But This Love is Ours

When Melissa's parents kick her out she is forced to live with her brother Liam but she discovers living with her brother and his friends is more dangerous than she thought.


3. Going out


Heyy I'm the new co-author (Weyhey!) so yepp this is my first chapter so I hope you like it comment and favorite and we'll write more, by the way if your wondering Jake is a mix of harry and niall like he's both their brother so he looks like both of them xx



*Later that night*

I sat in my new, bare room. I'd just unpacked my small amount of clothes, as I hardly had any of them. I collapsed onto the squeaky bed. The room was not amazing but I suppose it was acceptable. It had a bed and a wardrobe so what more did I need?

Someone who understands.

 I was interrupted by my thoughts when I realised the temperature was lowering.I put on my 'cool story bro' jumper and some leggings and got ready for my favourite thing-sleep, when suddenly I heard something through the wall. Can't this girl escape from the world? First I heard an unfamiliar thick Irish accent.

"Jake we can't leave her we have to take her with us."

Then what sounded like the boy who had answered the door to me saying.

"Niall,we can't take Melissa I don't think she's ready for that level of violence." He sounded concerned, about me? We just met but I already felt sort of attached to him.

Don't trust anybody.

"Ah, being concerned! Haha, that's defiantly Harry's side of the family, you care too much." Irish said.

Jake chuckled. "Shut up, I don't care about her." Those words unexpectedly hurt, the way he looked at me seemed he did.

What did I say?

"Well we'll take her then." Said Irish

"Fine." Jake half shouted, then I heard a door slam and after a few minutes Jake stormed into my room, I hid behind the duvet.

"We are meeting with a gang tonight about some money they owe us so get the hell up slut." He growled, and threw a piece of paper at me and stormed back out. I furrowed my eyebrows and looked at the paper I opened it it said...

'Hey sorry about being rude to you its just Niall's in the next room and he thinks I'm not tough enough so I had to be harsh, anyway where we are going tonight might scare you so just stay by me and try not to scream because then the'll notice you oh yeah and don't get on Liam's bad side I know what he can be like.

PS: Sorry your not a slut your beautiful'

I smiled to myself uncertainly. I didn't think I was ready for whatever was about to happen but I supposed I'd have to be. I tugged on my black converse and walked out of my room, braced myself, took a breath and walked down the stairs.

"Oh so this is your sister." Somebody with curly hair who looked a little like Jake said to Liam.

"Yeahhhh" Liam replied.

"She's hot." He said, I looked down and smiled, trying to hold in my laughter, which looked like I was blushing.

"Oh god don't flipping die" Somebody who I assumed was Lucy said. "He says that to everyone."

At that point I looked to Jake to change the scenario, he had an annoyed look on his fac which made me feel uncomfortable.

"Why is she even coming? She'll probably scream the moment she sees Zayn and his lot."

"Aye Lucy don't you get jealous your still my girl." Liam slurred placing his arm around the rude but, I must say, really pretty girl, she shrugged him off.

"Right lets just get the girl and go." said Irish.

Oh god.

"Niall what's wrong with ya?" Curly complained. Niall.

"I'm fine"

"Oooooh someones in a moooooood" Liam dragged his words.

"Look what you've started Harry" Niall snapped. Looking forward to a night with these fun guys.

"Let's just go" Lucy opened the door and we all walked out.

Before I left, I felt a hand grab my wrist.

"Why you so down?" Jake whispered, I shrugged.

"Why you trying to impress your brothers" I answered under my breath as I turned away.

"Ooh you got blanked by your girlfriend" Harry commented, putting Liam and Niall in hysterics. My blood boiled, and I gripped on jumper to release my anger. 

"Melissa looks mad" Liam slurred. I ignored the comments.

"That's funny" I finally had enough and slapped Liam. He looked shocked and everyone froze. 

"Feisty" Niall said breaking the silence, I gave him a glare which shut him up.

"Er, lets go?" Harry said and everyone walked away. Who am I turning into? I wish I was alone, happy, carefree, 




Okay, by the way 'Anonymous101' edited and wrote the end, likes and favourites welcome, would love some nice comments to wake up to tomorrow that would be fab x

- Cookiesandmilk




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