But This Love is Ours

When Melissa's parents kick her out she is forced to live with her brother Liam but she discovers living with her brother and his friends is more dangerous than she thought.


5. Stolen


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- Cookiesandmilk and Anonymous101 

Jake's P.O.V

I sat in my room, hearing Mel's soft tears drown in her pillow next door. I wanted to help her, but I was distracted by Niall and Harry's laughs and talks. 

"Someone's a bit emotional" Harry said, interrupting my thoughts.

"You can hear her?"

"A mile off" Niall commented.

"Leave her alone she was just scared"

"She's too fragile to be with us" 

"She came to live with her brother after she got kicked out from her gang she calls her family and gets threatened by ZAYN, of course she's going to be scared" I whispered.

"How would you know?" Harry asked, catching on.

"I heard her talking to Liam outside"

"I can hear you all you know" Liam said from outside the door, slowly opening it.

"Go back to bed Liam" Harry ordered.

"Nah, Lucy's asleep and I'm bored" he walked in sitting on one of the bean bags. We all sat quietly.

"Do you think I should have looked after Mel when I got kicked out?" Liam broke the silence.

"There was no reason, she was fine"

"My parents were awful and I left her with them" he said, head in his hands.

"You didn't know, she's in a better place now" Harry said comforting him.

"You're right" Liam said. We all decided it was time to go to sleep and got to bed. Just as I was about to sleep, I heard a door creak open.

"Did you all hear that?" I whispered.

No answer. My eyes got heavy and I drifted off to sleep.


Mels's P.O.V

I got woken by someone lifting me off the bed. I gently opened my eyes to see Zayn carrying me.

"HELP" I screamed. He covered my mouth and ran out the door, throwing me into his car.

"What's going on?" I asked in fright.

"SHUT UP" He shouted, and sped off down the road. I wept silently into my knees.

After that I blacked out.


Jake's POV

"HELP" I heard I shot up and ran onto the landing I heard a car speed off I looked out the window and saw a black range rover. Zayn.

"Guys, Liam get up Mel's been taken get up!" I shouted


Mel's POV

I woke up but chose not to open my eyes I heard voices.

"Why did you even take her?You saw her last night, she cried, anybody could tell shes weak." Somebody said.

"Then she will have to get stronger." Said a voice I remembered as Zayn's. He sounded determined.

"She will never be strong, shes clearly weak, we can't have people who cry hanging around with us and plus do you have a death wish? Shes Liam Payne's sister for god sake!" Said the other person.

Okay, I was done. Done with being called weak, done with crying , I'd had it with everyone always looking after me saying I couldn't take care of myself. If this was the life I was going to lead I had to get stronger. Much stronger. And I would. 

"Right." Zayn said walking in and interrupted my thoughts. "Your part of this gang now weather you like it or not so get over it and if your going to be in this gang you need to learn how to fight. I'm going to teach you. We only have two rules. Number one don't cry number two don't leave unless its with us."

And that was it. This was my life now. I was going to miss my brother but mostly I was going to miss Jake.



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