The Douchebag (ON HOLD)

When Taylor Aberdeen discovered that she was finally meeting her idol,the one and only Justin Drew Bieber she thinks she's the luckiest girl in the world,but when the special day comes and she realises that Justin's not what he seems,she tries anything she can to try and get Justin to realise he's fake and lies to all of his fans over what he really is.Justin finally notices Taylor's tweets and dm's and apologies,he makes a deal with her and decides to take Taylor out for the day with just him,no cameras.the real him,he just wants to show her that he really is the heart warming teenage boy he portrays,but they soon start to hang around more and more,and they start to develop feelings for each other,but things soon turn into a bumpy ride on the way.


1. Bieber Birthday


Taylor's POV:


I let out a muffled yawn as I slowly lifted my head off my warm feathered pillow.I gripped the sheets with my hands absentmindedly as I looked at my ceiling,staring at the quote that was directly above my bed. 'Haters will say what they want but their hate will never stop you from chasing your dream-Justin Bieber' I smiled at the meaningful quote and swung my hand onto my bedside table to try and find my iPhone.


  Oh...I almost forgot,I need to introduce myself,but bare with me as I'm not good at this type of stuff.  

Well hey there,my name is Taylor Marie Aberdeen but you can call me Tay for short,I have long brown wavy hair that ends at my hips and unusual greeny-blue eyes...I'm about 5'4 and have quite a skinny complexion,but not anorexic of course...I could never do that to myself...I love food too much. Anyways,I'm a proud belieber since 2009 and I honestly sound cheesy but it's true when we say Justin's our lifesaver,because he's actually stopped me from committing suicide a couple of months back when my little sister died,she meant everything to me and we where honestly parents aren't very supportive over my decision to support Justin and that's one of the main reasons why I wanted to end my life,I used to just stay up in my room and only come down for dinner or school..I felt isolated and honestly alone,but then Justin released his song 'Be Alright' and I honestly began to recover from my depression,Justin's saved me In more ways then possible and I would do anything to meet the boy who stopped me from loosing myself,you may call Justin what you want but to me he is an angel and I honestly think god spent extra time on him or he's a guardian angel to all of the teenage girls and boys who feel like giving up,or whatever.


  I snapped out of my thoughts when a constant rapping on my bedroom door was heard,I sighed and got up from the comfy bed,I slid my feet over my pj bottoms as they rid up from all the shuffling I do in my bed.   I opened the door once I reached it only to be hit with the gracious smell of pancakes,I breathed in he heavenly smell and focused my attention on my mother who was impatiently stood outside my door.


"Hey sweetie,get changed...we have your favourite foods laid out on the table down stairs along with a surprise.'' She smiled pulling me into a hug.


I sighed and nodded my head in response,I turned around and walked over to my closet to pick out my outfit for today.


"Oh...and happy 18th birthday baby girl." She smiled before shutting the door and disappearing down the corridor.  


Oh yeah...I forgot to mention,it's my birthday today,like my mom said,I've officially became an 18 year is the 13th of July which happened to fall on a Tuesday this year.  


I just shrugged and searched my closet for a cute outfit,after all it is my birthday..   I settled with a leather skater skirt and a floral top,I grabbed my waist length denim jacket and pulled out my white Nike Air Force 1's from my shoe rack.


I placed some matching silver jewellery on my bed and walked into my bathroom,I turned on the shower and stripped down out of my pj's and underwear,I stepped into the shower and began to do all of the things a girl would normally do.  


20 minutes later I walked out of the bathroom with a towel around my body,I watched the droplets fall onto the floor from my hair and smiled at the feeling of being refreshed so early In the morning.


  I walked over to my idoc and began to blare out Justin's my world 2.0 album as I dried myself off.


  A few moments later I was changed once I moisturised my skin with the someday body lotion.


''It's a big big world,and it's easy to get lost in it.'' I sang quietly as I laced up my shoes.


  Once I was done and put on my jewellery and pandora bracelet I walked back Into the bathroom and plugged in the hair dryer .


  *20 minutes later*


I smiled at my appearance as I finally finished curling my hair.I ran my fingers through my hair to loosen the curls then I placed a tiny bit of hairspray in it to set the curls.  


Once I was done and applied 2 layers of my 2 favourite mascaras to my eyes and put some cover up over any imperfections on my face,I added some eyeliner and winged it out a bit to darken my eyes and added some EOS lip balm over my plump lips before grabbing my phone and walking out the room.  


Once again the aroma of pancakes filled my nostrils as I descended the stairs in search of the food. I rolled my eyes once I walked into the kitchen to find my dad reading the news paper at the table. "Morning honey,happy birthday."he replied,finally looking up.  


