Jacobs sister

Read about Jacob blacks little sister and how she ends up winning over jasper cullens heart.


5. Bellas coming over


" hey um sky just letting you know that the cullens are coming over today so get down stairs for breakfast before we eat it" embry said leaving my room I jump up and put some black shorts and a read tank top and black runners I run out of my room in the pack house and run full speed down the stairs to the kitchen to see all the boys sitting at the table with innocent looks on their faces " where's my pancakes" I said towards the boys " um well you didn't hurry up so we ate them all" Seth said I start to shake in anger if theirs one thing the boys should know is never mess with my food Sam who started to notice me shaking jumped out of his seat and gave me pancakes that where sitting In the oven I slowly start to calm down and make my way to the seat were Sam use to sit and sat my ass in it " sky you stole my seat" Sam whined coming towards me to push me off the chair " hey where's Emily you should go check on her"I said changing the subject " don't change the subject sky move or you lose the pancakes" I jolt out of my seat with the pancakes and run to the corner and sat down holding my plate to my chest rocking back and forth " you people are cruel saying you will eat my pancakes why are you so mean" the boys start laughing at me " aww I'm sorry sky come sit here" Sam said patting his lap I stood up and made my way to the sink " no thanks because of you I ate my pancakes in a rush so I no longer need a chair to sit on" I said annoyed that I ate them so fast " um well there has been a change of plans we are going to the Cullens house so lets go " Sam said all seven of us made our way outside towards our jeep " i call shotgun " I said sprinting towards the car door with embry and Seth trying to beat me but I'm to fast for them and I'm there in under 20 seconds I jump inside the jeep " hurry up lets go meet some blood suckers " they all laugh at me and jump in the jeep Jakes driving while the rest of them are squished in the back  with Leah in the middle" you know Leah I kinda feel sorry for you" after I said that we went over a bump causing them all to whack their heads on the roof " hahahaha no I don't " I said to all of them I was about to ask jake how much longer to we get there intill we pulled to a sudden stop " WE ARE HERE SO GET YOUR WOLFY ASS'S OUT OF THIS CAR" jake shouted near my ear and because of wolf senses it was ten times doubled I whinced in pain which jake noticed " sorry sis" he said getting out of the car me and the rest of the pack get out as well as soon as we make our way towards the house a bunch of people come flying out about 9 meters in front of us a girl who looked at the age of 18 ran towards jake screaming jake and me being the protective sister I am jump in front of jake and growled at this girl she took a step back in pure fear a man with brown hair and golden eyes and a woman with brunette hair and golden eyes came running up to the girl and pulling her behind them " jake learn to control that that" the woman said trying to find a word to fill her sentence " mutt" she spat with hatred towards me and from just that one word it brought back a lot of bad memories " eww you filthy mutt don't look at me you are a  poor excuse of a wolf you should of never been born no wonder no one loves you its because everyone you have looked after have died because of you why don't you go kill your self no one will care" I shaked the memory out of my head  the man looked at me in confusion and pity I realised she was still staring at me with a look of hate I stopped growling and stood straight and ran towards the wood with tears streaming down my face I was jumping over branches rocks intill my eyes went blurry with tears and I tripped over something and landed on the ground I leaned up against a tree curled in a ball and just let it all out the tears the memories and all I could see was all the people that have died because of me it was all my fault I started sobbing harder thinking of George my first love my first kiss my first everything now he's gone and its all my fault   Why couldn't It of been a normal day today it would of been better but no it was horrible this is such a fudging wonderful way on meeting the cullens.

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