Darkness (Dark Zayn Malik fanfic)

One day Jasmine was walking home she felt someone watching her she turned around and saw a black van following her and inside the van was a really sexy guy with black hair and brown eyes. She looked into his eyes thought the glass and he looked at her and gave her a smirk!!! Read on to find out what happens


3. The truth

~Niall's Pov~

"Jasmine I need to tell you something"I said. I'm going to do think theirs no going back I love her to much "Jasmine I love you"I finally said.She looked at me and smiled "I love u 2"she said she was leaning in so I kissed her it was the best kiss in my life soon enought it stared to become a make out session but then the door bell rang we went down stairs to check who it was...Zayn Malik."Hey sexy"Zayn said to Jasmine "Why r u in my house I don't even know you"she said "then y did I get a text from u" he said showing his phone to us 

Zayn: Hey babe wanna have some fun?

Jasmine: Yea come over

i looked over at Jasmine "Well 1st of all I don't have your number 2nd of all I'm dating Niall so um bi bi"she said slamming the door in his face "Shall be get back where we were?"she asked we started to make out again her lips taste like Mint. Zayum she's hot

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