The Douchebag (ON HOLD)

When Taylor Aberdeen discovered that she was finally meeting her idol,the one and only Justin Drew Bieber she thinks she's the luckiest girl in the world,but when the special day comes and she realises that Justin's not what he seems,she tries anything she can to try and get Justin to realise he's fake and lies to all of his fans over what he really is.Justin finally notices Taylor's tweets and dm's and apologies,he makes a deal with her and decides to take Taylor out for the day with just him,no cameras.the real him,he just wants to show her that he really is the heart warming teenage boy he portrays,but they soon start to hang around more and more,and they start to develop feelings for each other,but things soon turn into a bumpy ride on the way.


6. Megaphone Mischieve


I yawned as I awoke from my slumber,checking the time as I absentmindedly curled my toes which were wrapped up in my zebra print blanket.

I picked up my iPhone from the charger and clicked the shutter button,showcasing 2 new messages from Justin.


I squealed randomly and opened up the messages.


From: Justin x 


Morning Sweetie,I have a small interview this morning which won't take long,would you mind coming with me? Then the rest of the day is free:)x

From: Justin x 


Hey again,are you up? Taylooooor x

I giggled at his last text and quickly typed something out.


From: Miss feisty;) 

Time: 7:03

Hey Justin,sorry I just woke up,yeah sure I don't mind..should I drive to the interview and meet you or?x


From:Justin x


Wassup cutie,it's cool:) no...ill get my driver to escort you there and ill meet you,wear something comfortable,I have an amazing day planned out:px


From: miss feisty;)


Okay,oh god:/x


From: Justin x 

Time: 7:06

Haha don't worry about it,it's nothing you can't handle;)x


From: miss feisty;)

Again with the flirting,lmao x


From: Justin x

Time: 7:06

Sorry,it's in my nature to flirt..can't help it;) now get driver will pick you up at half 8,interview starts at 9:45...can I have your address please?x


From: miss feisty;) 

Time: 7:06

*address* there ya go,smell ya later:px

I set my phone down and grabbed a towel before walking into the bathroom,I turned on the shower and stripped down,I climbed in and washed my hair&body,I climbed out and wrapped a towel around me before walking back out the bathroom and over to my idoc,I picked up my phone and set it on the idoc.

My screen illuminated showcasing a new message from Justin which was delivered 20 minutes ago,I opened it up and read it.


From:Justin x 

Time: 7:26

Your so cute-.-x


I laughed and shook my head before I continued to get changed,deciding on some high waisted light washed jeans,I picked out a plain white tank top and placed that under my oversized berry coloured jumper,I tucked it in then paired it with my dark brown combat boots which were lazily clumped at the other side of the room,I added a midi ring and a couple of normal ones before starting on my hair and makeup,I let my hair naturally dry which caused it to settle as beach waves,satisfied with my hair I then moved on to my makeup and applied some concealer to any imperfections then some winged eyeliner and some mascara which made my marine blue eyes pop.

I went to reach for my 'someday' perfume but realised it was still lying on the floor all broken.


I slapped my forehead.


How could I be so stupid?


I rolled my eyes and decided to use the Chanel no 5 instead,spraying it on my wrist then rubbing it on my neck.


I looked over at the time and realised I had exactly 15 minutes until the driver comes.


I was just about to walk downstairs when I got a phone call from Kaylee,I rolled my eyes and picked up,jumping back onto my bed.


''Sup kayster.'' I stated.

''Where the flapjacks did you go yesterday?''

''Uh home.'' I replied.



''What.'' I murmured,closing my eyes at how impatient i was getting.


''I WAS THE FREAKING OLLG!'' She screamed,causing me to pull the phone away from my ear.


''Bitch calm the fuck down,I don't want a hearing aid.'' I laughed pulling it back to my ear.


''Whatever party what you up to?''


Oh shit...should i tell her about meeting up with Justin? will bring up too many questions.


''Uh...just uh,going out for the day with ju- Jason...yeah Jason.'' I muttered nervously.


''And how come I've never heard of this Jason?'' She taunted.


''He's in my biology class..we're doing a project together.''


What! It's not totally a lie,I do have a kid called Jason in my's just he's not my partner..and I have never spoken to him in my life.


''Awesomeeee.'' She yelled.


''Kaylee...are you drunk?'' I chuckled.


''Uh no,I had coffee this Morning so I'm hyper as fuck.'' She answered truthfully.


''Whatever Trevor.''


''Oh my god did you see what Justin tw-''


Suddenly the doorbell rang,i squealed and hung up on Kaylee before running down the stairs.


I opened the door and there stood Kenny,smiling wide.


''Hey Taylor,I'm going to be your driver today.''


