Niall finds himself having unusual emotions towards his best friend Liam. And when Liam unexpectedly kisses him things heat up. What will the two do when one of them is overcome by an unseen sickness.


9. Stay

Zayn's POV:

It's Wednesday and it's been two days since the accident. Liam still sits at Niall's bedside holding his hand and crying every now and then. Whenever he does cry he comes over to me and cries into my chest. At night we pull the couch out into a bed and he sleeps in my arms. I have to admit I enjoy him sleeping with me. Not like sleep sleeping with me. Just sleeping. Not saying that I wouldn't want to sleep sleep with him it's just he's with Niall and this whole Perrie situation. I just don't know.

Earlier this morning the University called and asked if we were able to come back. I was able to convince Liam to come back since Niall was still asleep. He is really reluctant to leave. The police came yesterday and told us they have Louis in custody. Liam told them he didn't want to press charges. He said all he wanted was for him to go to some kind of councilor. I didn't they would just dismiss it mike that but they did. They told us he would be sent to a councilor to work out his issues.

I sit on the couch watching T.V. Nothing's on so I just flip through the channels. Liam sits a few feet away in his chair next to Niall's bed. It's around 5 in the evening. I need to take Liam home in a few so he can go to sleep for school in the morning. That means no more nights cuddled up together. I really don't want to stop but I knew it would have to. I look down at my phone to see if there are any texts from Perrie or anyone else. There's nothing on the screen. I guess she was serious. It was over for good. I unlock my phone and look at my home screen, Perrie and I together at the fair a few weeks ago.

I decide that I can't look at it anymore. I go through my photos till I find a picture of my mom and I. I make it my home screen then hit the home button. I look up from my phone at Liam. He's asleep with hi head on the bed. I think it's time to go.

I put my phone in my pocket and walk over to Liam and Shake is arm. He sits up startled. "What time is it?" He asks in a sleepy voice.

"It's only a little after 5, but I need to take you home anyway," I tell him and he looks at my with a sad look on his face, "we have to go Liam. We'll get kicked out of the university if we don't. Niall is still asleep and if he wakes up you'll be the first to know."

Just then a nurse walks in. His brown hair is flipped to one side. He looks very good looking he also looks young. Probably only 19. But if that's true why is he a nurse. He looks at me with his beautiful brown eyes."Hi I'm Ashton. I'm a nurse's assistant. I just wanted to tell you guys that whenever you are ready to leave you can. I have him taken care of." The guy says and leaves. Liam looks back at me and then he looks away from me and gets up. He gathers some clothes that Harry brought him and leans over the bed and kisses Niall to say bye. Niall doesn't move. I don't know if Liam expected him to or not. He looks back at me, "let's go."

I gather my things and walk out of the door behind Liam. He walks slowly not really wanting to go. We get down the elevator and to the parking lot without any problems. The car ride home was quick and boring. Liam say in the passenger seat looking out the window. I really wasn't in the mood to talk anyway. I mean with everything going on I don't know what there is tot talk about.

We get to Liam's apartment and I get out. We walk up the flights of stairs and I wait for him to open the door. We go inside and I take a look around. It looks exactly how it was when we left Monday morning. I walk Liam to his room wanting to go home to my own bed. Once we get in there Liam flops down on the bed like a little kid. I smile at how adorable it is. He looks at me and sees my grin and grins himself. I lean against the door frame.

"Do you need anything before I go?" I ask Liam. He props himself up on his left elbow and stares at the bed. He looks like he's debating whether or not to say something. "Liam ask already stop arguing with yourself."

"Actually I was wondering if you can stay here tonight?" Liam spits out and is making my heart leap for joy, "you have clothes here already from where you stayed on the couch a few weeks ago." That is true. I didn't have anything else planned.

"Sure, let me get a blanket from the car and I'll sleep on the couch," I tell Liam and he looks at me confused.

"Why can't you just sleep in here with me. The bed's big enough. I wouldn't mind at all," Liam says making my night a thousand times better. I get one more night with him. I nod saying okay. After that I went to the kitchen and made dinner for Liam. He ate all as expected. After dinner we watched TV for a while then turned it off.

I climb in bed and pull the cover to my chest. Liam climbs in beside me and wiggles his way to me. We end up with us laying on our sides his back to my chest with my arm around him. It's quiet for a while and I think he fell asleep when he breaks the silence.

"Have you ever wanted to do something but were scared of the effects it might have on you and others?" He questions.

"Several times." I answer quickly.

"What did you do?" He asks and I get a weird feeling in my stomach.

"I just live in the moment and worry about the effects later," I tell him. Liam moves around till he is facing me. I can just barely see his face. The only light is coming from the moon shining through the window. Liam does something I didn't expect. He kisses me.

I feels an electric sensation go through my body. Liam's soft lips touching mine. His tongue runs across my lip begging for access I grant it immediately. Our lips begin moving in sync. I lay on my back and he gets on top of me. He starts rubbing his hang through my hair and on my chest. My hands begin to feel up and down his back slowly going over his bulging back muscles. He leaves my lips and starts trailing kisses down my cheek and to my neck. Slowly he moves his way down my chest. Once he gets the edge of the shirts that I'm wearing he glans them with his teeth and pulls them down reviling hardened member. I don't know what's happening but I don't think Niall would like it.

A/N: so sorry I haven't posted on a while. But here's an update!!!! I hope you guys like it. I was going to get discreet with the story but my friend said I shouldn't. But idk maybe I will later. But what's gonna happen after Liam and Zayn sleep with each other? Will Niall wake up? What's gonna happen to Louis? And what about Meagan and Harry? Stay tuned! I'll try to make the next update soon. Love you guys!!! Stay beautiful!!!

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