The Douchebag (ON HOLD)

When Taylor Aberdeen discovered that she was finally meeting her idol,the one and only Justin Drew Bieber she thinks she's the luckiest girl in the world,but when the special day comes and she realises that Justin's not what he seems,she tries anything she can to try and get Justin to realise he's fake and lies to all of his fans over what he really is.Justin finally notices Taylor's tweets and dm's and apologies,he makes a deal with her and decides to take Taylor out for the day with just him,no cameras.the real him,he just wants to show her that he really is the heart warming teenage boy he portrays,but they soon start to hang around more and more,and they start to develop feelings for each other,but things soon turn into a bumpy ride on the way.


7. Busted


After a very silent and uncomfortable drive to the parking lot of the place where Justin was getting interviewed I finally jumped out of the car which was currently parked in the back of the building due to all the beliebers shrieking out the front waiting to catch a glimpse of their 'angel'

More like a training devil.

I waited for Kenny and Justin to get out the car before I trailed behind Justin,and infront of Kenny.


''This interview will only be a couple of minutes,Scooter told them I had a conference to tend to so they won't take long and they'll just cut to the chase.'' Justin replied looking back at me quickly.

''Thats fine.'' I smiled,picking up the pase as I looked at the clock on the wall.


''Shit,were late.'' Justin sighed.

''Only by 10 minutes.'' I replied.


''You don't understand Taylor,in the celebrity world you CAN'T BE LATE,if it wasn't for your stubborn ass ways this morning we wouldn't be late.'' He barked.


''Excuse me?'' I scoffed,tugging on his shirt so he would turn around.

Justin merely ignored me,shrugging me off before walking into the interview room,I rolled my eyes just as Kenny gently pushed me into the room.

I sat down next to Kenny and folded my arms before getting out my phone to text Kaylee.

'To; Kayster;P 

From: Taytay

Hey,sorry I hung up,my phone ran outta charge and it died on me lol,speak tonight xo'


I instantly got a vibration in my hand causing Justin to look over at me and frown,I smiled my totally fake and bitter sweet smile back at him causing him to roll his eyes.


'From; kayster;P

Okay boo:)x'


I smiled and clicked off my messages and went onto twitter,immediately composing a tweet.

'@taybiebs: just when I thought you changed...once a douchebag always a douchebag'

I smiled satisfied by my tweet aimed at Justin and locked my phone.


Suddenly a loud noise passed through the room which came directly from Justin's phone.

''Hold on,'s a twitter notification.'' Justin chuckled pulling his phone out his pocket and reading the screen,his smile dropped and he slowly looked over to me.

I frowned and looked away.

Has he got my tweets sent to his phone?


''Uh sorry,ill turn my phone on silent,I forgot.'' Justin muttered once he saw the interviewers expression.

Justin handed his phone to me for some reason and I just shrugged it off,before placing it in my lap and listening to the questions that were being fired at Justin.

I noticed this was a video interview ,meaning that it wasn't just a sound recording,I sighed and leaned back in the chair.

''So,Justin...the new rumour passing around the papers is that you've found yourself a new chick,is this true?''

Justin chuckled. ''No,that's not true..even if it was you guys but into my private life waaay too much.''

''Well,we can't help that..have you got your eyes on anyone at the moment?''

''Uh..not at the moment,but I do think Kendall Jenner is pretty hot,and she's related to Kim so that's always good.'' He smirked,leaning back In his chair.

What a dick..

''And I've noticed this pretty little lady to the right of you,who is she?''

Justin looked over at me briefly.

''Oh,that's Taylor,a good friend of mine.''


I scoffed and rolled my eyes,good friend my ass.

''Ah I did you guys meet?''

''Dude,what's with the personal questions,I don't ask where you and your wife meet.''

I do agree with him on that.


''Theres a big difference,wife...friend.'' The interviewer chuckled.

''Yeah I know,but you don't need to know how I meet everyone,and quite frankly I don't think anybody cares.'' Justin laughed sweetly

What? I may not be on the best terms with him but his laugh must be the cutest laugh ever.

''Touché.'' The interviewer laughed.


Justin smiled and waited for the next question. ''Alright Biebs,last this is a bit random and was sent in by a fan in Colombia,probably a vampire or warewolf fan.'' He murmured to himself.

