The Douchebag (ON HOLD)

When Taylor Aberdeen discovered that she was finally meeting her idol,the one and only Justin Drew Bieber she thinks she's the luckiest girl in the world,but when the special day comes and she realises that Justin's not what he seems,she tries anything she can to try and get Justin to realise he's fake and lies to all of his fans over what he really is.Justin finally notices Taylor's tweets and dm's and apologies,he makes a deal with her and decides to take Taylor out for the day with just him,no cameras.the real him,he just wants to show her that he really is the heart warming teenage boy he portrays,but they soon start to hang around more and more,and they start to develop feelings for each other,but things soon turn into a bumpy ride on the way.


2. School Antics


I composed myself as I walked into school,not wanting to show my excitement from what I witnessed this morning.


"Hey Tay,happy birthday!." My bestfriend Erin squealed,running up to me and tackling me to the floor.


I laughed and got up. "Easy there buddy." I giggled pushing her outta my personal bubble.


"Sorry,what did ya get?" She asked,squealing uncontrollably.


"Oh...only the one thing I've wished for since 4 years ago." I grinned,trying not to shake in excitement.




"I got Meet and Greets!" I screamed,causing people around me to frown.


"Oh Tay! I'm so happy for you!" Erin shrieked,pulling me into a bone crushing hug.


"Thank you,and guess who's coming with me?"




Annie was one of our close friends who is also a belieber.


"!" I yelled pulling her back into a hug.


"Taaaay,you know I like One Direction better than him...don't waste your m&g on me." She whined,dragging her feet across the floor as we walked to my locker.


"Um,no...your coming with me." I frowned shutting my locker once I pulled out my chemistry book.


"I love you and everything but I refuse,you've been waiting 4 years for this and I'm not going to ruin your special day by throwing insults at him." She giggled.


"Well who the fuck am I going to take?"I hissed becoming slightly worried.




"No,she fucks with my head...she's a bit of a creeper when it comes to Justin and it actually scares me." I admitted,absentmindedly pulling on the strings of my backpack.


"Whatever,I'm sure you'll figure it out." She huffed walking infront if me.


Bipolar much?


"TAYLOR OH MY BIEBER! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" Annie screamed,pulling me into a tight hug.


"Hey,thanks." I laughed,frowning at Erin over my shoulder.


Erin just giggled and pulled Annie off me.


"What did you get what did you get?'' Annie squealed jumping up and down.


"Uh...things."I smiled,deciding not to mention the M&Gs to her or she'll just suck up to me.


"Come on Tay! Tell me everything!"she whined.




"Uh,patties new book...a cut out,that's it at the moment...I'm getting more later."


"Cool! Lend me the book after you read it will you?"she asked.


Um how about no you annoying ass bitch.


"S-sure." I muttered


"Great!" She paused. "Guess what came in the mail this morning!" Annie squealed again,shaking my shoulders.


I sighed getting slightly annoyed by her constant hyper vibe. "What?"




"Okay who the fuck started talking to her in the first place?"


"You did,idiot." Erin laughed.


"Well can we please go back in time and avoid her? Honest to god I've never met anyone as annoying as her." I whined.


"I know right,it's funny because she's not even a proper belieber,she's a fake...I love how she's only started liking him like 5 months ago when he suddenly started the believe tour,now she's more obsessed than you." Erin giggled.


"Um...want to re word that hoe? I'm not even obsessed I'm just dedicated,but that bitch is just plain creepy,do you still want me to take her? She'll probably end up making a scandal up like that Mariah Yeater girl..I can actually picture walking into the bathroom and seeing her trying to rape Justin.." I laughed feeling slightly disgusted with my joke.


"I know right,why don't you take Bella?"Erin asked.


"No...she hates him,I'm not taking her"


"Your dad?"




"Why don't you give the ticket never know it might be someone's dream to meet him and there just about to give up."


Just then the thought of my Twitter bestfriend @13iebur (a/n that's my actual twitter so HOLLA at me:)/) sprung into my mind.


She's had trouble with family and lost her little sister a couple of months ago to cancer,she gave up on hope as her sister was her bestfriend,then justin released his song 'be alright' and she knew justin was there for her,there was no need to hide and be alone,he showed her how much love he had for of us and that whatever happens justin will always be there for us. (a/n this didn't happen to me btw<3)


I smiled wide. "I have the perfect person." I grinned.






