London Girls

Three sisters that are best friends go to London for the summer. While they are there they meet 5 boys who change their life. They spend more and more time with them until they become more than friends. Eventually all the boys become close enough to be sibling with the girls and vise versa.


6. After Shopping

After shopping we went on another tour with the boys being our tour guides. I had mostly hung out with Louis. My sisters hung out with the other boys. When we got home that night they told me all about what Zayn and Liam had talked to them about. Each of them were asked out in a date so we all were very excited for eachother. "Ahhh oh my god guys that is so amazing!" "Thank you so much Zoe we didn't even think they were interested in us." Confessed Sophia. Ugh, why does she always think the worst. "Let's all go to bed so that we can have a good night sleep for tomorrow's full day of dates." Said Christy. We put on our matching pajamas and went to bed.

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