The Story of Us

Four fans go to a 5SOS meet and greet expecting to come home with a signed poster . NOT an invitation to their tour with One Direction !


2. So Close But So Far Away

Lauren's POV


I could feel the rapid beating of my heart as it pounded against my rib cage. Today was the day that I would finally fulfill my dream of meeting my idols; the four boys which I had grown to fall in love with. I could imagine Luke's face, his eyes glistening as his eyes scanned over all the fans. I was proud of him; proud of them. They had come so far in a matter of months.

 ‘we're all meeting up at Larriza's place, be here in about 30 xx’ I checked the text from Katelin which she had sent around five minutes ago. I cursed under my breath knowing that it would take longer than twenty five minutes to get ready.

 I ruffled my hair in frustration before flinging my wardrobe doors open and rummaging through the racks of various clothes. I quickly pulled out a Nirvana top with black skinny jeans. I began getting undressed whilst 5 seconds of summer blasted in the background. I hummed along to Heartbreak Girl as I slipped my clothes on. I brushed through my knotted hair and tied it in a pony tail.

 I put on some plain white socks as well as my vans and began to apply makeup to my face, glancing at the clock every so often to make sure I wasn't late. “But now, who knew? She's in the crowd of my show, nothing to lose!” I yelled at the top of my voice, dancing around my room and laughing.

 I untied my hair and brushed through it. I left it in its naturally wavy state, letting it cascade down my back. I pulled on my jacket, zipping it up. “Mum, I’m going now. Bye!”

 “Okay Lauren, have fun!” My mum waved goodbye to me with a beaming smile plastered across her face. I was ecstatic, barely being able to stop myself from skipping down the street in excitement. I pulled out my phone, letting my followers know I was on the breach of meeting 5 Seconds of Summer.

 I for a few quick replies before I finally reached Larriza's house. “Guess who's here mofos!” I yell, heading straight up stairs to see the rest of my friends sitting in a circle chatting amongst themselves.

 “Meet and Greet in 50 minutes!” Cammy chirped, grinning.

 “I can't wait!” I sit down next to her, “I’m finally meeting my future husband!”

 "I think we're all meeting out future husbands." Larriza smirks, "They won't be able to get their eyes off us."

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