Darkness (Dark Zayn Malik fanfic)

One day Jasmine was walking home she felt someone watching her she turned around and saw a black van following her and inside the van was a really sexy guy with black hair and brown eyes. She looked into his eyes thought the glass and he looked at her and gave her a smirk!!! Read on to find out what happens


2. Home alone

~Jasmine's Pov~

I just got home and I see a note on the table from my mom 'working late I'll be back at 11:00pm' Whoop whoop home alone great I go upstairs and start watching youtube videos.I hear a noise coming from down stairs 'it's only 6:00 who would be here?' I thought to myself. I grab a baseball bat from under my bed and slowly make my way down stairs I see the shadow of the person I '1...2...3...GO' I said in my head I see the person "NO WAY!" I screamed 

~Niall's pov~ 

"NO WAY"she screamed "Hey gurl"I say "NIALL WTF HOW IN THE HELL DID U GET IN MY HOUSE WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY HOUSE U GOT ME WORRIED I EVEN BROUGHT THIS BASEBALL BAT WHAT THE HELL!"she yelled at me "the back door was open and I was hungry." I said looking for the food."Jesus,Niall u scared the shit out of me."she said sadly "srry babe"I say kissing her cheek then she smiles. We went upstairs and started watching 'The Lion King'(it's my fav movie don't judge me:p). Jasmine started cuddling with me I looked at her beautiful blue eye god she's so pretty I always liked her more that a friend. She looked up at me and smiled. The movie was over and Jasmine is sleeping in my arms I kissed her cheek and got up soon she groaned "Ni ni come backkk"she whines "coming"I say I sat next to her and she started to talk.

~Jasmine's Pov~ "coming"Niall says as soon as he got back I started talking "Niall do u know anything abt that Zayn guy?" I ask "Yea,we used to be best friends when we we're little but as we were growing up he started doing bad stuff like smoking,drugs,stealing,sex,and he killed 3people."he said angry I looked shocked 'HE KILLED PEOPLE WTF' I said in my head "Jasmine I need to tell you something"Niall says. 





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