The Douchebag (ON HOLD)

When Taylor Aberdeen discovered that she was finally meeting her idol,the one and only Justin Drew Bieber she thinks she's the luckiest girl in the world,but when the special day comes and she realises that Justin's not what he seems,she tries anything she can to try and get Justin to realise he's fake and lies to all of his fans over what he really is.Justin finally notices Taylor's tweets and dm's and apologies,he makes a deal with her and decides to take Taylor out for the day with just him,no cameras.the real him,he just wants to show her that he really is the heart warming teenage boy he portrays,but they soon start to hang around more and more,and they start to develop feelings for each other,but things soon turn into a bumpy ride on the way.


5. Bedtime calls


~later that night~


I jumped when my phone began to beep,I grabbed it off my desk and unlocked my phone to see I had a message from an unknown person.


To: Miss feisty;) 

From: unknown



I frowned and replied to the un recognisable number.


To: unknown  

From: miss feisty;)

Who is this?


To:miss feisty;) 

From: unknown

The 'douchebag'..ring any bells?;)


I laughed instantly knowing it was Justin.

To: Justin  

From: miss feisty;)

Hey Justin lol


To: miss feisty;) 

From: Justin

Hey taytaytaytaytaytay:)



From:miss feisty;)

Any reason for all the 'Tay's'?


To:miss feisty;) 

From: Justin

I'm bored sorry.



From: miss feisty;)

Your Justin can you be bored? Haha

To:miss feisty;) 


I still get lonely..can I call u?



From:miss feisty;)



I put my phone down but immediately had to pick it up again as it began to ring.

I had to do a double take at my phone to see if Justin was really calling;which he was..


I pressed accept immediately biting my lip in anticipation.



T: uh...hey,Justin.

J: hey cutie

T: um,why did you call?

J: I was bored...hey,how old are you?

T: 18 why?

J: just wandering,how are you?

T: still shaken up about the M&G...

J: look,I feel so guilty and I should of never acted like that just because I had a bad day,I chose to be famous so I need to suck it up and act like a mature person,not be all bitchy to an innocent fan which didn't deserve it.

T: belieber...

J: yeah,I'm sorry Taylor..forgive me?

T: we will have to see...I'm not used to you noticing me,and when you finally do it's for something bad.


I giggled slightly,biting my lip.


J: your laugh is cute.

T: thanks,so is yours.

J: I know.

T: oh my god! Your so vain.

J: I'm kidding,gosh...I thought you would know that...seeing as your a top belieber.


I could feel Justin smirking on the other end.


T: hey..don't mock me bieber.

J: feisty

T: only to boys like you.

I could feel myself becoming confident around him.

J: raw,kitty can scratch.

T: you betcha.


I heard Justin's melodic laugh on the end of the phone.


J: your funny,I like it.

T: so..

J: why didn't you stay for the concert?

T: are you seriously asking that?

J: well I asked the girl you walked in with where you were sat and I was going to get Allison to give you the privilege of being the one less lonely girl to make up for being a bitch face to you,but when I looked out into the crowd you weren't there.

T:I left straight away,I was a mess Justin,you didn't want to see me and basically admitted that you hated me.

J: Tay I don't hate you,I could never hate a belieber..

T: I'm not a belieber anymore so therefore you can hate me.

J: what would make you change your mind?

T: I don't know...just maybe if you make it up to me,I will still support you,because it feels weird not supporting you right now..of course I still like your music,but I'm not sure what I want right now to be honest.


I muttered choking on my words as the events from the past couple of hours whizzed through my mind.


J: I will make you love me again.

T: that sounds weird.

J: I am Weird.


Justin chuckled.


T: I found that out about 4 years ago.


I giggled falling back onto my pillow.


J: so you've truthfully been supporting me since 2009?

T: yup

J: wow,thank you so much.

T: no problem.

J: hey,I gotta go,scooters calling me...Ill text you.

T: okay,bye Justin.

J: bye sweetie,see you tomorrow.

T: m'kay bye


I hung up and immediately let out a drawn out sigh.


This is so confusing...should I forgive him? He was being really sweet to me and didn't sound like the douchebag he was portraying earlier..


I don't know what to think..but lets just hope tomorrow goes okay.



Might update tonight little munchkins:)


Love,peace and chicken grease✌


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