"Awh great idea,I love her"Erin grinned.


I already told Erin about Kaylee and she thought it was amazing that people all around the world have similar problems and connect,she decided to get twitter and within the first 3 months she got noticed by her fave 'Harry styles' for tweeting '@HarryStyles baby why u no notice me? Your my fave so I better be yours;)'


Harry then tweeted her back saying '@ErinStyles hey miss styles,of course your my fave;) #wifey4lifey love u'


I remember Erin was sleeping around my house when Harry noticed her,I was so happy for her but also felt quite jealous because I've never gotten noticed by even a big account let alone Justin,so while she was hardcore fangirling I was sat there watching her In envy,but being the best friend she is she would always notice my expression and say "chin up boo,Justin will notice you,never say never." She giggled,adding a hiccup on the end from the constant jumping and laughing about.


"I'll FaceTime her after school and tell her,I want to see her reaction when I tell her about the tickets,she'll freak...and the best bit is she's texted me about 20 times Already wishing me a happy birthday and asking if I got what I wanted." I smiled walking to my locker and pulling it open.


"Oh that reminds me,your present is In my locker..." Erin grinned,grabbing my hand and pulling me towards hers.


I laughed as she twisted the dial on her locker and banged it with her fist in order for it to open.i watched as she grabbed the small bag with purple tissue paper on top,I squealed as purple was my favourite colour and took it out of her hands.


"Happy birthday baby girl." She smiled as I pulled out the tissue paper.


My breathing hitched as I saw a small silver bangle that read 'kidrauhl' identical to the one Justin has.


"How did you find it?!" I squealed,feeling a rush of excitement pass over me.


"I knew you wanted it so bad so I did anything I could to find the identical one to Justin's,I may not like the kid but he does have a good taste in jewellery." She giggled.


I squealed and wrapped my arms tight around her neck. "THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU!" I yelled causing dirty looks to cross people's faces as they walked past.


"No problem babe,lets get to class alright?" She laughed pulling me alway from her and putting the empty packaging back in her locker,I placed the bracelet on my wrist and immediately felt whole,kidrauhl will always be with me wherever I go.


Erin continued to pull me down the corridor in search of the English department,I groaned...English is one of the worst subjects when you have an old wrinkly bitch as your teacher.


*end of the day*


I sighed and dropped face first onto my bed,after about 2 minutes of lying face down I turned over and grabbed my iPhone,I flicked through my contacts and found Kaylee,I clicked FaceTime and waited as I checked my appearance in the camera.




"Thankyou,I miss you so much." I pouted.


"I know,it's been 3 months since we've met in person and I'm dying." She groaned,falling back onto her pillow with her phone.


I laughed. "Well lets just say we might be meeting eachother sooner than expected." I smirked.


"What do you mean?" She frowned.


"Your coming with me to meet Justin on Friday." I smirked.


"This is a sick joke right?" She chocked out after a minute if silence.


"No...I got 2 meet and greets this morning from my parents." I replied,tearing up as I reached over and grabbed the tickets from my counter.


"Your joking" she chocked,shaking her head as her lip began to quiver.


"Do you really think I would lie to you about something this big?" I sobbed,watching her as she dropped her iPhone and dug her head into the pillow.


"Oh my god..." She sobbed,her voice muddled as she sobbed into the pillow.


"We're going to meet Justin,on Friday." I smiled wiping away my tears.


"No...I can't take it,give to someone who deserves it more than me." She cried sitting back up and resting her iPhone down somewhere.


"Nobody deserves this more than you,you are honestly one of the most amazing girls I've ever met and I would have no regret in giving this to you,please come..that's all I ask."


"I love you so fucking much Tay,I swear to god you've made my fucking life" she sniffed fanning her face with her hand.


"You deserve this,no one else but you...I'm so glad I'm sharing this moment with you"


After hours and hours of talking about what we were going to wear and the plans for that Friday I finally ended the call.


I couldn't help but think how much Kaylee deserves this,and I'm so glad I made the right decision in taking her over Annie.


I can just tell,that wont be a day we'll forget anytime soon.




So this is the second chapter on this story, The Douchebag.

comment what you think?


Thankyou baby's


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