Justin looked over at me and rolled his eyes teasingly,I giggled and Justin pulled a silly face before chuckling and looking back at the interviewer.

''Okay,Alisha from Colombia asks...would you rather be a vampire or warewolf?''

''Definitely a vampire,there awesome.''

''Lets see your best impression of a vampire.'' The interviewer chuckled.


Justin scrunched up his face and latched his top set of teeth onto his bottom lip (like his old interview back in 2009).

I kept in a stream of 'aww's' that tried to pass my lips as Justin let go of his bottom lip and chuckled.

''I bet when this Airs all the Beliebers will be going wild.'' The interviewer laughed.

I couldn't get over how adorable he looked at trying to be a vampire.


Suddenly Justin's phone lit up In my lap,I looked down to see Justin had a twitter notification from a belieber,I tried to unlock his phone but he had a passcode,I tried 'swaggy' and his phone instantly opened.

I laughed and went onto twitter,I began to follow some beliebers and retweet some people,causing his phone to blow up.

Damn,now I know how annoying and hard it is for Justin to try and notice everyone.

I began to tweet a bunch of stuff as payback.

'@justinbieber: I'm sat with this super hot girl at the moment oh my god guys she's perfect'

'@justinbieber: so I found out her twitter and its @taybiebz bieber fan? SCORE'

'@justinbieber: she's so amazing,I worship her body,lol'

'@justinbieber: guys don't give her hate,appreciate✌'


'@justinbieber my new fragrance smells like feet and mango's,mm ladies if you smell like that big turn on'

'@justinbieber: @taybiebz is my bae😍😘'

'@justinbieber: pfft? Getting hacked? Nah'

'@justinbieber: I used to be ginger but dyed my hair because I felt insecure'

'@justinbieber: guys I have a foot fetish.'

''What are you doing on my phone?'' Someone asked,causing me to slowly look up to see Justin stood infront of me.

Shit..I was so caught up in tweeting shit that I didn't realise the interview is over?

''Uh oh,busted.'' I smiled sweetly,slowly standing up and backing out the door.


''Busted indeed.'' Justin replied,advancing on me.


I shot out of the room and ran down the corridor,desperately trying to get justin off my lead,I rounded a corner and instantly regretted it as I saw it was a dead end.

'' where to go?'' Justin smirked,walking towards me as I walked back.

''Uh...about that,Kenny's probably looking for you.''

''Fuck Kenny right now,I want to know what you were doing on my phone.''

''Uh nothing,just just uh- taking naked pics.'' I shot.

Naked pics? I mentally slapped myself as this only caught Justin's attention even more.


''Well then you wouldn't mind handing it over to let me check.''

Deciding to stick to the story I decided to carry on with the 'naked' theme.

'' would you want to see naked picks of me?'' I stuttered,hitting my back on a wall.


Shit,I'm cornered.

''Please baby?'' Justin whispered Into my ear,before he placed his hands on my hips and moved me up against his body.


I could legit feel jerry rubbing against my leg.

I became flustered and began to breathe heavily as Justin reached into my back pocket and took my phone,before I could process what was going on Justin was off with my phone in his possession.


''FUCK YOU JUSTIN'' I yelled running after him.

''What position.'' He smirked,glancing over his shoulder as he continued to run.

''Idiot.'' I laughed.

Justin made a b-line straight for a closet down the hall.

My eyes widened and I desperately tried to speed up but Justin was already in the closet.

I got to the door and began to rattle the handle,but it was already Locked.


''Justin! Open up and gimme my phone!'' I barked,rapping my knuckles on the wooden door.


''One second.'' He chuckled.

I frowned at the same moment as the sound of the shutter for a camera went off.



Justin snickered. ''Something like that.''

I heard a zip being pulled up and a few moments later Justin came out,smirking like a little kid who just got there own way.


''What did you doooooooooo?'' I whined,snatching my phone outta his hand and unlocking it instantly going to the pictures.

My mouth dropped open when I clicked on the most recent photos.

''Did you really just take my phone and take 8 pictures of your dick?'' I asked slowly,still shocked at his size.

''I thought I'd return the favour,you know..because you took naked pics on mine.'' He smirked playfully.

''Oh my god Justin,you can't just do that!'' I yelled hitting his shoulder.

