But This Love is Ours

When Melissa's parents kick her out she is forced to live with her brother Liam but she discovers living with her brother and his friends is more dangerous than she thought.


1. Leaving Me with Liam

Melissa’s POV

It was the 6th of May the last time I saw my brother. I remember it even though it’s been 8 years, how could I forget? It was my 10th birthday and the worst day of my life. I wanted a party but mum and dad wouldn’t let me, which I was expecting, every year I’d asked but every year they said “We don’t have enough money to spend on silly things like that.” I remember the moment when he left I didn’t understand it I still don’t understand now, I don’t think I ever will. I just know everybody was screaming then mum yelled “Get out of my house.” Then he left. I thought he’d come back. He didn’t. He never did.

I’m 18 now and it was my birthday yesterday, I suppose that’s how Liam came into my mind. I try not to think about it all, but as I said how can I forget? He left me with an alcoholic mother and a father who would probably sell me for a can of beer if he was given the chance, I can’t believe Liam left me. I’d always believed that one day he come back and save me from this hell but he never did and never will.

Anyway I’m Melissa and if you really need to know what I look like to picture me or something I have blond hair that’s naturally wavy and blue eyes. I don’t have many party dresses because, in case you haven’t noticed, I’m not the most popular of girls therefore I don’t really need anything to wear to parties because I don’t get invited to them. I love to play guitar but only when I’m alone. Yeah and that’s pretty much me.

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