Niall finds himself having unusual emotions towards his best friend Liam. And when Liam unexpectedly kisses him things heat up. What will the two do when one of them is overcome by an unseen sickness.


6. Perfect Moment

Zayn's POV:

As soon the car slammed into the passenger side of the car I felt an overwhelming feeling of sorrow and guilt. I could have stopped this. If only I wouldn't have been a pussy and stood up to Louis. Harry did but I didn't back him. But I should have. I should have admired to my own homosexuality. That's right I said. Except I'm not fully gay I like women too. Like Perrie. She's the love of my life.

But It's not too late. I can save them now and receive my redemption. Louis stopped the car because he saw the car come ing. Harry is out of the car running towards Liam's body on the street. You can tell Liam didn't have his seat belt on. He lays in the street his arm is twisted at a weird angle. There is blood all over his body. I see cuts and his face and neck. Probably from the glass laying around him. He looks in rough shape. I want to run to him but Harry is already there. I decide to see of Niall is ok.

I jump out and sprint to the mangled car that I know Niall is in.the whole passenger side of the car is indented with the shape of the truck that hit it. I duck my head and look inside. Niall is pinned in the seat between the door and the center console. There is blood coming out of a gash in the side of his head. When the truck hit his head slammed into the side window and broke it. The left side of his head was bloody from I'm. (Note that the story take place in the UK so the passenger side would be the left side) I notice a piece of glass sticking out. I want to remove it but I am scared of the consequences. I touch his neck checking for a pulse. I feel one. I decide to call 911.

Operater: 911 what's your emergency?

Me: um... Yes my friends have been in a car accident and they need and ambulance.

I look over and notice the people in the truck are walking around. They seem to be fine.

Operater: ok sir, I have the GPS on your phone pinpointed there should be people there soon.

I immediately hang the phone up. I look back at Niall. " Niall if you can hear me you are gonna be fine. The Ambulance will be here soon." I tell him. He groans. I will take that as an okay. I continue looking over his injured body and I see something I wish wasn't there. There is a big piece of glass submerged in his abdomen. It's bigger than my hand. I start to worry if he will make it.

I put aside my doubts when I hear sirens. By the should of it there's a lot of emergency vehicles. We have already gathered a crowd of civilians. I see Perrie, Eleanor, and Meagan amongst them. When Perrie sees me she runs over.

"What the hell happened?" She asks angrily looking me in the eye.

"A car accident," I say in return.

"There was a witness that says you, Louis, and Harry were chasing them." Busted. That was my thought. I don't know what to say. I have been caught. I look up to see where Louis was but as I expected he had ran from the crime scene.

"It's Louis. He's cra-" she cut me off.

"No Zayn. It's you. All you. You could have said no. I'm tired of your bullshit Zayn. We're done." She didn't even give me time to convince her not too. She just left. But I couldn't think about her. I need to concentrate on Liam and Niall.

The ambulances get here quickly. They load Liam up on the ambulance with no problem. I walk over to Liam as they do so. He is awake. He grabs my eyes. My arm tingles. That's weird, I think to myself.

"Zayn, please make sure Niall is safe. Please don't let anything else happen to him." Liam states with tear rimmed eyes. He's not saying this because he loves Niall. He's saying it cuz he's IN love with Niall. That's when it clicks. Liam is gay too.

"I won't Li. I'll keep him safe," I manage to say before they close the doors and leave. The fire department have arrived and are having to use the jaws of life to cut Niall out of the car. Poor helpless Niall. He has no idea what's happening around him.

They finally get him out and on a stretcher. They put him in the back and I hop in. Both of the medics look at me.

"Sorry sir he's in critical condition. You can't be in here. You can drive to the hospital separately though." One tells me. I hop out. How am I gonna get to the hospital. I turn around to see Harry and Megan. I walk over to them. I can tell Harry has been crying. He's a very emotional man.

"Why didn't you ride?" Harry asks.

"They said he was in too bad of a condition." I reply.

"My flat is just around the corner, we can get my car and head to the hospital," Meagan says. I smile and nod. I look to Harry and he shrugs. We start walking in the direction of her flat. We turn the corner and start walking up stairs. She wasn't kidding it was literally around the corner. "I need to get a few things." She comes out with two backpacks. "Blankets for tonight." I didn't even think about it but we will probably stay their tonight.

We get in her Prius and begin a short drive to the hospital. The car is completely silent. No music. At all. All I hear is the engine. And that's saying something. Because honestly you can't really hear the engine.

Once we are in the parking lot I quickly get out and run into the building. Liam sits on a couch. He has cuts and scrapes all over his body that I can see. His left arm is in a sling. I walk over to him. He explains that they took Niall into surgery. He doesn't ask why I wasn't with him but I think he understands why.

I sit down on his right. I grab his hand and hold it mine. It's so warm. I look over at him and I see the tears. I release his hand and pull him into me. I put my arm around his back. He starts crying into my chest. After a few minutes he stops. His breathing gets heavy and longer. He's asleep on my chest. Meagan walks over with a blanket. She hands it to me an I do my best to cover Liam and myself. I feel so comfortable. Liam sleeping in my arms. It just feels... Right, like the perfect moment in time. Finally my eyelids grow heavy and I drift off into sleep.

A/N: heyy guys. Sorry it's been so long. I have been really busy with school and stuff. But I hope you like this chapter. What do you think is happening with Liam and Zayn? Will Niall be ok? Like and comment. Share with your Directioner friends. Tell me if you Love it. Tell me if you hate it. All feedback it loved. Thanks. Stay beautiful.

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