''Pfft,please..don't act like you don't like it.'' He murmured,grabbing my waist and pulling me into his chest. ''You know...maybe we could sneak into the closet and I can show you him first hand.'' He murmured into my ear.

I fought away the feeling to shove him into a closet rip off his clothes and fuck him senseless but I just counted to 10 before answering.

''Sorry,I don't do that shit with douchebags like you.'' I smiled sweetly before slapping his iPhone into the palm of his hand and walking off.


I found Kenny a couple of minutes later before I deleted 6 of the pics Justin took.

What? I'm one of the only girls privileged to see Jerry in all his wonder,I'm not just going to delete all of them.

I smiled and walked up to Kenny who immediately sighed once his gaze locked on mine.

''Taylor where have you been?'' He asked,wiping his forehead as a bead of sweat ran down his hair line.

''I um...went to find the bathroom.'' I lied.

''Well it's right here.'' He laughed pointing infront of us.

''Oh,silly me.''I nervously giggled before walking into the girls bathroom.

I walked up to the mirror and began combing my hair with my fingers.

I couldn't help but notice how hungry I was as my stomach started to uncontrollably rumble,sounding like a fucking washing machine in the process.

I whined as my hunger began to increase,I walked back out the bathroom to see Justin stood with his foot perched on the wall opposite as he Worriedly flicked trough his phone.

''Wheres Kenny at?'' I asked Standing infront of Justin to get his attention.

''Did you fuck with my twitter?'' He asked,merely ignoring my question.

''You didn't answer my question.''

''Neither did you.''


''Well? Did you?'' He asked getting slightly irritated.

'''' I replied walking with Justin as we walked out of the building and into the back parking lot.


''Don't bullshit me Tay..who else would say 'at Taybiebz is my bae' 'love struck face kissy face'..''

''Well why ask?'' I smirked.


''Oh my gaaaaad why did you tweet so much?'' Justin whined,dragging his feet across the pavement as we walked over to the SUV.

''Sorry,I couldn't help myself..'' I giggled climbing Into the passenger seat and buckling up.

''Now I have to delete all this.'' He whined turning the key in the ignition once he got into the drivers side.

''Cry me a river.'' I laughed,leaning my head on the window as I gazed out at the moving parking lot.


I heard Justin chuckle next to me as he continued to drive down the highway.


I suddenly felt embarrassed when my stomach began to growl out of control.


''Someone seems hungry.'' Kenny laughed.

''Yeah sorry..I forgot to eat,my friend called me when i was supposed to get food."

''No biggie,ill take you to maccy d's...I'm craving a mc flurry right now to be honest.'' Justin replied sweetly,looking over at me and smiling.


This is the Justin I like..


''Okay,thanks.'' I smiled back.


''No problem beautiful.'' He murmured.

My cheeks instantly turned red and I quickly gazed out the window so he couldn't see my crimson cheeks.

''Hey..pull over Justin,lemme drive.'' Kenny suggested.

Justin nodded and pulled over before sitting in the backseat.


''Aren't you going to join me?'' Justin asked,leaning over to look at my face as I looked out the window.

''Uh,I'm good right now,thanks.'' I muttered.

''Please?'' Justin whined causing me to look over my shoulder to see him pouting.

I couldn't resist..

I sighed. ''Fineee.'' I replied,climbing over the unit and falling down onto the black leather seat.

''Guys...the breakfast times have ended,so you'll have to get the normal stuff.'' Kenny replied,pulling into the drive thru.

I pulled out my credit card and waited for the machine thingy to pass us.

''What do you want Tay?'' Justin asked,looking over at me as he rolled down his window.


''Uh can i have small fries,a water and a McFlurry please.'' I replied.

''Okay sweetie.'' Justin replied,leaning out the window to say the order.


''Good afternoon sir,may I take your order?''

"Uh yeah,can we have one BigMac,small fries,large fries,a water and 2 mcFlurrys please.'' Justin replied in his sugar sweet tone.

I smiled and waited for the total to come up on the screen.

''Is that all sir?''

''Yes thanks.''

''Okay,so that would be $16.23 please move along to the next window.''

''Thanks.'' Justin replied before Kenny drove to the next window.


I went to hand my credit card to Justin but he gave it back to me and smiled reassuringly.

