But This Love is Ours

When Melissa's parents kick her out she is forced to live with her brother Liam but she discovers living with her brother and his friends is more dangerous than she thought.


4. Zayn


I stepped outside into the frosty winter air wrapping my arms around myself as the cold wind stung my face. God, I wish I'd put a coat on. We carried on walking down the street me, Niall, Harry, Liam, Lucy, Georgia and Jake. We were about half way down the street when I saw Harry point out a car on the side of the road, I noticed the door still had a key in somebody could easily of taken it if they wanted to and apparently harry wanted to because he said "run." and everyone ran across the street and jumped into the car.

I just stood.


"Get in the car!" Niall shouted. As Harry drove the car to where I was still standing on the street.

"No, I..But we can't.. No, I" I stuttered.

"Oh shut up." Said Georgia and Jake pulled me into the back of the car and sat me on his lap.

"See it wasn't that hard, you could of wrecked the whole thing with that hesitation thank god nobody noticed." Niall said sounding annoyed.

Jake leaned forward and whispered to me "Don't worry about him he'll calm down soon. He's just moody." He then leaned forward and kissed my cheek.

I smiled at that.

The car ride was quiet after that, just harry singing faintly in the front until we pulled up at an old warehouse place people stood outside smoking and chatting as soon as we pulled up they stared and walked inside. We all just sat in the car and after a while I got impatient "So aren't we going to.."


Then I saw about seven people walk out of the warehouse with baseball bats, knives and guns. I gulped. They were all stareing intently at the car we were in. Niall got out. Then Harry. Then Jake. Then Liam. Then Lucy.Then Georgia who dragged me out with her. 

A boy with a black quiff walked over to Harry.

"What do you wan't styles." He said.


"Our money Zayn" Harry replied.

The other gang were closing in now all of them circling us I looked at Lucy stood next to liam she was looking closely at one with a brown quiff. He was looking at her too, smiling. She smiled back. What was going on with them?

My thoughts were interrupted by Zayn "Who's this then?" He said looking at me.

"Liam's sister." The one with the brown quiff said. 

"How would you know Louis?" Jake asked sounding a bit on edge.

"Saw her going into your house." He shrugged.

"Shes alright." Zayn shrugged walking a bit closer to me.

I stepped back.

He stepped closer.

I stepped back and walked into something. The car. He took another step closer.

"Get away from me you freak!" I shouted.

He took another step closer now he was really close.

"You better watch your mouth love." He said.

'Watch your mouth son, hashtag trend" - Rizzle kicks. Sorry not the time.

I looked at Jake, pleading I hoped he'd help me or something. He looked at me then away. I couldn't handle it. I started to cry, Zayn chuckled and moved closer then..

Police sirens.

Everyone ran away Zayn said "I be coming back for you."

See what I did there?

then ran off with the rest.

Jake grabbed me and pulled me into the car and we sped off, dropped the car back where we found it and ran inside the house.

I ran upstairs and began to cry myself to sleep. That was close. Too close.

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