Stuck In The Hunger Games

What would you do if you were at one minute reading 'the hunger games', and then the next thing you know, you are transported into the middle of the hunger games. This is what happened to Jessica Rattey. An ordinary 16 year old girl, not very popular, but she loved a good adventure. One minute she is sat all by herself, indulged in a good read, the next minute she is the read. She has to survive till the end of the game.


11. The Ending To The Hunger Games

Jessica and Rue had no choice, but to move on. Katniss and Peeta were one of the dead now. They couldn't change what had been done. Jessica and Rue had to keep their head in the game, and survive until they were the last two alive. Jessica decided that the lake would be a good place to go to as she was quite thirsty, and her water bottle was now empty. They thought they may find Cato there. After all, he was the last remaining tribute. But when he came, he came running, and he was not alone. Close behind him came a pack of wolf mutations. Jessica and Rue ran straight for the Cornucopia. It was their only hope of survival Jessica knew because she had witnessed the film when Katniss and Peeta won the hunger games. Now it was Jessica and Rue's time to shine.

Rue got savaged on the arm as one of the mutt's caught up with them. Jessica stabbed it in the face with one of her arrows, and as it yelped, it let go of Rue's arm. They cotinued to run until they reached the Cornucopia. As they climbed up, Jessica helped Rue to the very top. Cato was struggling to get up so Jessica went to help him. She then remembered the book, and laughed sickly as she stamped on his fingers. He let go as he winced in pain. He fell to the floor and was immediatly mauled by the wolf mutations. Jessica covered Rue's eyes as the wolf mutations literally tore him limb from limb. When the wolf mutatios dissapeared into thin air, Jessica jumped down, helping Rue to the floor. Cato groaned out, pleading for the pain to end. Jessica took pity on him by jamming an arrow into his pretty face.

As the cannon boomed Rue hugged Jessica shouting excitedly "WE WON!" Jessica smartly said "no, theres always a twist to these games". A loud thunderimg voice said "WE HAVE REVOKED THE TWO WINNERS IDEA, AND HAVE DECIDED YOU TWO SHOULD FIGHT TO THE DEATH, AS THEIR CAN ONLY BE ONE WINNER!" Rue fell to the floor in tears saying "Just kill me Jess! I cannot kill such a good friend!" Jessica sighed and said "I couldn't possibly kill my best friend!" Rue cried out "then what should we do?! We can't both win! You heard the man!" Jessica went over to a nearby bush and picked some deadly nightlock berries. "We will commit suicide together". Rue nodded in agreement as she bravely took a few berries from Jessica's hand.

They closed their eyes and Jessica said "okay on the count of three". Just as Jessica got to three, and the two girls were about to eat the poisonous berries, the loud voice returned. "NO WAIT STOP! IT'S NOT GOOD FOR RATINGS IF THEIR ARE NO SURVIVORS! YOU CAN BOTH LIVE OKAY!" Jessica and Rue jumped up and down holding hands as thy screamed joyfully together "WE WON THE HUNGER GAMES!" They were about to hug when the loud voice returned saying "WAIT A MINUTE! I DON'T REMEMBER YOU IN THE TV SHOW ADVERTISING THE HUNGER GAMES! WHO ARE YOU?!" Jessica stood proudly and said aloud with pride "I am Jessica Rattey! The one who beat the hunger games!" The voice then said "AND WHAT DISTRICT ARE YOU FROM?!" Jessica stuttered to think of a reply, but before she could make up an answer, she felt herself whirling around a word tornado once more.


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