The Douchebag (ON HOLD)

When Taylor Aberdeen discovered that she was finally meeting her idol,the one and only Justin Drew Bieber she thinks she's the luckiest girl in the world,but when the special day comes and she realises that Justin's not what he seems,she tries anything she can to try and get Justin to realise he's fake and lies to all of his fans over what he really is.Justin finally notices Taylor's tweets and dm's and apologies,he makes a deal with her and decides to take Taylor out for the day with just him,no cameras.the real him,he just wants to show her that he really is the heart warming teenage boy he portrays,but they soon start to hang around more and more,and they start to develop feelings for each other,but things soon turn into a bumpy ride on the way.


9. Home sweet home


20 minutes later~ 

Justin pulled up in front of his massive mansion..

I looked at him like he was crazy.

I've only wished of seeing this place,and now that I'm in front of it is something else.

"Wow." I murmured looking at the pretty water features in his front yard.

"Neat huh? Looks bigger then in the magazines doesn't it." He chuckled.

"Hell yeah." I giggled.

Justin chuckled and walked up to his door hoping I would follow.

I looked behind me to see the huge iron gates close shut.

"You coming or what?" He chuckled,standing in the doorway of his house.

I nodded and walked up to him before he let me into his house.

Once I was inside my knees began to go weak,it was huge.

"Holy shit" I muttered.

Justin chuckled "not what you expected from the inside?"

I shook my head realising I wasn't in the right state to speak.

"This is like every beliebers

"I thought you said you weren't my belieber anymore?" Justin smirked,nudging me playfully.

I looked at him and raised my eyebrows. "Hush up and show me around."

"Nobody talks to me like that." He fake gasped.

"Well your nothing special so obviously I can." I smirked.

Justin just stood there with his mouth open before he shook his head.


I backed away from him and began to run away,I had no clue where I was going so I was running to a completely unknown destination.

I found a staircase and ran down it,but found myself in a massive corridor,I ran to the end room and burst open the door,finding a massive cinema room filled with comfy recliners and a huge ass screen at the front,at the sides there was popcorn makers and candy floss machines.

Out of pure panic I ran and hid behind one of the popcorn machines as I heard rapid footsteps getting louder.

I crouched down and shut my eyes,hoping maybe a maid or something would walk in and walk straight back out again.

But to my fucking luck Justin's taunting voice echoed through the room causing goosebumps to glide over my skin.

"Oh Taylooooooor." He sang tauntingly.

I held in my breath and shut my eyes tighter,leaning my back on the popcorn machine.

I slowly opened one eye when it went extremely quiet and immediately jerked backwards when Justin was crouched down smirking at me.

The result of this was that the force and weight I put on the popcorn machine was so great that it tipped over,causing me to fall back with it.

A loud bang filled the room and the plastic hatch popped open causing all the popcorn and popcorn seeds to spill out onto the navy blue carpet.

I closed my eyes and shielded my face hoping Justin wouldn't be mad and hit me. "I'm so sorry..please don't hit me." I squealed,scooting away from him.

Justin was in hysterics but instantly stopped when he heard what slipped my lips. "W-What?" He chuckled,regaining his balance.

I shook my head and slowly opened my eyes. "N-never mind." I whispered.

I was extremely angry at my self for no reason.

"No tell me." He whispered,lying down next to me.

I had popcorn all in my hair but it didn't matter.

"I just..I thought you were going to...never mind,it doesn't matter." I croaked,looking up at the small dull lights making the room more cosy then expected.

"You thought I was going to hit you?" He asked quietly,looking at me in the eyes.

I turned away from him and sighed,I knew something like this would ruin a great day.

"Taylor,Why would you think I would do something like that because of a small accident?" He asked,propping himself up on his elbow and holding the side of my face so I would look at him.

"Justin please just drop it." I whispered.

"Does someone hit you or something?" He asked,wiping a tear that must of slipped my eye.

I just looked at him.

"Taylor this is serious,please you can trust me."

"Justin you don't wanna get involved in my life..I meant it when I said my life was messed up at the meet and greet."

"Well let's fix it together."

"I can't..there's so much bad in my life Justin,you don't want to get involved."

"If you let your guard down I can do the same back,we can trust each other..that's what friends do right?"

"Justin I don't trust many people..I know so much about you but you know little about me,and it's best to keep it that way..I don't want you to feel pity Justin I don't need that."

"Taylor,you show courage and strength in every form,and you've shown that to me in Many ways possible,it's not good to bottle your feelings,if you tell someone you can confide in them and they can help you,you can't go through things completely on your own..that's when bad things start to happen,I may be Justin Bieber and have a busy ass schedule but I promise to be there for you regardless if this involves me in some serious stuff,I've known you a little over 24 hours and I feel like your already a good person that I should keep myself around,your so down to earth and so cute and real,I've never met a girl like I said..Selena is different to you,I know I shouldn't compare but I can't help it,I thought she was the sweetest girl but obviously not after I've met you." He whispered,stroking my chin with his hand as he smiled down at me,glancing at my lips.

I just sat up slowly,looking at him.

"You really wanna know?" I asked,looking at him with such a straight face it wasn't even funny.

"More than anything."


Wow what's Taylor hiding? Sorry for such the long awaited update,I completely forgot about this book:/

Update maybe later or later this week

Sorry again💜

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