Niall finds himself having unusual emotions towards his best friend Liam. And when Liam unexpectedly kisses him things heat up. What will the two do when one of them is overcome by an unseen sickness.


5. The Dinner

Liam's POV:

"Where are we going?" Niall asks for the hundredth time. I told him it was a surprise restaurant and that he would like it. I'm glad I'm driving because if I wasn't I would have to look at him. I mean I love looking at him it's just those eyes. They could make me do anything. The sad part is he knows it.

"I told you before that's it's a surprise," I tell him. He let's out a small pout then starts staring out of the window. Now he's all quiet. I guess he is giving me the silent treatment. That will all end when we get there. Once we get there I might even get a kiss. I start noticing him glancing over at me. I guess he thinks it's driving me nuts. It is a little bit but I can handle it.

I reach over and turn on the radio. I have great luck. We Are Young by FUN comes on. It's an older song but it's great. It's also one of Niall's favorites. I look over and glares at me. I can tell he's trying not to sing. I turn it up louder and start to sing. Finally he gives in and begins singing.

It's close to the end when the song is interrupted by Niall screaming, "Nandos!!!" He is estatic. Nandos is his favorite restaurant. He has loved the place his whole life. There was one in Dublin before he moved here. He gets even happier when we pull in. "So this is the surprise restaurant?"

"Yeah it's not much but I thought you would like it," by now I have parked the car. I cut the car off and look over at Niall. He is looking at me. I can tell he wants me to kiss him. I do. I lean in and press my lips to his. Immediately I feel the sparks. I love him so much. I reluctantly pull away.

"It may just be a restaurant but it's nice to know you are thinking of me," he says and opens the car door to get out. I do the same and we walk hand in hand into the restaurant. We get looks of disgust from people as we walk in. I don't let it bother me but I can tell it bothers him because he releases my hand.

The waitress looks at us and smiles. "Is it just the two of you?" She asks. We both nod. She motions for us to flow her and she leads to a table where two menus lay. "After you have decide what you want go to the front counter and make your order. They will give you a number so they know where to bring the order," she explains. I believe it's company policy to say that because they say it every time I come here.

We sit there for a few minutes. Niall is looking over the menu. That's when I see them. Walking through the door are the three people I despise at the moment. The three that beat my Niall. Behind them are three girls. Eleanor and Perrie are two of the girls. I don't recognize the third. Harry makes eye contact with me and mouths bathroom. I see him head towards the bathroom and I am reluctant to follow. I decide to anyway. I tell Niall I am going to wash up and he just says okay.

I walk into the bathroom and Harry is waiting for me. "You and Niall have to leave now," he says before I am completely in the bathroom.

"What? Why?" I question. At first I think he is threatening me but then I realize he is worried. He looks stressed. I wonder why.

"Look Louis has it out for Niall for being.... Wait a minute. Do you know why we attacked Niall?" He asks.

"Of course. And um... I kinda am too." I tell Hazza. There is a look of shock on his face then it turns back to worry.

"Anyway Louis wants to kill Niall. And if he finds out your gay too... Let's just say it won't be good. You two need to leave," he explains. I nod and leave the bathroom. I don't want to leave abruptly but I am worried about Niall. I don't want to worry him though. Besides how can I trust Harry. He could have been acting. By the time I get back to the table I decide to stay. Maybe nothing will happen.

Niall and I head up to the counter to place our order. Niall orders a double-breasted chicken wrap (medium spice) with peri chips, a medium corn on the cob, 5 chicken wings (hot) and a drink. I get a medium butterfly chicken with no skin. I also order olives and perinaise sauce. Our order number is 13. What an unlucky number. Actually a bad luck number.

After we sit down my phone buzzes. I look down at my phone and I see it's Harry. I wonder what he wants. I slide my finger across the screen and enter my code which happens to spell Niam. No judgement is necessary I know it's cheesy.

Harry: I thought I told you to leave.

Me: You aren't my father. And I didn't want to worry Niall. We will leave after we eat.

With that I put my phone back in my pocket. It buzzes again but I ignore it. Just then our food arrived. Niall began devouring his food and I also started eating quickly. I wanted to get out of here as quickly as possible. I finished before Niall which was surprising even though he much more than me.

Once he is done I pay the check and leave a tip as we walk out of the door my phone starts vibrating. I'll check it when we get to the car. When we walk out Niall grabs my hand. His hands fit perfectly in mine. We hold hands all the way to the car. When we get in I pull my phone out. Two messages from Harry.

Harry: Louis knows.

Harry: We are leaving.

Just then Louis, Zayn, Harry, and the girls walk out. Zayn kisses Perrie bye and Louis does the same to Eleanor. Harry simply hugs the other girl. They are parked close to the front of the building. Harry gets in the driver seat. Louis looks directly at me. We locks eyes. His expression turns hate. He says something and Zayn and Harry both look at me. Louis pulls Harry from the driver's seat making him getting in the back.

I crank the car quickly. I pull out of the parking lot. I start speeding. I'm constantly checking my mirror. I don't want them to hurt Niall. That would be terrible. I see a red Lexus in my mirror and realize it's Louis. I thought I lost him. I speed up.

About the time Louis starts slowing down is when I hear Niall screaming. Tires start screeching and a horn is blowing. I see the headlights through Niall's window. That's when the car hits.

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