''Hey."I simply replied before walking straight past him and over to the pancakes and French toast.   "So...we have a few gifts for you to open whilst you eat as we all have to get going to work."my mom sighed as she continued washing the dirty dishes.  


"You didn't have to get me anything,honestly..." I replied looking at both of their smug faces.  


"You won't be saying that when you open them sweetie." My dad chuckled walking out of the room,only to reappear with a stack of cards in his hands.  


I frowned and stood up,he smirked at me before he disappeared back out the kitchen to some other part of the house.  


"Mom,what's dad up to?"I asked,walking over to her with my eyes still fixed on the door.  


"I wouldn't know sweetie,your dads always full of surprises." She shrugged,shoving the last plate into the sink.  


I sighed and sat back on my bar stool before finishing my slice of French toast.  


"Sweetie,come here a second,I have something for you." Dad screamed.  


I shot up off the seat and followed his voice all the way out to the living area where a huge cardboard cut out of Justin was stood.  


I gasped and ran over to it,trying my best to stay calm as Justin's face was smiling back at me. "A-are you freaking kidding me?!" I shrieked,running over to the cut out and hugging it tight.


  "Happy birthday sweetie,I knew this was the one you wanted and although I don't like him,I thought I'd get you one as this is probably as close as you could get to meeting him." He smirked. Geesh,thanks for crushing my fucking dreams you asshole.


  "Thanks dad" I sighed,stepping back to take a better look at the perfection stood right infront of me.


  "No problem,now...I have a little game for you...look at the back of the cut out and tell me what you see." My dad replied. I did as I was told. "There's a note." I muttered,ripping it off and walking out from behind the cut out.


  "DON'T OPEN IT! Place it on the table here." He shot,pointing to the coffee table next to him.


  I shrugged and threw it down onto the table. "Okay,now I want you to open it in a second,but wait for your mom to get In here-ROSE! CAN YOU COME HERE A SECOND PLEASE?" he yelled swinging his head back to project his voice better.  


"What is it dear?"my mom replied once she shuffled into the room.  


"Taylor's going to do know,thing." He whispered.  


I rolled my eyes and crossed my arms over my chest,shifting my weight to the other foot. "Can we hurry up? I do have school." I spat,becoming slightly impatient.  


"Okay,open the note.' They both said simultaneously.   I sighed and reached forwards,I grabbed the note in my palms and unraveled it.


'First clue is where we keep the pictures of us when you were 2,don't worry...this is not out of the blue' the note read.  


I giggled slightly and rolled my eyes. I began walking to the office down the hall where a huge box full of photos was placed,I opened the draw where the box was but saw it was replaced with Pattie's new book 'Nowhere but up' and another note.  


I squealed in delight and grabbed the book,hugging it to my chest as I finally Got the book I've been begging for. ''Thankyouthankyouthankyou." I squealed. "Okay,now read the note" Rose chuckled,obviously getting fed up with my fangirling.




  Ipicked up the note and scanned the words briefly.  


'We all know that bieber is your boy,but where did you used to keep all your toys?' The note read.   I chucked the note on the floor as sprinted to my room,I pulled open my closet door and immediately found a long cardboard tube with another not stuck to it,I picked them up and opened the slender cardboard tube to see another wall quote. This time it read 'it's like an angel came by,and took me to heaven,cause when I stare in your eyes it couldn't be better-Justin Bieber' in swirly black letters.


  I grinned and muttered a quick thank you before I ripped off the note attached to it. 'I hope you like this surprise,so where do we watch the sun rise?' It spelt.  


I rolled my eyes and slowly walked out to my balcony which was connected to my room. I walked forwards and saw no gift but only a note,I picked it up. ''I know this note didn't come with a gift,but look down onto the yard where the lights are normally lit.'' I slowly read.  


I took a deep breath and looked down onto my yard,there stood my mom and dad with huge grins plastered over there smug faces.


  I then looked in front of them to see 6 words printed out onto 6 different canvases. "You...are...meeting....justin....on-"  


I chocked on my words,nothing could compare to this wonderful moment when I found out that I would be meeting my world on Friday...the day I would tell Justin Drew Bieber how much he meant to me,and that he saved my life.  


"F-Friday" I finished,tears streaming down my face as I looked at my parents.


  "Awh honey,we never knew he'd mean this much to you." My dad chuckled.  


"Are you s-serious?" I shrieked. "He's my everything." I replied,now balling my eyes out. "Awh baby." My mom cooed like I was a crazy 3 year old.


  "Don't." I sobbed,not in the mood for them to put me down and make fun of me on the best day of my life so far.  


Because without a doubt,it will be the best day of my life on Friday when Justin holds me in his arms. 



Okay boo's,this is my first chapter and I'm sorry it's crappy,I'm writing from my iPod.   Hope you enjoyed the first chappy and please give me feedback💜🙏

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