I've Been Found

A girl named Katherine has moved out from her abusive parents and has moved in with her best friend Alexis. What happens when they go to a One Direction concert and they both find their "spark?"


2. Am I Dreaming?

Niall’s P.O.V.

            I couldn’t wait!  Today was the concert in Birmingham with the boys to kick off the summer!  Right after that we are going to San Diego to the beach, I can actually say this is going to be a fun tour.  I ran into Louis’ room and jumped on his bed for him to wake up.  “WAKE UP LOUIS!  IT’S TIME FOR THE TOUR!  WE’RE HERE!” 

            “NIALL HORAN, GET OFF OF MY BED.  NOW,” He groaned.  He just recently broke up with Eleanor because he found out she cheated on him with another guy because he wasn’t “meeting her needs,” and it’s really sad because he was going to purpose to her.  You could tell he really loved her and now he gets sensitive with the whole Larry Stylinson thing.  Anyway, on the tour we get to pick 2 people out of the audience to come with us on the rest of the tour.  I actually couldn’t wait for that; I think whoever we picked we would have a great time as long as they weren’t screaming at like everything we did.  Right now everyone was up and eating breakfast and somehow Louis fell asleep again.  I was starving- like always, and I ran downstairs or across the penthouse of the hotel into the little kitchen area.  “Do you guys this Louis is okay, because he seems way more distant than when Eleanor broke up with him,” Liam asks trying to start a conversation.

            “I don’t know mate I’m scared for him,” Harry says worriedly.  Harry is definitely the closest too Louis, but we were all as worried as him.

            “How about you just ask me, I’m right here,” oh Louis great timing.

            “We’re just worried about you mate,” I stated hoping he would understand.

            “Whatever.  Paul just called and said we would have to be ready in 10 minutes to go to the arena and practice for the concert at 7:30,” Louis said.  Wait, 10 minutes!  Crap, we got to get ready!

            “Guys, we’ve got to get ready!”  Everyone ran to their separate rooms and got ready.


Katherine’s P.O.V.

            “Hurry up Alex, get in the car, we have to leave!”  Why was she taking so long?!?  Yea, sure, I put makeup on too, but really.  I didn’t take that long!  I beeped the horn and by now it was already 6:00!  Finally she comes running into the car into the driver’s side.

            “I’m sorry I took so long I couldn’t find my high wasted shorts!”

            “You’re so lucky I can’t drive, or I would’ve taken off without you,” I said laughing.  The arena was only about 10 minutes away, but there was so.  Much.  Traffic!  We got there at 6:30!  So much for getting there early.

.                                                                       .                                                                       .

“HELLO, BIRMMINGHAM!” Zayn greeted.

            “AHHHHHHHH!” Everyone screamed.

“Okay, so tonight we are going to do something different tonight.  We are going so pick 2 beautiful girls out of the audience and let them go on tour with us for the rest of summer!  What do you guys think about that,” Niall says pointing his microphone at the audience as a scream erupted in the arena.  Haha this should be funny.  I watched as Niall, Harry, Liam, Louis, and Zayn scanned the arena.  Louis eyes landed on me and he walked over to us.  “How about you 2 lovely ladies,” Alexis and I looked at each other and a tear escaped my eyes. “Of course we will,”

“What’re your names,” Louis asked he grabbed our hands and pulled us up on stage  and out the microphone next to me.

“I’m Katherine and this is Alexis,” I say pointing to Alexis.

            “Lovely to meet you girls, you will be going on tour with us all summer I hope you enjoy, and now just walk backstage with Paul and you will remain back there for the rest of the concert.”

            “Thank you so so so so much!” I said.  Wow this is going to be a long summer. Am I dreaming?

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