You & I?

- You and I? I don't know...
- Believe it beauty...
- But How?
- No idea..
- But When?
- No Idea?
- How much time?
- Forever.


1. Chapter 1

Harry wasn't a normal guy. He used to be a guy with a lot of girls around him and every time you see him you can find him kissing with someone.

Me? Well I wasn't like him. I am what people called as a nerd. I wear square and black glasses but not because I need them just because I love them. I wear black clothes and always about Rock and Roll. Maybe I would never met him... I would never be loved by him.. I would never...

- ____! I'm talking to you, girl! - someone shouted from the ther side of the corridor, and there she was. Lindsey was the tipical bitch of the school.

If she hates me? Ha ha ha ha, good joke. She really hates me doesn't matter what I do. If I fall down, she hates me, If I win against her, she hates me, everything I do makes her hate me.

- What do you want Lindsey? Let me tell you that I'm bad tempered today... - I said.

- Sorry? You're not going to talk to me like that, bitch - she shouted.

Ok, she is between her period or I really did something she didn't like. She never call me "bitch"

- Fine... calm down... what happend now?

- Everything, why you had to be borned? You're stupid, you're never going to do something for life, you're voice is really disgusting and I can't stand you! - she shouted again. Ok, that hurts.

- Don't say that... please..

- Of course I'm going to say that! I hate you with all my heart and I would prefer not to meet you!

All right, that was enough.

I ran away. Very very fast.

I entered to the bathrooms.

I sat down on a corner and I cried... when I saw it. Alone. On the other corner. A knife.

- Don't think about it... - said a hard and strong voice from the entrece door.

- Who... Who is it? - I said really afraid of if it was a teacher or someone dangerous.

- Your new friend...

- I don't have friends...

- Now you have one.

- I don't want friends. - I was really getting angry.

- Well I'm sorry... but you have them...

That was the moment when my heart stopped working. There was Harry Styles.

- But...

- Don't talk, ____ - he said smiling - I know what happened

- You're here? Why? She's you're girlfriend and I...

- You're the one I want...

- Me? - I really couldn't believe it.

- Yes, ____. You - and then he started walking to me.

- Harry...

- Don't say anything beauty, you just have to be quite... - she wispered and then...

I woke up.


Sorry because it is too short, I'm at highschool and I don't have much time to publish the complete chapter.

The next one is going to be longer.

Iruu xoox

P.S: Dadicated to Sierra, love ya new friend!

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