London Girls

Three sisters that are best friends go to London for the summer. While they are there they meet 5 boys who change their life. They spend more and more time with them until they become more than friends. Eventually all the boys become close enough to be sibling with the girls and vise versa.


4. Dinner

Christys pov

We went out for dinner at a really nice but casual restaraunt called Landmann. It had wonderful foods. The seating arrangements were me, Sophia, Zoe, and Niall and across from us in the same order were Liam, Zayn, Louis and Harry. We got our drinks which were just different kinds of sodas and then we got bread rolls. We each took one and when I finished eating mine I was really thirsty so I drank half my root beer. I had to go to the bathroom so I excuse myself and my sisters followed me. We always go places in groups. We all walked in and went to the bathroom. We all were done at the same time and opened and closed the stall doors at the same time. We all laughed then Zoe started going on and on about how much she liked Louis. Like more than a friend. "Haha I think he likes you too, even though I don't know him I can tell the way he looks at you." I told her reassuringly."thanks Chris Liam likes you too." " oh ya he totally does Chris you two would be so cute together!" Chirped in Sophia. "Sophia I know you weren't looking for a boyfriend but do you possibly like Zayn?" I asked her. "Ummm ya I do." She admitted shyly. "Haha we are gonna have boyfriends oh ya!!" Shouted Zoe quietly because we were in the bathroom. We walked out and went back to the boys. They all looked at us when we came back to the table. "Missed us?" Joked Zoe. "Ya you guys are really fun we should exchange numbers now." "Ok sounds good." We all passed our phones to the person next to us. We all typed in silly names for ourselves. I did Chris-Chris. Sophia typed Sssoooppphhhiiiaaa. And Zoe put Zzzzzzzzoe. She really loves her sleep. She's the heaviest sleeper I've ever met because you can't wake her up no matter what. She has to wake up on her own. Ever since she finished school she just doesn't wake up in the morning at a reasonable time. "Hey so we should get together sometime like just hang out tomorrow after we go sightseeing again." "Ok where do you want to meet though because we don't want to just depend on bumping into eachother again." Said Sophia. She's the most mature one of the sisters. She always thinks of the important things. "Let's meet in the front of your hotel." Offered Louis. "Ok" I said.

Zoe's pov

This was a great dinner and I can't wait for tomorrow because after sight seeing we get to hang out with them. It's going to be so fun. Louis asked to talk to me outside when everyone was getting their coats from coat check because they have those everywhere in Europe. We walked out and he started talking to me. "Ok Zoe I know that we have only known eachother for not even a full day but I really like you and I was wondering if you would go on a date with me I not asking you to be my girlfriend yet but I would like to go on a date with you." "Louis that sounds perfect and I like you to so when you ask me go be your girlfriend I will defenitly say yes." "Great thank you I was so nervous." " I know you looked it but don't worry. You don't really have to worry about asking me things." "Ok good to know." "Yup haha so is tomorrow fancy or casual?" "Fancy" "ok can't wait!" "I know me too" he finished the conversation. I went back inside to see my sisters saying goodbye to all the boys. "Bye guys see you tomorrow at our hotel" "bye Zoe" they said back. I walked out and our hotel was just across the street so we just walked over and went to our room.

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