''I'm paying.'' He replied.

''No Justin,I ordered so I'll pay.''

''Really Tay,you're fine.'' Justin chuckled handing over a 20 dollar bill to the woman. ''Keep the change.''

Kenny moved to the next window and the water was immediately passed through the window,I gripped it in my hand and put it between my legs while Justin handed me my small fries and mc flurry.

I put the mc flurry in the cup holder and so did Justin,he rolled up the window and Kenny pulled out.

''I hate it when other people pay for me.'' I whined taking a bite of my fry as justin looked over at me and chuckled.

He swallowed his mouthful of fries and smiled.

''Wow..normally all girls expect me to pay for them."

''Well I'm not all girls.'' I shrugged. ''Besides..I earn money,so I want to use it.''

''Whats your job?'' Justin asked.


''It's temporary but I work in gets me a few extra bucks so..'' I shrugged,satisfied with my answer.

''Awh long have you been working there?''

''Its just over 11 nearly a year.'' I smiled taking a sip of my ice cold water.


''I thought you were hungry'' Justin chuckled.

''What do you mean?''

''Well I'm not even hungry and I've managed to get through a big mac,fries and I'm now onto my mc flurry.''

''Im a girl though,and your constantly working so..''

''I feel like a fatty when i eat with you.''

''You are a fatty.'' I giggled.

''Hey!'' Justin yelled,taking his ice cream filled spoon and prodding it on my nose.


''Oh no you didn't!'' I yelled,grabbing my mc flurry spoon and wiping ice cream on his cheek.

''You called me fat.'' Justin pouted,ignoring the massive mound of ice cream on his cheek.

''You know I'm kidding,your like the skinniest boy I know.'' I laughed.

''I'm not skinny..I have muscles!'' Justin defended,holding out his arm and tensing.

I pretended to lean forwards and look for the muscle. ''Where? I don't see it.'' I Laughed.

Justin playfully stuck his tongue out at me.

''You saying I'm not sexy?'' Justin asked in utter disbelief.

''I didn't say that.''

''So your saying I am?''

''I didn't say that'' I giggled.

''Boo you.'' Justin pouted,eating his last scoop of ice cream.

I rolled my eyes and picked up my spoon full of fluffy Ice cream on top.

Before I could mound it into my mouth justin placed his lips around my spoon,taking all the Ice cream off it.

''Hey!!'' I yelled,pushing his shoulder with my free hand.

''I can't eat that now,your saliva touched the spoon.'' I muttered in disgust.

''You wouldn't mind sharing saliva if we made out,whats the difference?'' Justin chuckled.

''Ew in your dreams.'' I laughed.

''Suit yourself.'' Justin shrugged before he grabbed the rest of my ice cream and piled it into his mouth.

I pouted as I stared at Justin,causing him to playfully roll his eyes and dig out a spoonful of ice cream into his spoon,he held it out to me and I hesitantly ate the ice cream.

Justin grinned at me before he looked down at his lap.

''Your a cool girl,you know that?'' Justin asked finally looking up at me.

''Thanks,your not so douchey anymore.'' I laughed.

Justin chuckled and looked over at me as Kenny continued to drive down the highway.

''So what made you say yes to today?''


''Everyone deserves second chances,even bitch faces like you.'' I smirked,reaching up and ruffling his hair playfully.

''How flattering .'' Justin chuckled.

I merely smiled at him before looking out the window.


I suddenly felt Justin's hand brush against mine,I looked over at Justin to see him looking out of the window like nothing happened.

I just shrugged and looked back out the window.

"Alright kids..we're here." Kenny sighed pulling the car into a parking lot,I noticed that we were in a bowling alley car park.

I squealed and jumped out the car.

''I love bowling.'' I stated.

''Yeah well that will soon change when I beat that fabulous ass of yours.'' Justin chuckled.


''In your dreams Bieber..I'm the champ.''

''Oh please...there's only one person who can take that title,and it's me.''

''Whatever you say,Justin.'' I giggled,walking right past him leaving Justin to just shake his head playfully with a smile on his face.

He's really not that bad..was 

I wrong about judging him?


This chapter was so boring oh my god-./


Hope you enjoyed you perfect people:p


Peace lurveee and rubber gloves✌

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