Eris (A Hunger Games Fanfiction)

A Hunger Games one-shot from Eris' point of view in the 56th Hunger Games as she avenges the death of her district partner, Harrison, and loses her own life in the process. Companion to "Mercy".


1. Mourning

 Avea and Ronan are fast asleep as I take watch. They sleep so peacefully and it's not hard to imagine both of their bodies cold and lifeless on the forest floor, their blood drained from their faces and their skulls bashed in or a bright red smile stretching across their throats.

I don't want them to die no matter how much I want to go home. They don't deserve to die the way Harrison did. He was only thirteen and he never even got the chance to live because of Terra, the demon girl from District 2. If it weren't for her Harrison would not have had to suffer. If it weren't for her he would still be here. I failed to protect him.

The idea of Ronan and Avea meeting the same fate as Harrison breaks my heart and I know that I could never kill them even though I promised my mom I'd do anything to get home. The day my name was pulled from that reaping bowl broke my mother's spirit the same way her body is broken.

She needs me to take care of her ever since her accident in the factory. Her arm had gotten caught in one of the compressors, used to flatten out the metal we make cars out of in District 6. The machine had completely crushed her arm and she had to have it amputated. Our family, just my mom and I, got no money from the District and they wouldn't let her go back to work in the factories. Since then I've had to take care of both of us.

My mom, Harrison, both people I can't protect and take care of anymore. My hands shake as I press them into my eyes trying to keep the tears in. I can't let the sponsors see me being weak.

The sun is beginning to slide over the tree line and I hurriedly try to wipe away any redness in my eyes so that Ronan and Avea won't see. I still have to stay strong for my two younger allies.

Ronan wakes up first and looks at with his sky blue eyes. "You okay?" he asks quietly as to not wake Avea up.

"Yeah, I'm fine," I say, but my voice cracks.

He pulls himself out of the sleeping bag and sits next to me with his arm around my shoulder, a brotherly and comforting gesture. "Is this about Harrison?"

I nod because my throat is closing up from tears. He pulls me into a tighter hug hiding my face from the cameras so I can let myself cry. The first tear pools over my eyelid slowly as if it is still unsure if it's safe to cry. After the first one falls onto my cheek the others quickly follow and the salty liquid runs down my face and stings my chapped lips.

A choking sound escapes my lips and Ronan pats my hair trying to comfort me. The sun rises further into the sky and I force myself to stop crying. My eyes burn and I gently rub them to try and make the stinging go away. Even when the stinging is gone I still feel the pain of Harrison's absence.

Avea stirs next to us and slowly pushes herself off the ground, her golden brown hair sticks to her face and her eyes droop from exhaustion. I know the games haven't been easy for her, especially when she's thinking about what her suicidal sister will do when she's not there to watch her, but I also know she's the strongest tribute in the arena.

Avea slides out of her sleeping bag to sit next to Ronan and I. "There are six of us left," I point out, "We know that Zale and Terra are still together, so that leaves us three and then the boy from 11."

Avea nods, "The boy from 11, Crant, is acting alone, but he's survived this long so he must be pretty crafty. We also don't know if he's managed to kill anybody."

"Terra and Zale will want to hunt, but they know they can't attack us yet, so they'll be looking for Crant or they may be hoping he takes one or more of us out," Ronan adds.

"That's a good point, but we also have to worry about resources," Avea point out.

"Resources are definitely a problem and so are the other tributes, so why don't we have one person hunt, one person get water, and another do a bit of scouting," I say.

Avea frowns, "We shouldn't separate."

Ronan agrees, "We'll have to stay within ear shot."

"Fine," Avea sighs.

"Ok, I'll scout along the canyon. Avea, you get water and Ronan, you can hunt," I decide.

I grab my sword and a backpack of supplies before heading towards the canyon.  I didn't say it, but I think Ronan and Avea know that I'm not going out just to scout. I'm going to search for Harrison's killer, Terra.

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