When Bay move's in with her father after her mother unexpectedly disappears from their home in The States, unexplained event's take place. When she enrolls in a new High School, she find's that these gruesome murder's aren't very surprising to the student's attending the school, or any of the other resident's occupying the small city.


1. The New Way's.

Chapter 1:


" As you can see.. I left your room as it was.. Haven't gotten the chance to redecorate. I did change the sheet's before I picked you up.. I think I recall you telling me purple was your favorite color." Dad stood in the door way. My favorite color hadn't been purple since the third grade, and I can't even recall the time I had changed it to darker color's. I sat on the purple sheet's, which were nicely fitted onto the queen sized bed.

" Thank's. " I said, smoothing the sheet's down.

" I'll just be.. down stair's.. making dinner." He pointed to the stair's just outside my room. I nodded and he left the room.

The night had come upon us, slowly getting colder than it already was. Dad had called me down for dinner minute's ago, yet I hadn't got the nerve to go down there and confront him again. After minutes had passed like second's, I finally emerged from the stair's. Walking to the kitchen dad sat on the stool, his eye's scan the news paper in his grasp. I cleared my throat and stood by the counter.

"Hey Kiddo, dinner's right there.. I know.. it's not a gourmet, or five star.. but it is my best." His eyes plead for me to answer back but I have no idea on what to say to him. All I can say is a mumbled 'Thank's'. I played with my finger's as I sat in my chair, slowly and silently chewing.

" School start's tomorrow. I wanted you to start.. you know.. soon." He had made this dinner more awkward than it already had been.

" I'll go get some sleep than." I left my plate sitting on the table, it would be more awkward if I cleaned up.

I haven't seen my dad in over seven year's, you just imagine that plus how awkward it is between us since my mom isn't here. I wish she was.

A soft knock awoke me in the morning, dad was already in his uniform. He gave me time to dress, although I didn't need much time. He didn't rush me or tell me I had a short amount of time. He just waited down stair's, on the couch, watching a replay of last night's game.

" Ready?" Was all he asked as he stood up and fixed his belt which holstered his pistol. He handed me an orange back pack, obviously not getting the whole blending in topic. I pulled down the army green long sleeved shirt I wore under my redsox baseball jersey.

"Are you sure you aren't going to be cold, I have one of your mom's sweater's-" He stopped, although he had already said it. A burning lump formed in my chest. I nodded, needing a piece of her with me on the first day of school. How childish is that?

In the car the radio was on low, although I wouldn't call it a radio. More like what the sheriffs use to tell bad jokes. Dad quickly changed the radio to A.M once an emergency call came in. The station he tuned it to was old folk's, which mostly played western folk dancing music.

Dad's station car came to a stop when we rounded the school. I watched as kid's watched the sheriffs car pull into the lot. I looked at my dad, he was too busy talking on the radio.

" I'll walk home after school. I think I remember the way.." He nodded. I dodged another awkward car ride with him. I hope this get's easier as time passes. My mom's jacket fit's a little big but I don't mind one bit.

I walked under the covered side walk filled with kid's, I dodged a few while making my way towards the school door's. A flashed blinded me as I finally made it inside.

" Hi, I'm brendon, School welcoming committee and school news paper. Your Bay?" He asked, snapping another picture. " Perfect, that's front page material." He's- by guess- Asian.

" Can you not put that on the paper?" I asked, with out stumbling over my word's.

" No problem doll face. I'll see you at lunch." He walked away, snapping picture of other student's who posed for him. I don't know how he does that, face people with out having a panic attack.

As I walked to the office, my back pack slung on my shoulder.

"H-hi, I need my schedule." I made eye contact with the elderly woman.

"Name." She simply said, sounding a bit bored in the process.

" Bay Richardson." I looked at the papers on the counter infront of me. Mostly calendars and events.

" Oh, Fred's daughter. You should have said so." She smiled, sounding a bit more happy this time.

"Here you go" She said cheery, handing me a purple paper. I mumbled a thank you and left the office through one of the double door's.

Room 6, Social Studies.

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