Wesley Wolf was no ordinary boy. He didn't have many friends, and those he did have, he kept close. But when he was crossed by his friends he went apsolutly insane. People out of his family, even the innocent that got in his way were gunna pay. Because not only did he follow his last name acting like a 'wolf', he also follows the rule he belives the name means. 'Wesley Woof Only Loves Family'. Now although his family wrre safe, was he safe however, from his family.


3. The Hospital

Wesley collapsed on the back seat of the car, as his parents got in slamming the doors, reversed down the driveway, and sped down the road. "Stay wake honey" Charrlotte said nervously. Wesley moaned crossly "I'm fine mum. Take me back home so I can chane my shirt". Charrlotte said with a stutter "Josh tell him!" Josh growled crossly and said "start thinking about yourself son, your really hurt. Your work can wait". Wesley sat in the back of the car quietly, holding his hand to his head to stop the bleeding. He listened to his dad dialing the number of his work. The dial tone droned through his head as he went in and out of contiousness. "were here" Wesley heard one of his parents say. Wesley was hauled out of the car, and next thing he knew he was in the waiting room of a hospital. When the doctor could finally see him he needed 4 stitches, and was prescripted painkillers. He was sent away with a mild-concussion. After going to boots to pick up the prescription, Wesley went home to put on a new shirt that wasn't covered in blood. "Mum, Dad! I'm going to work now". Josh came out of the kitchen and said "look Wesley, can't you stay home and rest for the day?" Wesley said "no, they need me> Josh sighed and said "I thought you would say that. You always think of others first. Your a good kid, you know that". Wesley smiled and said "thanks dad". Josh smiled and said "well, at least let me drive you to work, and pick you up at the end of the day". Wesley smiled back at his dad and said "ok dad, if it will make you feel better about the sitation".

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