Rebellious Rebellious Veronica

- "Just tell me what I have to do. Just tell me. Please! I-- I don't know... I don't remember anything! None of this nonsense you guys are making me believe.
Maybe, I don't know the rights and wrongs as I think I do right now. I'm begging you, just please tell me, guide me or something! Give me directions. I can't do this on my own."
"Believing what's right isn't enough Vera. You have to remember. Because if you don't, no one will or can tolerate a fake act."


11. Chapter 7

When I landed. I was extremely surprised, and for the first time I think I'm going to have to face the consequences for my curiosity. Who would've though? Curiosity having a price. But, without it we wouldn't be where we are. Everything always has price, phew, you know that, my darling!

The rough and very hot ground had grass that looked like it had been in a light fire recently. It was unhealthy and not quiet dead, yet, for new strips of dim green and amber burned orange grass were born, after it's parents. But, someone must have watered it and dug new seeds. Or there was an extreme amount of seeds under the soil, previously, and it had rained a lot when we were gone. I shall ask my maids-...

Ugh! And I am still curious!!! After all of this?

This side of the wall that surrounds my home is... Perfect. No, not perfect. But, in a way better condition than the other side. There are no loose parts of rock hanging and sticking out. Which means that I can't climb back up. Uh-oh.

But, what I face right now is like a different world....

It's still very warm, even though evening is setting upon the world. The destruction around me was the cause of the humidity in the air. My heart still didn't yearn for the other side of the wall, where I could feel the salty winds carrying.

Great. I picked the perfect time of day to run away.

There is no turning back down. This story can't end here. Even if I die in this search... In this exploration. It will be one thrill of a story worth at least talking about. Imagine that bold red letters in front of the deck-crews billboard, 'The Girl Who Ran Away' or 'The Runaway.' None of which so cliché. The bodies all squished together, fighting to get a hand on a ticket. Ahhh, how lovely thoughts in such period of drought...

I am startled from my most-definitely inappropriate daydream by the hooting and howling of a nearby owl, perched on the tree. It's eyes looking past me with deadly and murderous eyes. I wouldn't associate at all as mischievous, however. Which brings me to the woods in front of me. Huge. They probably have no end, and that's why our city never intended to enlarge the city. If they wanted to they would have had to probably force labor from foreign countries and cut down these massive and innocent ever-green tress. That means they become Pirateers.Then, what's the point of our own heavenly utopia if there are signs of cruelty everyday right in front of our eyes?

It would be impossible. Unless, we somehow how an enormous amount of volunteers. But, it's not like we have a lot of citizens just laying around scattered around the city jobless.

I walk forward. And for the first time, I don't have any other choice. No more options. I think I'm finally experiencing some kind of adultery. As I approach the highest of trees that I wouldn't even have dared to imagine existed in my life. The dark sky is moonless, and a sudden burst of cold rushes to me. I only see the stars in the sky in patches from here and there through the branches of the tress when I look up. My own very sky was covered by an annoying veil from me.

I take a deep breath as my eyes try to adjust to the sudden darkness around me. I walk; stepping on vines and dry mud, too dry, I would say it's sand. I gulp. My heart races a hundred times faster. But, I am not afraid. It's not the fear that makes me so nervous.

It's the howling I hear far far away, I know it will never reach me nor will I reach it. But, unconscious and uncontrollable panic seizes me just after the howling and I start to run. I sprint. I don't know why. I can't think straight. My heads aching so much as if I have a concussion or a brain bleed. I'm so dizzy. My breaths increase by the moment. I try to steady my breathing. But, no, there is no luck. I blink and blink. It's so dark I can't' see anything! I hit vines and branches and leaves and trees, up to the point I feel like I'm having a nose bleed. Maybe, I am...

I swear my hearts pounding in my chest and my chest is going to explode. Like my heart is a bomb itself...

Then, the howling-no, it's not a howl...

It's... It's- It's a dog barking. And a pack of them. Not the small puppies you might think so, oh no, this is the sound of those big ones that pass as wolves.

Oh, I want to cry! I would. But, I can't stop running. My heart rate is way too high for me to stop. Sadness haunts me through all of this. I think I'm going to have a heart attack-

I close my eyes and they stay shut for a little longer (one second) than they should, and I bump into a tree and fall down.

Now, I will have a concussion.

Another loud ear-tearing bark, and I collapse. I'm going claustrophobic. Even though I am outside, I feel like all the trees are a barack, and they are closing around me like walls. My eyes close right before the thought, of the imaginary walls somehow pushing themselves in toward me and making a box and forcing me to crouch and be the smallest ball I can and forcing me to somehow fit in there, fully registers in my mind.

I'm paranoid and claustrophobic. These are just words.

I pass out. But, I wouldn't have if I'm saying this, would I?

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