Stuck In The Hunger Games

What would you do if you were at one minute reading 'the hunger games', and then the next thing you know, you are transported into the middle of the hunger games. This is what happened to Jessica Rattey. An ordinary 16 year old girl, not very popular, but she loved a good adventure. One minute she is sat all by herself, indulged in a good read, the next minute she is the read. She has to survive till the end of the game.


9. Well Camoflaged

After getting over the shock of nearly loosing Rue, the trio set off once more. Rue said "so what should we do now?" Katniss said "I want to find Peeta". Jessica decided to rush things along by saying "maybe he will be by the stream" as she pointed to running water up ahead. Katniss said "good thinking. We can get water while we look". All three of them filled up their water bottles in fresh clear water of the stream. They washed off the mud and blood from their hands and faces. Katniss stepped back onto something soft that groaned in pain. She looked down at the ground to see two eyes staring back at her.

"Peeta is that you?" Katniss said in disbelif. Peeta replied with "yeah it is me". Katniss said amazed "your so camoflaged. I didn't see you! Sorry for stepping on you". Peeta said "I'm hurt". Katniss said quickly "where?" Peeta replied painfully "I got cut on my upper leg by Cato, when I came back to save you". Katniss couldn't think of anything to say to him. She lifted him up with the help of the other girls, and they began washing the mud off of his face, and body. Katniss turned to the girls and said "come on, we gotta get him out of here". Together they carried Peeta to a nearby hidden cave.


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