Hunger Games (The Lost Love)

District 4 Cathryn Funckle with Reel Poper. Well She never went to the hunger because her best friend Weensle volunteered as Tribute, and When Weensle left for hunger games she left her friend Annie who was Dating Finnick, but when Weensle does not volunteer, she tells Annie to break up with finnick, since he's leaving for the Hunger Games. And everything Changes, a beautiful Story Begins <3


1. Home Sweet Home

Cathryn's POV

"Thanks." As I got the loaf of burnt bread from my friend Weensle, her family has been pretty good with everything, food, shelter, unlike me.

I Live with my Dad, just my dad, who is dealing with Depression. Don't talk much, but I feed him and take care of him.

Well Weensle she is the prettiest Girl in our District, all the guys give her stuff, She has Shiny longish Blonde Hair. She has Natural wavy hair, and she is a good Height.

Me compared to her, I'm nothing. She's friends with so many other people in the Capitol but I'm shy, I can't really talk to people that well. I mean I'm not the greatest looking too. I'm really tall and i almost tower over all the guys. I have Brown Hair, and Brown eyes, right now... my eyes have strangely turned bluish at times. But I always either put my hair in a Braid or Pulled up with a ribbon. It's Rare to see my natural hair, and I mean RARE.

But, Weensle is a really Good friend, and she gives me connections I guess, since she knows people from other districts.. She Talks about, Peeta, And Katniss, and Annie.. She knows a lot of people.

"I have to go." I got up, grabbing the Bread also.

"ok, be careful." She whispered to me, as I hid the bread under my jacket and I nodded.

I was looking at the dirt, on the ground. How dry and lifeless it was. And I was looking at the snow, and I finally got to my house.

I opened up the front door, and walked in, my dog greeted me at the door. I smiled and took out the bread. I broke it in pieces and walked into my Dads room, and approached him.

"Dad I Have food." I grabbed his Hand and tugged him to the bread pieces Laid out for him. He sat down and Slowly Ate his bread. I ate my pieces and gave the rest to Malles my Dog. And got ready for tomorrow, The Reeping..

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