herself as soon as she pulled her hand away I slowly brought my hand up the cullens came closer wondering what I was doing I placed my hand on her cheek and made her see what my life is like as soon as it was finished she smiled widely and turned towards the rest of her family that looked shocked " she has the same power like I do" she said excitedly " that's not my only power renesmee " I said the cullens looked at me wanting an answer looks like I have to tell them.

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