''KENNY! OH MY GOD,COME HERE YOU BIG BOOB.'' I yelled,rejecting his handshake and pulling him into a hug.


''Woah,thank god your normal,Justin said you were quite the character and I thought he meant you were stuck up,that's one weight off my shoulders.'' Kenny chuckled.


''You have nothing to worry about Kenny.'' I laughed as he lead the way to the black SUV Parked on my yard.


I frowned and looked over at Kenny.


''Hey..isn't this Justin's car?'' I asked.


''Uh no,I thought we should change up the transport and not take the usual...'' He replied climbing into the back of the car.


''You go ahead and sit in the front.'' Kenny replied.


I got in and kept my eyes on Kenny.


''Why are you acting weird?''


''No reason.'' He chuckled.


''Who's driving then?''


''I am.''


I jumped in my seat and turned around to see Justin smirking at me.

Kenny was now laughing hard in the backseat.

I clutched my heart and frowned.

''Douche.'' I hissed,grabbing my seatbelt and clicking it into place.


''Hey now,no name calling.'' Justin replied raising an eyebrow.


''Why are you here?''


''Uh because you wanted me to take you out today..duh.'' Justin laughed.


''Um no,you forced me.''


''Whatever helps you sleep at night,sweetie.'' He smirked,putting the key in the ignition.


''You know what? Maybe this wasn't a good idea.'' I muttered,pulling off my seatbelt and opening the door.


I stepped out and shook my head.


''I'm so stupid.'' I muttered,walking back up the yard and putting the key back in the door.


''TAYLOR! Wait!'' Justin yelled,followed by a door slam.


I've been with him less than a minute and he's already being a idiot.


I opened the door and stepped inside,I went to shut it but something was in the way.

I looked down to see his black supra sticking in the door.


I groaned just as Justin pushed the door open.


''Listen,don't go..'' He pleaded,walking into my house as I walked out of his view and towards my room. ''Nice house.''


''Are you serious? Get the fuck out!'' I yelled turning around and glaring at him.


''Not until you get back into the car with me.''


''That doesn't make sense,either way your getting outside.''


''I don't care.''


''Get out,your trespassing on private property.'' I hissed,pushing him in the chest.


''Im Justin Bieber,of course I'm not.''


''Get out before I cut off your baby maker and feed it to my cat.''


''Oo what breed is it?''


''Oh the breed? It's called 'get the fuck out my house or ill kick your ass.'


''Woah,unusual.'' Justin chuckled.


''You know what else would be unusual? The way I rearrange your face if you don't get out my house in 5 seconds.'' I smiled sweetly.


''Oo,feisty...I love it.'' Justin murmured,biting his lip.


I closed my eyes and turned back around.


''KENNY! KENNNNNYYYYYYY GET UP HERE!'' I screamed,causing Kenny to run up the stairs in alarm.


''Whats up?'' He breathed.


''Get him out my house NOW.'' I hissed.

''Sorry Taylor,no can do,in no way possible am I aloud to take orders from you which include Justin leaving today,he threatened to fire me.'' He rolled his eyes.


''Wow,your such an ass! Fine..ill do it myself.'' I hissed,pushing Justin back down the stairs and out my door,Kenny walked out after him for protection and I slammed the door in their faces.


''Stay out you little bitch.'' I yelled running up the stairs and falling back onto my bed.


*5 minutes later*


A loud screeching noise from outside was heard,I squinted and listened,only to hear Justin's voice projected through a mega phone.




I shot up off the bed and ran to the window to see Justin stood on the roof of the SUV with a huge ass megaphone hovering over his lips.

I pulled open the window.


''JUSTIN! STOP THAT!'' I hissed.


''LALALALALALA.'' Justin yelled through the megaphone.




''I SMELL A HINT OF BULLSHIT.'' He yelled again.

''How the fuck did you get a megaphone anyway.''


''Im Justin Bieber.''


''Oh hi,I'm Taylor Aberdeen.'' I spat back,ruining his stuck up moment.


''TAYLOR ABERDEEN SMELLS LIKE PUKE!'' Justin yelled again.


I watched as Kenny tried to grab him,yelling ''that was too much,Justin.''

I rolled my eyes and walked back down stairs,I Opened the door and walked out.


''Finally.'' Justin muttered.


''Oh,you want me to go back in,cause I could just-''


''NO'' Justin interrupted.



''Well then,stop being a dickhead."



Justin rolled his eyes and climbed into the car.



Fuck..this is going to be a long day.




yo yo yo,sorry I haven't uploaded in like 19 years,I forgot about this story lmao.


What shit is about to go down with Justin and Taylor?


What will the interview be like?


how will their day go?


will Taylor forgive him?


and most importantly...


will they see each other again?




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