The Eyes

When the world goes missing, a girl teams up with a group of people, with a strange past.


1. Ten years earlier

“Mommy?” I ran through the flames into what used to be the living room, “Daddy?” I took a deep breath and smoke filled my lungs, so I coughed. “I- I can’t s-see are you there? Mommy? Daddy?” I opened my eyes only to have smoke attack them so, I closed them again and barreled through the house. Screams kept ripping out of my dry throat for mommy and daddy but, they didn’t answer.


My skin was burning as I ran back upstairs to my room to grab Tipsy, my puppy. She was “Yip, yipping.” All I could think to do was stop, drop, and roll. The only problem was that I wasn’t on fire, my house was. I thought about jumping out of my window but when I grabbed it, my hands burned and I pulled back my hand and yelped. Tipsy licked my hurt hand and I decided to talk to Tipsy, she was here and Mommy wasn’t. Neither was Daddy.


“It’s ok Tipsy. Don’t worry. We are going to get out of this and find Mommy and Daddy. Don’t you worry one bit.” I kept repeating that to Tipsy, hoping she could understand me.


I heard a huge clunk by the front door. I sucked in another huge breath and screamed, “Mommy, Daddy? Are you there? Please answer me Tipsy is scared!”


I looked around my room and ran over to grab a necklace that my Mommy had given me and put it on.


I saw big men in big, brown suits run in and pick me up and I screamed for Tipsy and struggled against the Big, scary men.


The men held onto me until we were far away from my burning house.


When they put me down I screamed louder and hit the scary men. When I was done hitting them, they asked me if I was okay and I nodded. They stood there looking at me as if they thought I was lying. When they left I looked at my house, hoping someone would come out.


Then, I started yelling. I yelled and yelled, and yelled some more. I yelled for Tipsy, then Mommy and Daddy, and last for my house.


But, when nobody came out of that house I looked around, wondering if I missed someone.


That’s when I saw the ambulance, two actually. I ran over to the closest one and saw Daddy, hurt bad, very bad. He was still awake though and he smiled at me.


“Baby, don’t cry we are going to be ok and we will go have a fun vacation when this is over. You, me, and Mom. I promise.” He whispered and then coughed.


I gasped as he coughed louder and harder. I heard the steady beep, beep, beep turn into one long beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep. I heard people screaming something like, “Paddles!” But, what would paddles do for Daddy?


Someone lightly put their hand on my shoulder and I realized I had been crying. I breathed in a shaky breath and coughed.


I turned around to see a lady about Mommy’s age dressed in weird clothes and she smiled at me. I smiled back.


“You need to step back so we can help your Dad, ok?” She said it softly but I also heard urgency in her voice. I nodded and walked to the second ambulance in time to see a man talk into one of those recorder things you can buy.


The man said, “Time of death, 3:26 A.M.”


I ran over to see my mom strapped to a bed thing and I cried.


This time I cried for Mommy and Daddy. Not Tipsy, not my house, just Mommy and Daddy.


Daddy had promised me that we would go on vacation, he always kept his promises. But, he can’t keep this one. Not if Mommy and Daddy were dead.


I ran over to the tree I always sat at when I was mad at Mommy, or Daddy. Tipsy would always sit here next to me.


I sunk to my knees and cried so hard I couldn’t breathe. I kept crying and crying until I heard a familiar noise.


“Tipsy!” I yelled through my sobs as she ran over to me. I knew she couldn’t die! She would never leave me here like Mommy and Daddy did. She’s the only thing I had left, well except for the necklace.


I got “Yip, yip!” As a response. I hugged her so tight I thought my arms would pop off and I laughed as she licked my face.


I never thought it was possible to be so happy, yet so terribly sad at the same time.


I got up after letting Tipsy go and I walked back to the scary men and watched them put my house out. 

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