I Volunter

A girl from district 6 poses as her twin sister to go to the 75th annual hunger games so she doesn't have to go through the pain again. When she's there she fails in love with last years winner andgives him the biggest gift anyone in games could give. Her life.


2. Marley's Nightmare

It was supper time and the smell of bread invaded the kitchen. Marley and I were in the living room watching the news. "Skylar" she said like talking hurt her, " I had another dream last night". I starred at her, scared on what I was gonna hear. "What was it about?", I asked her. "They called my name. I had to go again". I looked up at the ceiling knowing that she must be really scared right now. "Marley, I promise you. That will never happen" I held her hand, "I won't let it". She smiled back at me. Then coming from the tv we heard, "Now we bring the camera to President Snow. Telling us on what's new with the 75th annual hunger games!". "Mom! It's on!". Mom ran into the room and sat on the couch next to me, with a dish rag and a plate in her hands.The president started talking about the plans for the hunger games and he said something that made the hole world quiet. He said that the past victors have to go and fight again. My sister's nightmare came true.

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