Electric Night

About a girl competing with the uncontrollable for her freedom.


3. Chapter Three

The buzz and bustle of the streets is loud. The Creator probably got bored, so he put me here with civilization. The only situation I can’t truly overcome. The only way I’ll be among people, really ever. So I’m deciding to enjoy it. Because whatever I do here won’t affect anything else in the world. The world is spinning; so much to take in. The lights, the city. Real, human people.

            One of them approaches me and starts speaking. I’m programmed to know English, but this was some gibber-gabber shit. One woman also heads over and starts yelling in my face. In all the chaos, I decide to run, which by now, seems to be the way I escape my problems. The issue with running is here, there are tons of people in my way. And cars. And buildings. But it really doesn’t matter what happens here or anywhere for that matter. Or at least until I get to the Real World. That’s the only place where everything matters.

            By now, I start to wonder how they build such a “perfect” world. With no screw ups. Nothing. They must have machines working day and night to fix every single thing that goes wrong. By now, I’m just trying to find that gap. Because this has become a hell. But I guess it’s even more hell-like for me because I actually know there’s better.

            I look around, and in all the unknown chaos, I feel calm. I’ve finally found what I’m here to do. All these fake journeys have somewhat led up to what I’m supposed to do. As I’m looking around, everything seems to make sense in my head. Why I’m here. What I can become. 

            “A-ha!” I yell into the busy city streets. I want to make it to the Real World. At least now I have ideas about where to look. For the gap, of course. The buildings wouldn’t have gaps. A gap in the sidewalk? Maybe it’s not a physical gap at all. Not sure.

            I have finally found the loophole to the system. The only thing between me and the Real World is the actual loophole that I have to find. I’m running still, through the city sidewalks and the streets and a car is the last thing I see.

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