Anyone Can Change

A girl called Ruby Herring has always ben in with the wrong crowd. She has been disowned by her family, and only her crazy younger brother sticks by her, beliving she will one day change. After being sentanced to jail for 5 years for the 3rd time, Ruby realizes she is not happy quith her life. She decides to change her life for the better. As soon as she gout out of jail she got to writing a list of all the people she had ever wronged. It was just her brother Dave at her side as she began to slowly try and tick off the people she ever wronged from her never-ending list of regret.


3. Icecream

"I have decided to change" I said to my brother as he fiddled with his shirt buttons. Dave said confused "what you mean change?" I said with a smile "I want to be good rather than bad". Dave jumped up and down in his seat excitedly "oh wow, how's you gunna do that ruby?" I said also with a little excitemebt "I wrote out a list of all the people I have ever been bad to, and one by one, I want to make it up to them all". Dave said happily "thats very good ruby. Can I help?" I said "I was really hoping you would say that. Of course you can, I'm gunna need all the help I can get". Dave cried out again. "YAY! When can we start?" I said sweetly "as soon as we have had our icecream".

Once me and my brother had had an icecream each, I decided to go to the shops. I borrowed 50p from my brother, promising him I would pay him back once I got a job. With that I bought a pack of coloured post-it notes. Dave said looking sligjtly puzzled "what do you need s them for?" I said excited;y "to write down all the people I succeed to mark off of my list". Dave said "then you's can stick them on your wall, to look back at, and see you made dif-rence". I said gently "you know what. That is a great idea". Dave beamed with pride as we headed home. I began to stick up all the blank post-it jotes, so I could write on them later. I then filled out a single blue post-it note. On it I wrote 'Bought my brother Dave an icecream to replace the one I knocked out of his hand'. I then stuck it up on the wall with all the other post-it notes, and with a proud smile I said to myself "time to make a difference".


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