Rebellious Rebellious Veronica

- "Just tell me what I have to do. Just tell me. Please! I-- I don't know... I don't remember anything! None of this nonsense you guys are making me believe.
Maybe, I don't know the rights and wrongs as I think I do right now. I'm begging you, just please tell me, guide me or something! Give me directions. I can't do this on my own."
"Believing what's right isn't enough Vera. You have to remember. Because if you don't, no one will or can tolerate a fake act."


14. Chapter 9

I open my eyes. And morning has creeped in. The woods are something totally different at day time. There's soo.... Beautiful. One could cry over them.

Oh my God, I'm not dead. I'm Not Dead! I still lay in my branch. I touch my eyes, and when I bring my arms up. I start yelling. There's a HUGE UGLY spider on my arm. EWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nature has finally made me cry in this adventure. Before I know it, I'm falling. God, when you look at it from light, I picked a branch that's like a hundred feet above the ground! Idiot me! Idiot, idiot!

Okay... Wow, I'm falling.

And I'm afraid. For two things: firstly, that spider because I'm allergic to it. And secondly, I'm falling one hundred feet down! I yell and yell and scream that my throat hurts. I recall that I wished I could roar like those dogs last night. Yes, what a very great wish! And it came true! If I knew I had a wish to spend, I wouldn't have spared it at all, like I sometimes do, or wasted it on such a foolish thing. WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THIS OUTCOME YESTERDAY!??!

I am really stupid. I was sleeping on a branch! Who sleeps lake that?? Of course I'm going to fall! I could have fallen at dark instead, too! Maybe, it would've been somehow better...

My feet hit a few branches and I'm sure I will get purple bruises.

Dear The World: Lady Veronica Rhtima's last thoughts before her death were: I'm going to get bruises.


No farewells for you guys. Many apologies.

I hear a loud sound. Like a gap^?. I look sideways through the falling wind, that the movement hurts my neck. I turn my head back around. And I hit a branch hard on my head and yell my remaining voice out. My head's bleeding and it starts throbbing like it did before. Just when I thought I had healed.

My eyes fight to have them be closed. Begging not to witness this misfortune any longer... And as I refuse, my vision goes blurry and dim. And the familiar feeling of dizziness comes back.

As I hit the ground, a net comes into view. At first I'm confused. The edges of my eyes see fire, but to reassure you, it's not fire. Or is it? Ha ha.

Another loud sound clips and the net flies up so fast, I panic.

Huh-? Hu-

Wait, what's going on?

The net sprints up and it saves me. A net catches me. A net just saved my life. It caught me. I gulp. I hit my bottom hard, and it hurts like stone.

I look around, and I realize that this is a- this is a...


Now is the time to swallow. It saved my life. But, I will get in more danger now. So some kind of Piratees do exist here. I search for air. There is a lot, but I can't seem to get any in my system.

And my eyes blur again. Making everything just the harder.

Someone comes.

He's big and muscular.

He has a... I gulp.

He had a big brown gun hanging down his side; a rifle?

I gulp.

He comes forward and my vision gets blurry. Well, maybe, it's because I'm upside down! Duhhh Verr!

As he comes running toward me like a great taloned hawk he stops mid step. His chest is exploding and his arms rest down by his sides. Rigid and tense. His mouth opens wide and he puts his hand up to it, as if to express shock. And I still look at his attractiveness at this time of commotion. Commotion inside me. He turns tremulous.

I see his eyes. Ohhh, his eyes. They're so... They're so comforting... But, his body only ruins his mar and whatever kindness he has.

His eyes. They're the King of Beauty. Our eyes lock and my chest mimicks his chest.

He has pale dark eyes. They widden like two big orange coat buttons.

My eyes travel down his hard toned nose. Then, to his sweaty and blush red lips... That's all I register before I see his eyes one last time. He has managed to shut his mouth by now and his delicate hands are by his side again. He stands with his weight on one feet, one knee still forward.

I feel butterflies up in my temples and I guess this is some kind of side effect... The butterflies roar once in my life, before my system completely shuts off. It's like I'm a switch on-and-off light at homes.

I didn't register his face, just his profile and features. I don't think I'll remember once I become an angel. I will only know he had a perfect appearance. For I am half drunk, as I float away into the clouds...

All Angels are beautiful and perfect and gracefully swift.

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